1 Gazef's change

Gazef arrived at the kingdom a week ago after the Carne Village accident where he met some unique people.

The most interesting people were Urugha, Zacian and Ainz who were all weird and were a variety of characters, if he were to say who was the most normal then it would have been Lignis in his silver armor.

He reported it to the king and the nobles were listening and well the nobles of course hated the group who saved them and talked about how weird they are and plans of capturing them. Since they think they are the ones who planned the whole event.

He did not mention the Slane Theocracy since that will only lead to more problems and the king made the nobles shut up even if he is becoming frail and losing power, he is still the king.

It's been a week since that event and he has been experiencing some changes among his body. He is a middle aged man who is starting to grow into a decline in his age since his power has stagnated long ago when he reached his peak but he now feels like he can grow more.

He was wondering when he can meet the group again since it has been a week and he has heard of no reports of a person using his signature. Right now he is training to see if he can become stronger and wondered if the speller that Lignis who he thought was a warrior at first casted on him.

He would like to meet him and thank him if I truly can become stronger but that has to await.

I was walking through the castle or palace to the training grounds. The princess is in her room with Climb, who is more serious than I would like even if I like serious people like Urugha. He is only a kid but I do understand his problems since he is guarding the princess herself.

I sighed before appearing in the training grounds and grabbed my usual medium type sword.

I looked at the wall which had a small slash embedded into it before looking at my weapon.

"I tried doing this martial art before but my power was just a little too weak to hold it fully, now with this growing strength could I do it?" Gazef said to himself before looking at the wall.

He went in front of it and grabbed his sword with both hands before holding it forward.

His eyes seemed to glow red as his muscles bursted with new power as he lifted his sword and stepped forward.

He slammed his right foot into the ground while swinging his sword from above his head.

"MARTIAL ART! {TRUE SLASH OF POWER}" Gazef yelled as he slashed at the wall.

*CLANG* A huge sound reverberated throughout the room causing nearby people to hear it, the sound sounded like an explosion and a sword breaking at the same time.

Gazef was lying on the ground exhausted after using a move he had been trying to create for over ten years and he smiled while the half broken sword laid by his side.

The wall had a slash three times bigger than the small one and deeper than it too. At the end of the slash was the top half of the sword stuck in it.

Someone ran inside to check the noise and it was the vice captain.

"What happ-" His sentence stopped midway when he saw the slash embedded into the wall.

Gazef was truly happy that he was now growing stronger, he does not know how long this power growth will last so he will train as hard as he can for the upcoming days.

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