1 The dark named Kyle

The sun hid somewhere behind the hill to the west. He abandoned the place, making room for the night. When the light disappeared from the window grilles of his window, he got up. Put on his black coat, put on his glasses and went downstairs. His father had just come home, from work, and was eating dinner.

" You going out?!" he asked, even though he knew his son, goes for a night walk whenever the light disappears from space.

"Yes," said Kyle calmly.

Their relationship was such, that at first glance it seemed like it was very cold, but it was not.

Kyle took the only path, that connected that part of the forest to the outskirts of the city. He knew that way in the palm of his hand. He knew every turn, every hole, every tree branch that came out in the middle of the road and could hurt him. He carefully evaded them all.

We can not say he couldn't see. He could. Only that the problem was that he was afraid of the light. And years and years, the wounds and pain he received from that path, had made him learn everything. He could walk in that alley, even with his eyes closed.

Didn't last long before he reached the roundabout, that connected that city with the capital. Two cops, a girl and a boy were there every evening, patrolling and taking care of traffic in that part of the outskirts of the city.

He ignored them, passing by without speaking.

"Is this the person you told me about?" the girl asked the boy.

"Yes. I feel very sad for him. People say he is a clever boy. "When bad luck comes, just open the door." He is afraid of the lights and therefore wears glasses at night."

"Ah, what a hardship some have! And we regret that we ended up traffic policeman. It can be worse and worse. Also, have you ever seen his face ?! Is he sexy?!"

"I've been doing this job for two years and I do not remember ever seeing him without glasses or a hood. He also wears only black clothes."

"What a motherfucking life ?!" expressed rage girl, cursing life.

He heard them but continued on his way, to the side where there was no light.

(I do not need your mercy, filthy people!)

That evening he decided to walk in some lanes he had not walked before. Along the way, he saw couples of students holding hands and caressing each other. Those students had come to that city to study but do everything other than study. The eighth sin, knowledge of the books. Drugs, alcohol, sex, but not books. Never books. Most of them took the exams with money or sex. But never with books. And he was darkness. No one knew their secrets better than darkness.

He opens the coat. He felt hot. Even though it was completely February, and the wind was cold he again felt hot.

He took an even deeper alley between the old palaces of the communist era. Somewhere on the right side of that alley, a boy's voice was heard.

"Angela, will you come from us tonight because we have cigarettes?"

"I came." a girl's voice was heard answering the boy. And of course, when it came to cigarettes, it was weed.

Further on in the alley where he was walking. Some children had gathered head to head and were talking.

"I saw her parents running away. Let's throw stones. Target the light. So it breaks and she cries." said one of the boys who were not more than seven years old. They were talking about something devilish. That topic caught his interest and he stopped for a few moments at the entrance of a palace and lit a cigarette from the pack that was in his pocket for more than a week.

The children gathered stones and started shooting in the direction of a private house. The sound of broken windows was heard accompanied by a girl screaming.

"No! Stop! Please!" he heard a voice crying. One moment and the cries got worse.

Kylie slammed the cigarette to the ground and interfered. The youngsters, the first moment they saw him, left shouting in fear, "Boogyman, boogyman".

In that city, was spread the news that a boy, who once had an accident, was moving around the city at night, dressed in black. And the parents had used that story to scare and educate the children through fear. Only so they obeyed.

When the children left he hurried to the room where the girl's voice could be heard. But it crashed several times along the way. He didn't know the place well. Went there and stepped out the window. He went closets the girl.

"Who are you ?! Stay away from me! Don't touch me!" the girl continued crying with her voice full of fear.

"I saw that the youngsters were throwing stones and I hurried to help when I heard you crying. Calm down! There is nothing! There were only a few children!" he spoke without approaching, not to irritate the situation.

"But, why did you come to my house? Get away from me!" threatened the girl to show confidence.

"I explained why I did. There is no need to be afraid. I am here now and nothing can hurt you in my presence. So calm down and open your eyes."

"I can not! It is not so simple! Turn on the lights for me, please! You have the key on the right side of the door."

"I think the light bulb is broken," Kylie said calmly.

"Can you accompany me to the corridor ?!" asked the girl with her hand stretched out from the direction Kyle's voice was heard. She did not open her eyes.

He grabbed her hand and escorted her to the door. She turned on the light and opened her eyes. She wanted to thank the boy who had helped her but he was at the window getting ready to leave.

"Wait! Stay with me until my parents come back. I'll write to them now and they'll come in less than half an hour."

"You told me to leave ?!" asked the boy who already had a foot thrown out of the window.

"That was before I realized you were a good man. Now please stay!"

He turned and huddled in the darkroom, crouching against the wall.

"Come here, so I can see the face of the person who helped me."

"I can't. It's not that simple," Kylie said.

Silence followed for a few minutes. A car noise was heard near the door of the house. Accompanied by the wind and some people rushing in.