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What is Out of Space

Out of Space is a popular web novel written by the author Neobear, covering KINGDOM BUILDING, KINGDOM BUILD, WARS, FANTASY, MAGIC, TECHNOLOGY GAP, ARMY BUILDING, SCIENCE FICTION, FIREARMS, TECH BLEND MAGIC, ELVES, GUNS, DUNGEON, DRAGONS, ORC, CRASH-LANDING, ZERG, Sci-fi genres. It's viewed by 4.2M readers with an average rating of 4.67/5 and 288 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 526 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


The crew of the Training Ship UNS Singapore escaped from an alien fleet, finds themselves stranded on an unknown planet and has to survive against deadly monsters and magical creatures. Genre Sci-Fic, Fantasy, Magic, Kingdom Building, Army Building, Technology gap, War, Grand Strategy ---------------------- Updated the previous chapters for spelling and grammar mistakes. Updated with a MAP ! https://ibb.co/msigDz Map of the New World https://ibb.co/eHMM0K ---------------------- Audio Narration by Agro Squerrils on Youtube! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvM0lAnxdGo ---------------------- Please support if you enjoyed my story! =) https://www.patreon.com/neobear Discord https://discord.gg/A8Tm86V

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Great to see that the author is taking the feedbacks seriously. The grammer and spelling have improved drastically. The story is heading in a great direction. I cannot wait to read what the author have in mind for the survivors.


Feels like a cheap hollywood flick. Things happen the way they do because plot needs it, not because it makes sense. Marines can't use 'armor piercing bullets' inside the ship because 'they don't want marines to blow half the ship into oblivion', yet marines get pushed back because the sorry excuse of a bullet they are allowed to use can't even penetrate the bugs carapace. They have to shoot at the bugs open mouth or the joints to even do damage! Yeah right... With such redundant weapons ofc the things don't go well. Marines are killed in droves and they are being pushed back so bad, they start using grenades that throw around tungsten balls that turn into plasma and can pierce the bugs and leave the hull of the ship riddled with holes. The Captain is informed that the situation is getting desperate and %80 of the defenders in one of the engineering section is dead, so they ask to use the armor piercing bullets, but NOOOO. It is not allowed, keep using grenades good chaps and leave the ship riddled with holes haha! Oh also, keep being meat shields haha! Enjoy getting eaten alive by bugs hahaha! What a great idea! They don't even trust their own marines to use armor piercing bullets because 'it might pierce into the reactor core and blow the ship'. Seriously? So they use grenades which can do much worse instead? The notion of armor piercing bullets going through the walls and reaching the reactor is already ridiculous enough, a reactor room shouldn't be so unprotected, but even if such a worry is real, why would they use such powerful grenades then? Their 'ceramic bullets' that don't pierce the hull of the ship also can't pierce the bugs carapace. So by logic, this grenade that sends tungsten plasma projectiles which can pierce the bugs carapace, can also pierce the hull of the ship! If not, why would they make the ceramic bullets so useless? If the grenade doesn't pierce the hull, but can pierce the bugs, then why would they not make a bullet that can actually work just as well as the grenade!? See, this is the logic hole i'm talking about! Anyways, because they are not allowed to use armor piercing bullets and because they are slow at clearing out the bugs that breached into the ship, the bugs reach a conduit and everything goos BOOM. Ship is done for. All because they were afraid their own marines can't shoot straight and the somehow 'so overpowered armor piercing bullets could pierce the reactor'. Sigh... The best way to describe what i'm feeling right now would be 'feels like a cheap hollywood flick'. Disappointing. Very disappointing...


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Its ****** amazing..first there is very low no. Science vs magic novel is available... and i am sure thise novel is best among them. Please dont drop it and keep writing..


My bitches from the Union told me to read this. I think it’s a great piece with only few weaknesses. I think I will get the troop to play this on the square in Neverwinter!


Well a normal story, similar to GATE but with tons of flaws. The hole idea of a confrontation betwen magic vs science is cool as i said like in GATE, however in this novel the author nerfed pretty bad science and weapons, for example; -Marines suffering casualties when confronting medieval warriors. Author do you know that our weapons are made to kill at distance?, now imagine our weapons in the future do u really think some warriors will get a chance to even get close to them?. Just thinking about our present mines, barbed wire, grenades, i get annoyed. - The usn singapore have even laser that can be charged with solar energy but somehow they chose to use missiles for everything depleting them pretty early. Also, those missiles are joke i doubt the author have investigate how a missiles kill ppl (they use energy and heat to destroy) Besides the weapons all the systems get blocked or cant operate in a proper way in the new world, infrared scan fail... night visions fail, motion detection system fail.. i mean wtf why it fail, is physics working different in that planet? In conclusion and average novel, that i can't stand so.. dropped.


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Great original idea, it reminds me of a book I read somewhere but this book contains magic. The writing quality is not bad albeit some minor errors and skipping of the layout of their temporary complex makes it hard to visualize the surroundings. The story development is a bit rushed, I am suspecting that the author just writes on the fly and releases the chapter. If the author spent more time on how he wants to develop this world the novel would be at the top spot. View More


SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven’t seen anything like this on webnovel and it gives a new way to look at space novels that I didn’t really like to read t


Has the thrill of sic-fi, the wonder of fantasy and a great story you'll never want to put down. This story give gave me the best parts of my favourite stories and is doing a dam good job of crafting a wonderful story. If only more chapters would come out at a time, when you start reading you just don't want to stop.


This novel is easily in my top 5 for original works. I like both sci-fi and fantasy, and the author does a very good job of blending these elements together. The story is compelling, well written, and I find myself constantly looking forward to the updates.


It looks like a beginning of decent sf story. I just hope it will keep this level of storytelling and update schedule. For now 5 stars though there were some minor inconsistencies and logical errors.


Great read wish it had daily updates. However for a free book absolutely brilliant read. Love the world setting and the questions it brings up about earth. As well as the premise that humans aren't always the most powerful


I am enjoying it. While not a masterpiece it has many good qualities. The character are decent and believable. My favorite part is the uniqueness of the setting and what it does with the kingdom build sub genre. I wish the author the best cheers.


a very good story, have great potential, new horizons and perspectives, an interesting plots and twists, no cliche and overuse of plot armor, I recommend this novel, it will never ne a waste of time


Hands down, one of the best novels. Seamlessly integrating sci-fi and fantasy. Story plot keeps you hooked chapters after chapters. It starts of very slightly slower, but after the background introduction, the pace picks up and enthralls the readers. Singaporeans don’t miss this, I mean, the name of the ship gives it away la, but the story is written by a fellow singaporean. Woohoo! #throwback ArmyDaze haha. Keep it up author NeoBear!


Love this story. The buildup from simple survivors to a true nation building itself from rubble is fantastic and feels well earned. I sometimes wish that the tech developments.were a bit more thought out then simply limiting things to a ww2 style because that's what some history books and data had, but it seems the author has a larger plan for development going forward


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I love the story overall. However I find the pacing unbearable. It's always gun to the metal insane. It would be great if you would slow down sometimes. It's always one bad guy after another.


Amazing story progression!! So long as the author keeps writing I'll keep reading. I'm a fan for life!! I have been looking for a series like this for a long time


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