Our Perfectly Imperfect RelationshipOur Perfectly Imperfect Relationship

Our Perfectly Imperfect Relationship

by Yeonsoo09

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"You.. Marry me and I'll make it that you will live a life without worries.." Lee Ha Eun was bewildered by the words said from the unknown man in front of her and yet why does she feel like she could trust him? With nowhere else to go and her newly born baby with her, she couldn't be picky and decided to follow this man. But who would have thought she would become the wife to the CEO of the most renowned and powerful business company in the whole of South Korea, Kim Corporation's Kim Min Joon. Why has this powerful man chose her to marry? What was he trying to do? Was it just by a mere chance of luck that brought this two together or were they destined to be by each other side? Who knows but one can be sure that everything has it's reasons.. "Why is my heart beating like this for him? Have I possibly fallen in love with him?"

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