106 Diana And PJ & The Olympians Part 2

Chapter 2

POV Percy

The rest of the quest was quite simple. Using the rest of the money we got from God (what's her name though?) we had a relaxing business class ride home. I say relaxing because it was probably the best thing next to the Lotus Hotel but…let's just say that being a son of Poseidon and flying doesn't mix well.

Going up to Olympus was pretty cool and I made sure not to touch the tainted (by Ares' ass) part of the bolt when returning it to Zeus. It was quite funny how he gagged once we told him what God did to Ares as well as how he instantly dropped his symbol of power which he was holding like a pillow moments ago.

It was nice to meet my father for a change as well. I'd like to think we had a father-son moment but I knew it was really him just trying to make up for what the Ancient Laws forbid.

Me: She's here in this world right now so fate has no power over any of us. Shouldn't you be able to make use of this time dad?

Poseidon: While that is true, I'm afraid of the consequences of when she chooses to leave this world. What will happen then? I am so sorry Percy but I do not think that I, or rather any of the Gods, can risk that.

I won't deny that I wasn't happy with his answer but I understood his reasoning. From the gods' perspective, Diana (which I found out from Dad) was like a passing storm in this world. Best leave her alone or let her do what she wants rather than try to order to get involved at all.

Other than perhaps getting stung by a Pit Scorpion and almost dying, things went great. It was really my fault for not being careful though, especially since I've literally received a warning the day before.

Fate has their strings on you again despite the lack of Prophecy

Your quest is not over yet Mr. Jackson

'You Shall be betrayed by one who calls you a friend'

I will not stop this from happening.


Being the stupid me, I followed Luke out onto the lake and got tricked. Stupid stupid me. With the threat of who-knows-what on the rise with Luke harboring hate for the gods, things went back to normal. What? It's Camp half-Blood. We ignore death threats for a living.

After my rather quick recovery, I spent the rest of summer training my ass off in preparation for what was to come. I got closer to G-man and Annabeth and bid him a goodbye as he got his license to search for his Wild Frying Pan or something. As for Annabeth…well…I think it's a crush but it's the end of summer already; I don't want to say anything yet when I'm not sure.

I think the biggest shock would be when Mom came to pick me up from Camp on a new Audi which looked strikingly similar to the one we left in Los Angeles. Wait, scratch that, the biggest shock was our new home.

Me: Mom?

Sally: Yes Percy?

Me: What is this?

Sally: Our new home.

Me: …did you win the Lottery or something while I was at camp or something?

*snicker* Who was that? I turned to see a very familiar God behind me.

Me: YOU!

Diana: Me.

Me: What did you do to mom??!

Sally: Well, mostly getting my dreams to become true and getting me the resources to become an author for once.

Diana: Also your new car, home, insurances, and a couple of charms to make this place better protected than Camp Half Blood will ever be. You're welcome by the way since your father or anyone would not have cared enough to do anything like this.

She held up her right hand, summoning another one of those white-girl drinks before sipping.

Diana: What? We all have our habits. Try telling Dionysus that he's not allowed to drink his coke.

Me: Fair enough

I could already envision Mr. D throwing around random curses all around camp after returning from Olympus that he was no longer even allowed to drink his coke…his one and only replacement for his endearing wine.

Me: Still miss, why are you here?

Diana: Why Percy, I am friends with Sally here you see. We've been making tons of money together as well as food.

Sally: She has some of the best recipes I've ever seen. Wild I tell you Percy, simply wild.

Diana: Kara's more of a cook than I am but here it is…

She took out something that resembled a fruit but…horrific at the same time. Uneven with spiral patterns all around the fruit as well as multiple changing colors all around the thing.

Diana: An original creation by Kara. The Kitchen-Kitchen No mi, or rather the Kitchen Kitchen fruit. A rather overpowered Devil Fruit if you ask me. Simply consuming it could give good users the ability to manipulate anything within that space as long as it holds onto the term 'reality'.

Me: And why are you showing us this?

Diana: I just wanted to show of—whoops!

The Fruit dropped…into nothing. Literally. The fruit was falling one second before it was gone entirely.

Diana: Well shit.

Sally: Language Diana

Diana: Sorry Sally but that one was a work of a mortal's lifetime. Kara's going to be mad I lost it. Damn.

Wait, I thought gods can just create whatever they wished to instantly.

Me: Can't you just make one?

Diana: I sure can but it won't be original anymore won't it? Still, I guess that's better than nothing.

Me: What about calling back that fruit you dropped.

Diana: Can but I really shouldn't. Dropped directly into Dark Order which means it's now part of Destiny for someone out there. Taking away the fruit now will be like taking away your connection to the sea. Cruel, I tell you.

Me: Oh…ummm…yeah I guess that would be bad.

Diana: It would be. Hopefully the fruit's not going to be used for a couple ten thousand years or more otherwise Kara's going to find out that someone's got her fruit. *sigh*

Me: You never told me about your little sister.

She motioned to the new couch (leather, awesome) for me to sit down. I did as she sat down as well while my mom went into the kitchen to fix up something. Hopefully nachos?

Me: So…two almighty gods?

Diana: The more you know the more trouble you will face so for your own safety I won't tell you. You already have divine blood running through your veins. I would not risk anymore.

Me: But it seems like my mom knows though.

Diana: Does your mom have divine blood running through her veins? Hmm…maybe divine sper—


Diana: Fucking a god can lead to many side eff—


Diana: Did you know that most demigods are a mista—

Sally: Diana! You weren't supposed to tell him that!

Mom yelled from the kitchen. As my face burned red, I wish I could either hide in a hole or strangle the god (It's GOD Mr. Jackson) — …?! Wtf?

Diana: Yes I can read your thoughts and narration Mr. Percy Jackson. I will say that you have a better chance at hiding in a hole than strangling me. Here's the number of beings that survived strangling or trying to strangle me.

She held up a fist.

Me: Ten?


Diana: *smirk* Zero.

POV Diana

Talking with Percy had been quite fun. I think along with the fact that he had to witness me destroying the God of War's ass as well as traumatizing him with a few facts about the Lovecraftian Horrors this world held…well…he didn't take it too well. Still, I reassured him that their worlds wouldn't collide.

Percy: So your little sister, what's she like?

I unconsciously made a smile as I thought about the little fluff ball of joy and love. My lovely little sister.

Me: She's an absolute joy. She often reminds me of a pet…should that pet be the strongest thing in existence and is capable of Dimension ripping magic.

Percy: Ummm…excuse me Miss but how does a pet compare to your sister, who by your words 'rips apart dimensions'?

I mentally face palmed.

Me: When she's not out purging the Omniverse of law breakers or devouring new foods, then she's like a pet. She loves to be spoiled and pampered. She's a cuddler and loves to be hugged to sleep as well.

I took a nacho and dipped it in that ever wonderful 7-layer Dip before continuing.

Me: I guess it makes sense. *crunch* You know despite our identity as the Unity we were something before. Human, of course, but also something else.

Percy: You were human?

Me: Rephrase…we thought we were human. I guess we were since we never realized until we were told we were vessels for the next Unity. Anyway, not important. Kara's a nine tailed fox and I'm a Dragon.

Percy: Excuse me?

I ignored him and continued on.

Me: Not important. Anyway I think that's where Kara got her cuddling personality. You know, Kitsune and all that stuff.

Percy: Kitsune?

Me: Kara would kill you for not knowing but since you're important to the plot I'll leave you alive.

Percy: Plot?

He sounded a little more nervous this time.

Me: Fate. It won't go exactly as the way it should since I'm here but the will of Gaea alone should be able to guide you in the correct direction when I'm not interfering.

Percy: Gae?

Me: No, please don't bring up that meme. I am not gay though I'm pretty sure my sister is. Also, it's 'Ga-Ee-Ah' not 'Geh'. Not so importantly, I'm not talking about the Earth Goddess but rather the term for the guiding will which drives fate.

Percy: … I'll ignore the other lengthy information and just take that you weren't talking about Mother Earth.

I may have just destroyed canon for 'Heroes of Olympus: Son of Neptune' but honestly I didn't care. At least not yet. Basically…I took over Amazon. I wasn't sure what Amazon would be like since it was so closely related to both worlds. Seeing that this is no longer a completely canon world with my intervention as well as the fact that I'm only interfering with Percy Jackson and none of the other heroes who will make their appearance in Heroes of Olympus, I didn't know whether it be would Jeff Bozes' version of Amazon or the female warriors and Reyna's sister version of Amazon.

It turned out to be a mix of the two with the prior being slightly more dominant. The Female Warriors Amazion (wahh!) were a separate group and much smaller that the massive Online Shopping Retail Store. As expected of Demigods and legacies, the Amazons couldn't make something like this otherwise they would be inviting the wrath of monsters all over the world. While I could tell that they were strong, they neither had the magic protection of Camp Half Blood nor the blessings of the Gods like Camp Jupiter. They had my respect for being able to protect themselves in groups relying on nothing but their own power but it seemed like that was all as Amazon was quite Jeff Bozes'.

I had my human-like Automatons infiltrate the place and soon I (or we) had access to everything we would need. Passwords, network, privacy, protection…even from the law should some find it fishy. Abyss Network assimilated the Amazon into it's own and created another little portion available and visible only those that belonged to the world of the Supernatural.

Abyss Auction

Charming the entire network so it wouldn't set off alarms or be detected by monsters, I already knew that this was going to be a massive storm.

Abyss: The Sim Cards have been distributed to both camps as well as many Supernatural sources.

Me: Good. Once they'll get addicted to the taste of modern civilization, then money and gold will come flowing in.

Abyss: Question on where to invest the gold my lady?

Me: Marketing and expansion. After Daedalus' death, I will have you recreate the Labyrinth and mold it to our desired form. A form of Quick Travel per-say.

Abyss: I will begin scanning the Labyrinth once the Auction is online.

Me: I expect the new one to connect all over the world. I don't have patience for the Argo II and the months of traveling.

Abyss: Of course my Lady.

While I had expanded my business underground empire, it seemed like the Sea of Monsters was underway. The last thing I heard was that Thalia's tree was poisoned and Tantalus had become the new director. Seriously, what kind of dumb enough to put Tantalus as the director for heroes? This is exactly the type of reason why Demigods hate gods to the point they turn to Kronos.

Me: How is the takeover of the Supernatural going?

The world of the supernatural turned out to me more barbaric than I had originally thought. In the beginning I thought there would be massive organizations that have control over specific regions and all but it seems like everyone was either weak or weaker than level 50…that pretty much guaranteed that there would be no big player.

Abyss: Takeover of North Americas is nearing completion. Asia, Middle East and Australia are completely under our control. Europeans have united their forces against us and is attempting to resist. I expect the resistance to be crushed within a weeks' time with our superior troops and numbers. In addition, numerous minor factions of less then 20 individuals have chosen to surrender and assimilate instead of fighting for their territory. How to proceed?

Me: Where are they now and what have they done.

Abyss: Organization Black Stones have turned Humans into resources for pumping out mana before disposing of them for years. Others have functioned as a Mercenary for the Non-Supernatural behind the scenes.

Me: I see. Kill them all. Kill all minor factions that have in some way participated in the work of Human Slavery or trafficking. Eliminate them all.

Abyss: Confirming order?

Me: Execute order 66

Abyss: As you command.

As the automaton turned a blind look into the air, I knew that all around the world, thousands if not tens of thousands were being killed that very moment. In the past, I would have felt pity or at least some form of remorse for the lost lives but now…man, I really did become twisted haven't I?

Abyss: Kill Count…kill count…Moving the Wardens to the front lines. Production will continue. Moving the Portable factories inland to South Western Russia.

Me: I don't have time to care for prisoners. Either they are with us or with their gods.

Abyss: Understood

Before I left, one last thing came to my mind.

Me: Begin the operation on the domain beyond the gods. You may use the reserve Droids for them as well. Make sure to take a couple stronger ones as well. You never know what type of Monsters are in those hell holes.

Abyss: Setting Targets…Alaska, Macedonia, Underrealm, Sea of Monsters…

POV Percy

I had just consumed Hermes' Multivitamins and turned back into a human when the weirdest thing happened. I wanted to just grab Annabeth, maybe punch Circe and her attendants once or twice before finding my way out of this god forsaken place when air raids began to sound the entire island.

I ran outside the cage (grabbing and wearing my clothes on the way) to see hundreds of small circular black holes in the sky before dropping…robots? Was Hephaestus somehow involved with this? I couldn't imagine anything else.

Besides, this wasn't the typical battle robot I had in mind. I saw enough Star Wars to know where this was going, and this seemed far far worse.

Each and every one of them was a black armored humanoid figure with a Spartan Helmet but I could tell they were machines since their helmets lit up like Iron Man and every part covering them was metal. In addition, their armor was reinforced with exoskeletons which I can only guess was to enhance their crazy strength.

The best part? Each of them carried a massive Body Shield (the size of me) as well as a built in gun on some sort on their other hand which had a blade (Silver?) attached to it.

Then, another one of them which was a bit larger than the others stood forth. His Helmet was red instead of black as well. Instead of two arms he had four and his entire armor let out a dark aura as well, as if it was protecting him,

Leader Bot: Attention Please. This Island is now the Domain of Abyss Auction. All members of the Greek Pantheon and the Supernatural are expected to leave immediately. Resistance will be met with violence and death.


Resistance my ass! They immediately opened fire on pretty much anything in sight!

Bot: Civilians. Please take cover!!

The bot then immediately opened fire…again. Until I found out that none of the bullets actually hit. It seemed like the shots were just encouraging the residents to leave right now.

Circe: Hey! What are you—-*splat*


Well, it was a bit too late for that now, was it? Seeing as Circe was a pile of flesh goo against a wall by a shield bash.

I didn't have much time to thank or curse the bots as I found Annabeth who was also running towards the harbor where hopefully we would be safe.

Annabeth: What's going on??! What is Abyss Auction??!

Me: I thought you would know!

Annabeth: The robots said Greek Pantheon right? So this thing is probably not from Greek mythology so I obviously wouldn't know Seaweed Brain!

Jeez, good to know Wise Girl

From the corner of my eyes, I saw the attendants of Circe running away and onto a Pirate ship. Well…poor them really but seeing as how they turned me into whatever that pet pig was…I couldn't bring myself to pity their awaiting fates.

Me: Come on Annabeth! That ship, over there!

I could pretty much sense the robots beginning to aim at us as we ran for all we were worth towards the ship.

Seriously, what in the world was happening? Even the Greeks weren't this crazy.

Abyss: The Sea of Monsters have been conquered. Marine Droids deployed to eliminate or tame Charybdis and Scylla and replace them with our own.

Me: Install an actual gate. After all, it would need to serve as your new base.

Abyss: As you wish my Lady

Reaching forward to my new domain, I saw Percy blinding the Cyclops once again before making his way out of the Sea of Monsters. Looks like he'll encounter Princess Andromeda and Luke (the failure of a thief) again. Thinking on this, wasn't the Sea of Monsters technically my domain now? Well, everything already is but now it was under legal name (as far as the legality of the Supernatural goes) as well.

Me: You see them as well, don't you?

Abyss: Yes my Lady

Me: Sink that puny vessel and get them out of my domain.

Abyss: As you wish.

The next hour proved an interesting mix of Warships chasing a very panicked monster driven cruiser with torpedos and other forms of modern weaponry as Luke and his little monster army made their way out of the Sea of Monsters. Of course, this was after Percy had proven Chiron's innocence by that neat trick of his.

Abyss: Battle Report My Lady. Enemy Vessel will sink in an hour's time and they are now out of the range of the Sea of Monster's. Now that it belongs to you, do you have another name for it?

I thought about it before reaching a decision. It was fitting in a way after all with how the Abyss would pull in everything it sets its' eyes upon.

Me: The Abyssal Void. Call it the Abyssal Void.

Time flies fast when you're taking over the world without the Government knowing. Well…I guess the 'taking over' part is done and it's more like 'letting my underlings do the work' as I sit back and enjoy the live action from so many clashing worlds take place.

The Sim Cards turned out to be an absolute hit as pretty much every demigod was immediately on board the idea of getting to use the internet again without getting tracked by mounters and all and making phone calls. Of course, being the only service that provides this sort of luxury, Abyss Net did put a heavy charge on it. Two Drachma a month or equal value in US dollars (Divine Metals are accepted as well). Maybe it was the pornography or maybe the Demigods didn't like spending dozens of drachmas on Iris messaging every month but Abyss managed to get a read on every demigod around the world that has been in contact. Best part? It was legal since we've made them click the 'I have read the Terms and Conditions' bullshit that nobody reads whose summary was 'You have no Privacy'.

Setting this up, I got a complaint from Olympus in the form of a very nervous Hermes. Deciding to entertain the notion, I soon followed him up the Empire State Building in front of the waiting council of the Gods. Must have been an emergency too since I thought they only gather twice a year.

It was a rarity to see all twelve…no thirteen (counting Hestia, the most important god in my opinion) together on their seats of power. Around twenty feet tall and wearing their traditional clothing from Ancient Greece. Seeing them like this, I understood for a moment why the Greeks might have accepted them as gods. They weren't impressive now, but back then they truly might have been worthy of their names and titles.

Me: Must have been quite a issue for all of you to have gathered here. Tell me, was this emergency council called because of the Abyss or because I actually agreed to follow Hermes up here?

Zeus: I'm sure the topic of your…business would have been brought up anyway during the Solstice but it was your acceptance to our invitation that I had to reply with an emergency council. I cannot face a being like yourself without the might of all the Olympians.

Me: You still can't Zeus, but if it helps your ego or confidence…I'm all for it.

There were a couple snickers around the room. Namely Ares who was openly laughing at hi father.

Me: Hello there Ares. I see you have a cushion under your butt right now. Why? Is your seat of power too hard for you? Or does it bring back bad memories? Strange…I always thought the Greeks liked having stuff up their asses especially with all of your fetishes.

Athena: HOW DARE YO-

Me: Yes yes Miss 'I cum from Science textbooks and give birth right then and there'. Would anyone else want to give their opinion or do I have to call up evidence of your fetish for beastiality?

gods: …

Me: Disgusting honestly. Why would you fuck a dolphin, swan, cow, and golden rain?

Zeus: Hey!

Me: Sorry Oh Mighty Shapeshifting Rapist. Did I miss anything? Really, your mythology isn't much to look at. Well…I guess it's still a better love story than Twilight.

It was Athena (again) who interrupted my trolling.

Athena: Miss Diana. Correct? I assure you that our history is rich in both wisdom and adventure. There is depth to the stories that is passed down to this very day. Stories that give children hope, strength, inspiration, and lessons to take with them.

Me: Sure why not. Now let me summarize what 90% of Greek mythology is on this tiny post-it note.

Summoning a normal yellow Post-it note and a sharpie on the other, I wrote the following.

90% of Greek Mythology

Zeus: That ass though

Everyone: DON'T DO IT ZEUS

*Zeus climaxing*

Zeus: Whoops, my bad

Me: You've got to agree that this is what happened pretty much all the time. Also, Hera dear?

I turned to face to cold and grim looking queen of the gods.

Me: I feel you. Goddess of Marriage and you have a brother as your husband. As if that's not bad enough Zeus is tapping the ass of every mortal that catches his eye…at least until the Great Prophecy. He just tapped someone twice.

Poseidon: TWICE??!!


Zeus actually whimpered under my fact check as he turned to face his brothers with the decency for shame.

Zeus: well…Poseidon, you broke it as well actually…

Poseidon: Enough *sigh* This will go nowhere. We are here to discuss the topic of Miss Diana's new business and how it will affect the Greek Pantheon.

Hades: Letting go of the topic? Are you both out of your mind?! How is it that both of you broke the oath when it is I that is supposedly the law breaker? No! I will not stand for this!

Me: Just saying, I said Zeus tapped the mortal twice.

I smiled wryly as the remaining gods turned to Zeus.

Apollo: DAMN! We have another candidate for the child of Prophecy??!

Zeus: No! No! Alright…I admit that I have broken the oath but the one who sired the child is Jupiter!

Me: *smirk* You know how many mortals would be free if they were allowed to just blame their alter ego? Oh, it wasn't me, tis was just my other self John. Good job Zeuspiter, you make the world proud by leading with your dick.

At my words, the Olympians (save Zeus) burst out laughing. The King of the gods didn't look too happy but what can he do? Zap me with his tiny volts?

Zeus: ENOUGH! We shall discuss this another time. Now, Miss Diana, we are here to question your involvement with the new power of this world, The Abyss.

Me: Quickest explanation is I made them and put one of my minions to run them. Purpose is money and profit. I've also given him permission to take out the Supernatural Mortals' world as well as all land beyond the power of the gods.

Zeus: Excuse me?!

Me: One question, do you have power in Alaska?

Zeus: Well…no

Me: Great, that means it's mine.

Ignoring the utter shocked face of Zeus, I continued.

Me: Honestly, you should be thanking me for this. While you and your dysfunctional family was enjoying your centuries' long orgies, a new Giant was born in Alaska without any of you aware of it. Not only that, now that some of you, namely Zeus, is too busy sticking your heads in a toilet trying to ignore that the second Titanomachy War is coming, the Giants are rising again too.

I smiled sweetly at them.

Me: You have approximately one year after the Titanomachy is over to prepare for the second Gigantomachy War. Of course, Abyss is creating a Mercenary for a very pretty price so if you gods want to use their services for anything…

I waved a piece of paper with the address for the Abyss Auction.

Me: Highest bidder gets our support. Good luck making up with Hades Zeus since only he can afford our services without consequence to his domain.

Sally's book was doing well which meant dollars were rolling in on our Mortal counterpart. The better the mortal business was doing the more bold we can be with the moves we make in the mortal world.

Sally: Isn't this a bit too much? I mean, I tried making Voldemort hate-able but isn't this a bit too cruel?

Me: Sally, try reading the book with a fresh mind. Tell me, who do you hate the most?

Sally: …Umbridge.

Me: Exactly. All of us hate Umbridge because she is cruel and the exact opposite of what Harry desperately wants and needs right now.

Sally: How though…? Shouldn't people hate the villain the most? Sure, Umbridge sucks but she's still a teacher from the ministry and…she's just doing her job.

Me: Up until now, Voldemort was portrayed as something like a natural disaster. He's pretty much mindless. Heck, even the way he fights is through overpowering and sending killing curses and not like a proper wizard. He killed Harry's parents, yes, but did we see him do that? No. The readers always hear that Voldemort is cruel and evil. Never once do we witness why Voldemort is as evil as they say he is.

I turned the page, Order of the Pheonix, to the infamous detention scene.

Me: Look at this Sally. 'I will not tell lies' is what Umbridge forced Harry to write. Was Harry telling lies? No. It makes the readers feel frustrated as they read and are powerless to do anything else. The truth needs to get out but who's the embodiment of the opposition for Harry? It's Umbridge. That's why readers will hate Umbridge more than Voldemort and I can't have that.

I picked up a journal and pointed out the major points that make up Voldemort.

Me: Turn Voldemort into a villain Sally. Not a natural disaster or a power hungry junkie but rather an actual villain. Someone who has a firm belief in something that is opposite to what Harry believes…and make Voldy take that away from Harry. Force him to feel powerless just like he did with Umbridge.

Opening the book again, I pointed at Hermione.

Me: You know what to do.

It was pretty fun to watch the explosive sales of the new book of the Harry Potter saga; Order of the Phoenix with most of the reviews saying one thing: I'm going to fucking kill Voldemort.

To answer the most desperate answer, no, Voldemort did not kill Hermione. That would be aside the point of what Voldemort was trying to prove to the world. That magic belonged to the pure-blooded and that the Muggle-bloods (or in his case mud-blood) had no place in their society. Instead, he simply took the knowledge of everything she had learned of magic from her. Leaving her an 11 year old with little to no knowledge of magic.

I knew I could have just let whatever happen and let everything written as canon but I wanted to interfere just this once. It was the thorn whenever I was reading the Harry Potter Saga. I just couldn't bring myself to hate Voldemort. So that was why I had to tell Sally to change the few things.

Abyss: My Lady, we have found 40 Entrances to the Labyrinth. We believe that it is possible to make a forceful takeover though it will slow down our process with the Abyssal Void Headquarters.

I hadn't thought that it would be possible to take over the Labyrinth this early to be possible for Abyss, especially with how the life-force itself was tied to Daedalus.

Me: Explain. I thought without my interference it was impossible.

Abyss: Examining the magic flowing through the maze, we have replicated a contained and miniature version of the Labyrinth. We have folded and molded the place to our will. A nature of the Labyrinth is expansion and growth, often through eating through others that have existed before it. With our support, ours shall absorb the current Labyrinth into our own.

Me: So you mean to destroy the Labyrinth and replace it with our copy.

Abyss: As a result, Daedalus will die as tying the life-forces goes both ways. In return, we shall have an obedient Labyrinth on our hands.

Me: Do it. Commercialize it as well.

Abyss: Of course my Lady.

I got up and put on a black (dragon) leather jacket. There was a place so well hidden with the mist that I would need to scout the area myself.

Abyss: My Lady, are you going somewhere?

Me: Yes, I am. I'm just going to pick some apples and get myself a new pet.

Abyss: pet, my lady?

Me: I've never have a 100 Headed Dragon before. I'll give it to Gaea for having good taste.

Bitch 1: Don't come any closer. We need only raise our voice and Ladon will wake.

Bitch 2: Silence sister. We can't tell who she is. She might be a new god…though I sense no divinity from her.

I ignored the bitches and looked at the absolute beauty sleeping like a beast (which it is) curled up around the Golden Apple Tree. It was much bigger than I had thought it would be. I thought maybe…70 meters max? Since the book (Titan's Curse) never really described Ladon in detail but I thought that was how big it would be.

Oh how wrong I was. Each head (he had a 100 of those) was as large as a full-grown Anaconda…nearly 15 meters in length. It's giant torso (or main part of the body) was riddles with draconic muscle and clean scales. I felt nothing for the bitches still yelping some nonsense but it seemed like they took good care of my new dragon.

Percy: Miss Diana?

Oh, was it that time already? Turning around I saw the Titan's Curse crew all ready (and nervous) to go through the garden.

Me: Oh hey Percy. One minute and I'll be done so just wait nicely alright?

Zoe: Wait! What is thee doing?

Me: Welcoming my new pet Ms. Nightshade. It's time Ladon meets his originator.

At my words, the bitches got louder in some very creative insults which didn't hurt my feelings at all.

Me: I'll personally collect your souls and make sure they're cleansed in agony

Okay…maybe they were a little infuriating. But hey! Nobody spoke to Royalty like that and survived in my world.

I walked directly through the garden ignoring the warnings (from Zoe), worries (from Percy) and the death threats from the bitches and right in front of Ladon.

Perhaps sensing my presence or smell, the dragon growled. Being a giant Dragon slightly over a hundred meters long, it might have intimidated anyone else…but to me, it sounded cute.

Ladon: *growl* …??

Me: Do you finally recognize me young one?

As I put one of my hands on the young dragon, one of the heads rose and opened it's eyes to see me directly.

Me: If I had remembered you, I would have come here earlier. I've never had a Hundred headed Dragon before…the most headed dragon was probably three dozen and everything after that belongs more to Lovecraftian Cosmos monsters than Dragon but you…

I harassed the beautiful sculpted head.

Me: Are a masterpiece.

I was speaking English but as a passive effect every word I said was translated so that any member of the Draconic race could understand me. Reacting to my word and presence, Ladon purred before lifting itself up.

Me: Young one, I have a place for you. Perhaps you would like to come with me? Surely you wouldn't want to sleep here and guard this tree forever.

Sadly, it seemed like Ladon had gotten attached to the tree and meadow in general.

Me: Is that so? *sigh* Very well then.

Obviously, I wasn't going to give up on Ladon for just a tree and the garden. So I did the obvious thing.

Bitch 1: WHAT HAS THEE DONE??!!!

Me: I just put the entire Meadow inside my personal dimension. Now Ladon can follow me and guard the tree and garden somewhere else. Isn't that right little dragon?

Ladon rubbed three of its head against me in approval before properly standing up and declaring its wishes to follow me.

Me: I'll be taking Ladon off your hands bitches. Enjoy your now pointless eternity.

I turned back to the Hunters & Demigod crew.

Me: You all are free to continue unless you have business with my new pet.

Zoe and the rest of the gang weren't ones to complain about how their role was done. Signaling the others to follow, she lead the rest of the gang up the mountain to where Artemis should be holding up the sky.

Me: Oh, and Percy?

Percy: Umm…yes?

I gave him a feather. A normal feather. Nothing special about it at all though Percy looked at it as if I had given him a nuclear weapon.

Percy: Uhhh…what does this do?

Me: Well, once your entire deal is done and if Zoe manages to survive, I thought you can use that to tickle Atlas or something.

Percy: Excuse me?!

Me: Hey, doesn't it sound pretty fun though? Like, you'll be the only Demigod to have ever tickled Atlas. Oh, and here's a candy.

Percy caught the Mint Candy I threw at him.

Me: That's if Zoe does something stupid and still manages to get herself killed without Ladon's poison. She has real talent if she manages to still die and personally I don't want to hear that again.

Percy: Hear what again?

Me: Stars My Lady, I can see the Stars again. Don't let me hear that again.

Percy: Ummm…I feel like you just prophe—

Me: Shut up and go.

I turned back to my cute little dragon

Me: Ooh little one, I wasn't talking about you of course. I need to take care of that troublemaker and make sure he doesn't die. Would you like to sleep in my realm for a bit little one?

I took the happy gurgling (or growling in his case) as a 'yes' before sending him into my inventory. He'll be safe and preserved there. He wouldn't even realize that I had put him in an inventory or a separate space at all.

Me: Bye Bitches

Leaving behind the screaming bitches, I took my time going up the hill to whatever the place was. It seemed like the mess was almost wrapping up. At the edge I found Percy struggling under the weight of the sky, Annabeth barely conscious and moaning something, Zoe and Phoebe trying to hurt the General from a distance while Artemis herself was engaged in combat with Atlas himself.

Me: Looks like Zoe's not dead yet huh. I thought sending Ladon and the meadow to my personal realm and taking my time up here would have been enough time for you all to wrap up your business.

Atlas was the first to notice me as he turned from his fight, which earned him a cut on his cheek, before yelling.

Atlas: Help me get rid of this girl, I command you!

Me: HeLp mE geT RiD of tHis giRl, I coMmaNd yOu. Stop being such a baby and do it yourself unless you want to pay.

Artemis: Fifty thousand Drachmas for your help Ms. Diana!

Me: Sorry girl but my services aren't cheap.

Artemis: Hundred thousand!!

Me: Deal

I jumped immediately into action as I rushed directly in between Artemis and Atlas. Grabbing Atlas's hand and elbow, I flipped him over my shoulder and straight into the ground…momentarily increasing the gravity hundredfold so it would actually hurt him.


Me: Shit, I didn't want to cause an Earthquake.

Looking down, a pool of golden ichor was beginning to seep from whoever knows where from Atlas's back.

Atlas: *groan* How dare you…Kronos will have your head!

Me: I expect the payment to be made by the end of the week Artemis. Any later and Kronos will be the least of your worries.

Atlas's eyebrow managed to twitch in anger as I completely ignored him. Artemis on the other hand paled before nodding. Getting out a phone from who knows where, she made some quick calls.

Artemis: Hey Apollo, it's me. I need a lot of gold on short notice…

I zoned out of her conversation. Looks like I'll be getting my gold soon so no need to worry about that. Abyss should invest it in the correct stuff like capturing a giant, or capturing a giant, or capturing a giant. Basically…we want the giant that Hazel made for infinite money pretty much.

Looking down on the once mighty titan, I grabbed him by his hair before pulling him up to his knees. Man, I was always much taller than Kara so I never thought I was short but having a kneeling man be taller than my height is pretty sad.

Atlas: You're helping the gods for gold? Are you mad?!!!

Me: You see Atlas, Ichor and Abyss are on No one's side. We're merely a business and a proper business chases money and profit. If you were smart you could have offered me more and I might have not interfered.

Atlas: This is unfair! How can you do this? Of course the gods have the gold. We titans no longer hold the domains of the Earth!

Me: Man, such a shame. *sarcasm* Welcome to Capitalism Atlas. You need a crash course on what that is? Since from my memory the only form of government you would know is dictatorship…not that I don't approve but Kronos is a bit…unreliable. Don't you think?

Atlas: No one attacks a Titan for mere gold. This is blasphemy! This is madness!

Ahhh…yes. The meme

Me: Madness?

I looked at Percy who was still holding up the sky. He gave me a nod and I knew what to do.

Me: THIS. IS. 'MURICA'!!!!


With that, I Sparta kicked Atlas straight in the chest, sending him barreling directly towards Percy. The moment he crashed into the son of Poseidon, Percy just let himself be crashed out of the way as Atlas found himself under his old burden once again.

Me: It may not be the Pit of Death but I'm sure you'll find the experience equally as painful as Tartarus.

It took a moment for the barely conscious Titan to realize what had happened to him before he began to wail.

Atlas: No, no. NNOOOOOO~~~~ — umph!! *cough* stop, wha—*ripppp*

I took out the most disgusting thing I could find in my inventory at the moment, Ares' uncleaned underwear, and held it through psychokinesis before shoving the damn thing into Atlas' mouth.

Conjuring up the strongest demigod weapon, Duck Tape, I secured the mouth of Atlas. I may have felt a bit of pity when the poor titan began to gag and attempt to throw up but I ignored it and turned back to the company.

Me: Oh good. Zoe Nightshade, it seems that you are not dead.

Zoe: Excuse thee?

Me: The fates would have decreed your death. One shall perish by their parent's hand or something like that. Though it is good to see your continued survival Ms. Nightshade. You made quite the many audience cry at your death.

Artemis: *shocked Pickachu face* What…what did you put in his mouth?

Atlas: *gag* *choke* pprrreeeaaaseeee…. *gag*

There was an actual tear going down his face as he tried to puppy eye technique on me. Shame…only the best of the best of it would work on me as I have developed quite the resistance from Kara.

Me: Last time I snea—went to Olympus I found a shit-stained underwear that belonged to Ares. I was going to use it as blackmail material for him to get to do some stuff for me but I guess this works as well.

The next minute was filled with collective chocking and gagging as many went to the edge to overhaul their last meal.

Me: Strange. Luke should be here but I'm guessing he ran away after what he saw. Smart boy. Oh, and also, Percy?

The boy stood up from the ledge and turned to look at me.

Me: Try not to hold up the sky by yourself next time. I rather like getting free food at your mom's place. I don't think she'll be in the mood to make me food if you happen to be in Hades' realm.

Percy: I…uhh…*wow* Alright then. I'll try not to die.

Me: Or do anything stupid.

Percy: I really can't promise that. I think it's in my DNA or something.


Me: You do realize you insulted your mother right? Gods don't have DNA so all of your genes technically came from your mother before the immortal half mutated it. In other words you called your mom stupid.

Percy: Di Immortales. Would you please let this go?

Me: No. Have fun at Olympus. Also, Artemis, pay up.

I took that as my cue to leave.

Reyna: YOU!

Me: Me

I had to agree that Camp Jupiter was much better than Camp Half blood…at least for Demigods or legacies to live. Here, there was an actual system to keep the immortal bloodline alive. The entire town size camp had a functioning government, a god who solely exists to protect the camp, a proper organized military force, well sponsored and financed as well as means to provide the other luxuries and joys in life. Remembering what I knew about Camp Half Blood…well…a easy way to summarize it would be hundreds of high hormonal emotional teenagers running around with lethals trying to kill each other as well as an Olympian who would probably like to blow up the camp himself.

So yeah…difference is clear.

Reyna: How are you here.

Me: Greek magic. Labyrinth stuff you know? So how have you been Reyna? I heard your sister joined the Amazons.

Reyna: You left us to the Pirates! I don't care if you are God himse-

Me: Her

Reyna: What you have done to us if unforgivable! We were living in peace on the island! Your forces just had to come along and wreck me and my sister's life!

Me: Yes. You had a peaceful life being very sexist. Turning men into pigs and later on slaughtering them when the time came. Not only that but you charmed females to stay on the island against their will. Finally, Circe was going broke anyway with ho much she was spending on keeping up the spa so you can thank me for not letting her selling you off to slavery.

Reyna was visibly shuddering now in anger. Seriously, shouldn't she look at the results and be happy that she was at Camp Jupiter now?

Me: Daughter of Bellona. Your time is coming soon. You and your camp will raze Mount Othyrs to the ground, won't you? You have already begun the plans for the invasion to topple Kronos' throne to the ground.

Reyna: This is none of your business!

Me: Perhaps. I'm just here to enjoy myself anyway…and also offer a business deal as well.

I handed her a piece of paper with a location and price.

Me: Have you heard of the Labyrinth Reyna? Surely you must know the original Ladyrinth.

Reyna: Is that not the maze that has trapped the Minotaur?

Me: Yes, it used to be until it grew. Now the new Labyrinth spans all over the world but not only that…*smirk* it bends distances and time for those within it.

I could see her mind of war turning. The possibilities of utilizing such as maze.

Me: You see, one such entrance and exit happens to be on the side of Mount Othyrs itself, and another right by the Temple of Neptune. Just imagine the possibility of your entire Legion ambushing an unprepared monster army…completely unprepared. You can save lives with this Reyna.

Reyna: …your price?

Me: *smile* Why don't you sample it out first? Just a warning that you aren't the only customers using the Labyrinth.

POV Reyna

I didn't trust her. I didn't trust nor like her but even I had to give it to her that this was a chance that we could not afford to lose.

Me: Gather the Senate! We need to discuss War

The next few days were a blur as the entire Roman Library was searched over and over for information on the Labyrinth as well as the very select few who had been in it recently.

Heya: The Labyrinth…you can't read it. It's there to mess with you. Once I tried to beat it by having my hand on the right side of the wall so I can find my way back but…the moment I turned back the entire right wall disappeared leaving me stranded!

Jeahe: Last time I heard it was changing. Actually, it's right here.

She opened up her phone before typing in an address…huh?

Ichor- Abyss Auction

New Product! The Labyrinth

For centuries the Labyrinth was a growing and trapping monster. With the death of Daedalus, Ichor has found it to take over the management of the Labyrinth and use it for good.

Thousands of entrances and exits all over the world within walking distance! With a membership card, you are granted the 'Eyes of Ariadne' in which the correct path will light up before your eyes.

Warning: Travel in less than 10 people per group or the Labyrinth will separate you!

$999 for 1 time. (NO REFUND)

$9,999 for Monthly

Wow…just wow.

6 days later.

Me: Forward!!! Crush them!!!

I knew this was a bad idea. I shouldn't have ever trusted that damn god or that weird website!

Using the 'Eyes of Ariadne' I asked for the path that will lead to answers as I didn't want a full out war just yet. What did we get? An entire legion of monsters in an arena so anxious to kill us.

Me: Legion! Shields up and March!!

As I ordered the soldiers into the Title formation, the monsters began dropping left and right. I just hope this doesn't happen again…

It took hours before we finished up the last of the monsters around the maze. We managed to get some pretty interesting answers though; perhaps the eyes did work in guiding me to answers…just didn't happen to be the way I wanted them.

First, it was suspicious how all of the monsters were armed in that open area when they should technically be safe from whatever is in the Labyrinth. It was as if they were preparing for war?

Monster: No…master will punish us in Tartarus

Me: Spill it!

I twisted my blade in his gut before he relented.

Monster: CAMP HALF BLOOD *AARRGGHHH* We were ordered to strike camp Half Blood and kill the Demigods before they protect Olympus.

Me: That's better, isn't it?

Cutting off the head of the monster, I called back the legion before asking the maze to take me back home. It seemed like we had much to learn. Though…didn't I hear of Camp Half Blood somewhere before? Maybe on Circe's island…I feel as if I should know something about it but I don't.

POV Chiron

I'm not sure if I should be glad or not but for some reason that Monster Army never came. We had prepared to rally on Zeus' fist and fight for the camp but it seemed like the Monsters never made it.

Stoll: How is this possible? I thought you told me that they got Aridne's string.

True. If they have the string then they should have been able to safety navigate through the Labyrinth.

?: Wait wait!!


Beckendorf: Might be weird that I'm the one to find this but uhhh…it looks like the string is outdated now. Ichor and Abyss Net is running the Labyrinth now I think.

There were a collective of sighs of relief as the information was passed around and knowledge that the Labyrinth should be inaccessible to unfriendly monsters.

From the back, I did hear an interesting sentence though.

Percy: It's Diana again, isn't it?

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