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Owing Red


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She is, Red Ashwell. She is an orphan in birth, but she has a big family in her orphanage. She is a kind hearted eighteen years old girl. She loves her family a lot. She has nobody to call family other than them. She is very beautiful and naive. Her life was going peaceful until he came, Adam Davidson the new owner of their orphanage. Adam Davidson is the only son and heir of Davidson's group of companies. He is blinded by money and pride. Simply, he is a filthy rich bastard. He is living as a carefree bird; breaking his all emotional attachments with his family. He is a complete ruthless, arrogant womanizer. They say sometimes beauty become a curse as if, Red's beauty attracted him. At first sight, it's just a lust then it turned into obstinacy and ended like a possessive love. This is a possessive love of a selfish man for a selfless girl.

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