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Chapter 57

The tiny noises in my head, the small bits of power entering me was starting to really annoying. Mana I didn't ask for. Empowerment that felt like a drug…what was happening?

I secluded myself in my room before ordering the maid not to let anyone interrupt me. When I was comfortable in my bed, once again I dove into myself, looking for the answer.

When I opened my eyes again, I was in spirit form, inside my body. What I saw now was not the outline of my body from inside was an endless ocean…but with no waves. It reminded me of the Calm Belt. Above me was the night sky, lit by thousands, if not tens of thousands of bright stars. They kept the night sky bright enough to see everything clearly.

Here, I saw what was happening.

Me: I'm starting to accept the power of the tree…

It made sense after all, as by eating the fruit of the tree, and Yggdrasil dead, sis and I technically 'replaced' her. In reality, the magic tier system would have been abolished with the source gone…but we were here. The replacements

The sea inside of me was mana. It was my own personal sea of mana which seemed to be endless…but could it really be called a sea (or ocean) if nothing is in it?

It turns out that was what the magic users were doing. The magic users spawned something akin to a mana-creature inside the sea, maintaining and flourishing it with life. Keeping the water clear and lively.

The higher the tier, the higher up on the food chain. Unlike faith, the creatures would stay and continue to grow on their own. This was a way to continuously strengthen myself, like a loop, but each time I get stronger…for almost forever.

Me: If I truly am the world tree…there's got to be more than this.

I looked beyond the sea of mana, into what I am. Something I was not physically or literally but what I was at the core of my soul.

Behind the barriers, I saw the image of a young peach tree, with the blossoming flowers and a single pink fruit.

Me: …stereotypical but I guess it fits. Now, what can I do with this?

The tree had given all the players their power and abilities, could I perhaps do the same?

I accessed the 'skill-chart' and found out that I could…it was just overly complicated.

Me: It'll take a couple of years before I fully understand how to use it and abuse the hell out of it…but at least I know that it's possible.

Finally, keeping this power. Truth be told, it's already mine but I wasn't talking about that. The World Tree Yggdrasil was always under constant attack by the World Threats beyond the tree as well as the major world ending creatures that lived on the tree. For example the giant world bird that was destroying it's branches, the World Dragon (or sis I guess) who was destroying and eating its roots as well as the World Squirrel which served as a messenger to maintain the illusion that the World Tree needed to be destroyed between the two.

Having this power now, I knew for a fact that the Tree was strong enough to remove every single one of them easily…but why didn't she? The answer was obvious. Her purpose was the preserve life…including those of her enemies. She didn't kill them and instead allowed them to seep her life-force until that lead to her eventual death.

My purpose in life was definitely not dying the way Yggdrasil did. I did not plan on having cosmic entities come up and have a free drink on my sap and drain me to death. Looks like I'll need to make myself poisonous or something…give them a little warning that the World Tree isn't a free-sample anymore.

It should be easy, setting up a few super-tier level defenses to hold back most of the threats while personally handling the ones that tier-spells cannot. Or who said that I needed to be held back by tier-spells? With this, I can just create spells that are beyond that, can't I?

After all, Infinite mana means no worry about the cost of mana. Easy.

POV Diana

Kara's been mumbling all sorts of stuff about the World Tree and how's she's a peach tree and all. I understand she's found some sort of secret again and all but I found something way more fun.

She might have found the source of strength but…


System: I found the way to control the system!

I can think of so many ways to troll with this ability…I don't even need the 5 Elements Overcoming anymore! Still, stuff like this should be done carefully and with caution for the better.

POV Kara

I had a cloak over my head as I stepped out of a dark alley in Arwintar, the Imperial Capital of the former Baharuth Empire. While Arwintar was always a bustling place, ever since the roads opened and taxes were cut for the merchants, trade increased exponentially and money circulated fast throughout the Arcanian Empire.

That was not really why I was here though. I was here to save an innocent life, or three. Maybe more later but that was it for today.

I stood in front of the house of Rile Furt.

*knock* *knock*

I sensed someone rushing to the door to check who I was through the hole before deciding to open the door. Judging by how there was nobody tending the gardens and the state of the house overall seemed to be going downhill, my guess was that Furt was already stripped of his noble title and going into debt, and thus was checking if I was a debt collector or not.

Furt: Who are you.

Me: Let's go inside, we can talk from there

He did. By my command mantra, he forcefully walked back into the couch, sat on a crappy couch for a noble and faced me.

Me: Now I'm sure you have a lot of questions regarding me but I will tell you here and now that I am not willing to answer any of them, so the right choice of action would be to not ask any.

He simply looked at me in confusion; probably as to why a noble looking girl just came to his house without revealing anything.

Me: Now, onto business. As much as I want to kill you for being one of the worst parents, you are no longer a single-dimensional character. So let me ask you a question…how much do you love your daughters?

Furt: What…?

Me: You must be financially struggling, are you not? After all, your noble title was stripped and your money was power with it.

Furt: Yes…yes! I was wrongly accused of something I didn't do! The dam—I mean the Emperor took away my noble title! Could you do something about it?

Me: I did say I'm not answering questions about myself, didn't it? That counts. Now, let's move onto your financial situation.

I pretended to look around the house then back onto him.

Me: No maids as far as I could see. No gardener outside. No cook either. You house is in a mess and the small little things decorating your house don't do you justice as a noble.

Furt: No!! I am a noble! I come from a noble bloodline! I was wrongly stripped of my authority…why…!

Me: Now then, what is the most important thing now?

Furt: It's obvious isn't it? I must be granted a title again! To be put back to where I belong. With the nobles!

Me: Not your family? Not your daughters?

He hesitated…but it wasn't hesitation for the love he had for his daughters but rather his reputation. Cunning man…then let's see how you answer next.

Me: Nobles have influence, and those who are granted nobility from a commoner's status, like you, are often rich and popular merchants. Are they not?

He seemed glad that I had changed the topic…shame that he didn't know he was walking right into a trap.

Me: Well you see, as far as I can see, you have neither influence nor money. Nor are you popular among the populace. May I remind you that you are financially crippled?

Furt: What do you want girl? *grr* Did you just come here to make fun of me?

Me: Now then, here is my question. Are you willing to sell your daughters to me to get yourself out of debt? I can pay an enormous sum, really. Enough to buy yourself into nobility if you connect with the right people.

Furt: how…how much?

Me: One Platinum coin for each of the twins…three for the sister.

The look on in his eyes changed as he calculated the amount of money…equivalent to 500 Gold Coins. Way more than all of his debts together and definitely enough to bribe certain people back into nobility.

He didn't even hesitate.

Furt: I'll sell them! I'll sell them all right now!

Me: You do realize that the new emperor is cutting down nobles as well right? You might end up getting killed if they realize you practice slavery. Not to mention they are planning on abolishing nobility overall.

Furt: Nonsense! Noble bloodline cannot be stopped by a mere Emperor. Besides, if that happens, I'll just buy nobility in the Kingdom.

Me: So that is your choice? Are you sure?

Furt: Of course.

Me: Then I'll consider you dead. Do not breathe

As my words forced an action on his brain, he looked at me in shock. Unable to utter even a word as he began to choke to death. His eyes open in shock as he realized what was happening.

Me: I never said I will buy them. I said I 'can' buy them. It's surprising how your mind chose to ignore the obvious pieces of how I came here to find out what type of person you are. You ignored all those signs and sacrificed your family at the first sight of money. Pathetic.

He was turing blue now, and on the floor, clawing at his throat. His eyes pleaded for mercy, but I honestly didn't give a shit.

Me: I can tell that your eldest daughter is away right now. Perhaps I'll leave a note of what had happened. Let's be honest, your family is better off without you.

Like the noble he is, his resistance was little and futile. He stopped moving after a bit as some of his muscles began twitching from the lack of oxygen.

Dear Arche

Your father is dead.

He tried to sell you and your sisters to slavery.

I have taken your sisters to the 'Haven' to keep them safe

You can come find me through Fluder.

Key word is 'Alexandria'

There was no way she wouldn't come. After all, she was quite a one-dimensional, yet lovable, character. Giving her all for her little twin sisters.

I wasn't planning on raising them in Haven. That was our home and not theirs, but I was planning on winning their loyalty. As the World Tree, I can easily grant them great potential and power…and I was willing to do so as long as they were loyal.

I walked past the dead former idiot-noble and walked upstairs to where I sensed two small children. Opening the door, I found them. Almost identical…and very cute to be honest.

Me: Ureirika, Kuuderika. Your sister will come save you soon. We must meet her at the promised place.

Ureirika: Beloved older sister?

Me: Yes, your beloved older sister.

I knew they were smarter than this to believe a stranger who came from nowhere, but my voice had an influence on their decisions.

I gave them all the time they needed to pack what they wanted…which was almost everything in their room. Honestly, it wasn't much. Since their downfall, most of the stuff were sold to keep their lifestyle…or more so Furt's lifestyle.

I opened a gate and we were in the 9th floor. As they were looking around with wide eyes, I called a nearby maid.

Me: These who are a younger sibling of Fluder's student. They will become useful in the future so treat them with kindness. They will not be staying here for long, but they will be welcomed here as guests, got it?

Maid: Of course Kara-sama.

Me: Good. I don't know exactly when Arche will pick them up but make sure they enjoy their stay here.

Maid: Of course. Please leave that to us!

She struck the 'fist pump pose', obviously very passionate about this whole deal before literally carrying both of them to the bath with a crowd of maids 'ooh' and 'ahh'ing over the 2 cute little things.

Me: Well, that's one less thing I need to worry about now.

Just then, Doflamingo appeared before me and bowed.

Doflamingo: Kara-sama, the Kingdom is ready to fall. When should we strike?

Me: Not now. The people must be at the peak of their dissatisfaction when we declare war. Let it rest for another year…we strike them in the winter when people are cold and hungry.

Doflamingo: Of course Kara-sama

Me: Oh, and make sure to spread humanitarian aid right at the border of the Kingdom, but never actually across. Stark contrast is what makes people realize how bad their situations are.

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