Our Story's Ending
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Our Story's Ending


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What is Our Story's Ending

Read Our Story's Ending novel written by the author CieNsLibrary on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering system, teen, revenge, tragedy, apocalypse. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


'I didn't think that there would be a time where reality would overlap with fiction' She stared at the link not too far from the aisle Lucas and her are standing in, She was lost in her train of thoughts about the unfolding scene in front of them. Who is she? Miana Alvareze? Ciel Yu? or perhaps she is now Rouge? She who lived her life as a reader. Despite the trauma she went through, she continued to live for the sake of reading a book. A book she grew up on. A book that let her be herself and a book that won't expect anything in return. To a side character. She Bears the burden of knowing how the characters would die and the responsibility she thought she had to hold on. She became an important variable to the protagonist. She became his guide and reassurance throughout the story. She did everything she could for them to survive the hellish play that keeps on coming their way. People deemed her as saint but is that really the case? Who would she choose to save? The story? or the people? will she consider saving herself? _______ HIIIII!!! it's me, the author of this novel, Cienna Cage. first things first, writing stories or novel is just my hobby, so don't expect me to upload loads of chapters in a jam. I'll upload whenever, however and how many times i want. also note that i usually take things half-assed... e-erhm! i might upload another novel while this is still ongoing and not updated that's because i don't think i will prioritize this one, i usually have or almost all the times a new plot, setting, characters, ideas randomly pops up inside my head and my job is to write them down so i can read them myself later.  I write for the sake of reading it myself. ENOUGH ABOUT MYSELF, ANYWAYS. this novel will have a loooot of things that will confuse the readers... probably. also... this novel is DOOMED and if you still want to read it then, read for your own risk. again this is your Laziest author Cienna Cage, giving you a warning. -Bye bye ヘ(.□°)ヘ


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