1 C1: Just Perfect

Walking in his room Reign closed the door behind him and got dressed for school, standing in front of his desk, he dug inside a drawer and pulled out a bottle of pills, taking five out he swallowed them then made his way downstairs to have breakfast with his family. Halfway through breakfast he felt dizzy but it didn't last long, he sighed thinking, "I guess I should try different pills."

"Reign are you one?" His sister Stellar called to him from the door. Walking over with his backpack over his shoulders he blacked out momentarily and bumped into the table by accident, shaking his head he looked over at his sister who was busy on her phone ignoring him and sighed. Once everything was cleared before him he stopped beside her, "Yes, I'm ready."

Stellar looked at him with disapproving eyes, "You're careless do you know that?"

Reign rubbed his neck embarrassed, "Sorry," he apologised and followed behind her.

[A few hours later at lunch]

Reign's phone vibrated in his pocket interrupting the conversation he was listening to that his friends were having.

He reached into his jeans left pocket to take out my mobile that buzzed. Looking at the notification that popped up, he saw that it was from Instagram.

Tapping the screen of his mobile and inputting his eight digit password. He tapped onto the Instagram icon and opened up his messenger. The username Cindy Ferguson caught him off guard. He looked at the avatar and it made him smile, it was of a yellow blob cat, chewing on a blue ice pop.

He replied to Cindy Ferguson's message.

Reign Mc Kenzi: Hi there

Cindy Ferguson: What a shy Hi there. That is...

A shy "Hi there"? What did she expect, Reign didn't personally know her. His friends rambled on about how today was dragging on and not ending and how boring the rest of the periods would be.

Reign looked around in the noisy cafeteria and met eyes with a girl who was chewing on an energy bar looking in his direction. He smiled at her awkwardly but she ignored him and looked elsewhere - so much for the LGBTQ+ community. He sighed and looked back down at his phone and noticed that Cindy Ferguson sent him another message.

His phone did not vibrate this time around because his messenger was open.

Cindy Ferguson: Still there?

Reign Mc Kenzi: Oh

Cindy Ferguson: Eh?

Reign Mc Kenzi: Excuse me?

Cindy Ferguson: Should I have not sent you a message?

Reign's heart trembled slightly, "What's going on here? Who is this person?" He asked himself.

Reign Mc Kenzi: No uhm... I don't know... Who are you?

Cindy Ferguson: Heh. You'll know me overtime or should we not speak further?

Reign Mc Kenzi: It's fine I guess...

Cindy Ferguson: Thank you :)

"Yo! Reign?? Are you coming with us?" His friend Laura called out to him. Reign was so busy on his phone that he didn't keep up with the conversation.

"Uh..." He trailed, he wanted to agree to what they were saying but thinking back to when he last remembered they were talking about going to the movies, then they would head out over to the arcade. He originally wanted to go with but he wasn't good with horrors while the rest of them were.

"I-I don't know," Reign said with hesitation. He looked down at his plate of food and started picking at the baby carrots with the plastic fork in his hand.

"We don't have to watch the horror movie if you don't want to. Reign do you still want to go with, it'll be boring without you," encouraged Theo as he looked at Reign with concern.

Reign looked at Theo who suddenly grinned from ear to ear when Reign looked at him. He nodded his head slowly and the three of them cheered. They started talking again and his mind went back to messenger and he was shocked. Again, there was a message from Cindy Ferguson.

Cindy Ferguson: Lunch is almost over and I'm heading out. Will chat to you when I get home <3.

Reign Mc Kenzi: Oh.

He replied. This was a habit of his when he had to reply. Reign doesn't really know what to say most of the time but luckily for him his friends have gotten used to it but other people think that he is boring and anti-social.

The bell rang for the end of day.

Reign made his way over to his locker and saw that Theo was standing there waiting for him at his locker. When Theo saw Reign walk over he smiled at him but the smile seemed strange to Reign.

Opening his locker after greeting Theo he heard Theo ask him, "Are you free on Sunday?"

Reign turned to look at him and nodded, "Yeah why?"

Theo hummed, "Well, I was thinking you and I could go to the park and study for the upcoming tests."

Reign nod his head, "Okay but I asked Chloe if she wanted to study for them with me so will it be okay with you if she comes with?"

Theo narrowed his eyes on Reign and grit his teeth, he really hated Chloe but he couldn't tell Reign that. Sighing he looked at Reign and said, "I don't think Chloe would want to study with us since she preferred to study alone with her but it's okay if you don't want to study with me."

Reign shook his head, he didn't want to study with Chloe either since she was one of the things suffocating him, looking up at Theo while they walked down the hallway he said, "Never mind then, the two of us will be alright on our own."

"Really?" Theo asked excited unable to hide his happiness.

Reign, on the other hand, looked at him with a raised brow and nodded, "Yes but you don't have to be excited about it Theo."

"What do you mean I shouldn't be excited, I get to spend the day with you... with you studying and it will help a lot since you are a top student," Theo said hiding his confession.

Reign rolled his eyes he smiled at Theo and asked, "Why are you so excited every time when we are alone? You'll just end up making Keenan jealous!"

Theo rolled his eyes, looking down at Reign who was shorter than him he thought 'I didn't think you'd notice but oh well.' Tilting his head to the side, "I honestly prefer you over anyone, when I'm around you everything seems to be perfect."


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