Our Love Story: A Tale of Two Hearts Book

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Our Love Story: A Tale of Two Hearts


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“Perhaps Mira, perhaps… I am better off living with the fact that he is my secret crush and we aren’t in any sort of a relationship or anything, than to express how I feel about him and probably get my heart squashed” “…. But you are not into me so I’m gonna protect my little heart and I’m gonna go. It’s clear no doubt that you are in love with someone else." ‘Our Love Story’ portrays the narrative story of the love life of Ella Kendall and Jack Miles. The ups and down in their love as Jack’s dad gets himself hell bent on Jack giving his heart out to another and the twisted reality of painful love meddles its way into their story. Ella gets her heart locked up after her first heart-felt refusal leaving Jack no choice at a time to also lock up his feelings for her. Their love is amusing based on ‘love at first flight’. The couple share their wondrous story of love through this piece right from their normal lives before they met and then gradually steering the tale towards how they met each other, fell in love and for themselves married. Find out how this romantic journey would go in this superb and delicate book. This romantic piece once again is nothing more than fiction. Read, enjoy and leave a heart-felt review along the way.

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