Owning The Elusive Billionaire's Heart Book

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Owning The Elusive Billionaire's Heart


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Sierra was crushed six years ago when she discovered that her longtime boyfriend, Eric, had cheated on her. Her excellent friends dragged her to the club so they could drink everything away. There, Sierra made the acquaintance of an enigmatic, lonely man with whom she spent a wild, hot, and insane night. After the encounter, Sierra discovered herself in her apartment's tiny bathroom with a pregnancy test kit that had come up positive. She is expecting! But Sierra has no idea how to track down the child's father. Sierra ran into him again six years later, but this time he was the CEO she would be working with, not the enigmatic, lonely man. The boss of Sierra is put to the test on a trip to Davao, and when his desire for her starts to interfere with his work, they dance around it until one late night at the workplace turns business into pleasure. However, he learned Sierra had been concealing information from him that might either bind them together or drive them away. What might Sierra have been keeping from her boss?


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