1 The road

As Pagma's Successor Grid had to cross the road that he once cross. It was a road of Mischief .A road of Geed. A road of Lust. A road of Betrayal. The road that Every Pagma's successor has to cross is THE ROAD TO 69. LETS GOOOO ( idk what I'm doing . I just writing some dumb thing .)

[Level 700]

Grid was the first person to reach level 700.For many years he had work on getting the tittle 'true' god . But Now it was mean less. Grid has receive a chest after he reach level 700 .

Inside the chest was a note . It was from Pagma. The note wrote "To my Successor. You have reach a Level That not many people had reach. You would not be facing Hardships Like no other.

To be able to face these Hardships you will need a title. A title stronger than simp. Stronger than DaBaby.It is a title of The Strongest God. It is the Title of The God 69420.

This title would automatically Boost your level to level 69420 But you would only have one life. To get this title You would need to walk the road To 69. A Dangerous Road that Would lead you to success. Will you walk this Road ?


"The Road huh." "Will I be doing 69? If I'm am than I, doing it " Gird said. "Yes I will walk the road to 69".

[ New Title : The God 69420 successor]

[Fame Increase by 69420]

[New Title : Fame king]

(This title belongs to the player with the most fame)

[all stat increases by 69]

"That's nice " said Grid : )

[New Quest ]

(Find Shrek and gain his knowledge.)

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(Rewards )


( Description :who's Candace you might ask? Candace balls fit in your mouth)

*When some ask who's Candace they will die IN REAL LIFE

*cool down 69 hours


(Description: A disease that killed ninja)

*Give anyone Ligma and they will die.

*cool down 10 hours.


(Description: Bofa what you may ask ? Bofa Deez Nut in yo mouth)

*Bofa would take away 0.5% of original Health each second Til death.

*cool down 5 hours.

Penalty: you will die

"Were the hell is Shrek supposed to be at?" "Up my ass around the corner?" "At Least give me a place to look " Said Grid

[Shrek live in a swamp]

"Wait could Shrek be at the love life swamp?"

"Since Shrek is love Shrek is life? Let's check it out"

Grid flys to Love life swamp .( stupid name if you ask me) As grid fly down he see Shrek.

"You must be The God 69420 successor" Shrek said. "I have been waiting for you .' 'If you want to learn his skills you must pass my test " "what's the test" said Grid .

"You must show your love to Shrek since, Shrek is love .Shrek is life" said Shrek.

"What the hell is this quest .' 'I'm not gay " said Grid.

"You must show Shrek your love or you will die" said Shrek.

"Fine but I have a question " said Grid

"What is it "said Shrek?

"Do you like dragons."



In a few seconds it took Grid to say those words Shrek was killed.

[ Hidden quest achieved]

( you killed Shrek . Shrek has many followers. You must survive their hunt.)