Our Dreams of Freedom:A Coming StoryOur Dreams of Freedom:A Coming Story

Our Dreams of Freedom:A Coming Story

by Lilly_Flowers

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Ever since Fumiko was two years old,her father made a promise to himself that Fumiko was going to be the perfect daughter for him and the perfect wife for her future husband. Fumiko was taught from a very young age that her main goal & priority in life was to be a perfect daughter for her father and a perfect wife for her future husband.Her hair was always expected to be kept long & healthy and it was never to be cut besides having a small trim to keep her hair healthy.Short hair on a woman was considered "unladylike" and "ugly",according to her father and most men preferred women with long,beautiful hair. Fumiko was only allowed to wear dresses and skirts because any other form of clothing on a woman was considered to be "unladylike",a characteristic her father was completely against. She told misogynistic messages on a regular basis like her thoughts,feelings,and opinions don't matter nearly as much as her father's opinion and her future husband's opinion. Due to Fumiko's traumatic and misogynistic upbringing,she was blinded by what would soon be the biggest catalyst to a paradigm shift to her ingrained trauma and wanting to live for someone other than herself:Being a closeted lesbian and having strong romantic feelings for her best friend,Aiyana Richardson. Fumiko loves & cares about Aiyana more than any other potential love interest she could be with and Fumiko wanted nothing more than for her to feel the same way.She has grown so close to Aiyana over the years and loves her so much,Fumiko couldn't imagine a life without Aiyana not being her girlfriend. They have played every other role in each other's lives:from rivals who resented one another for their differences,to casual friends who appreciated the differences between them & embraced what made them different,and eventually to best friends who mean the world to each other & make each other better by actively being the other girl's support system in a cruel,mean,judgemental,and demanding world. However,she can't have the girl of her dreams and the acceptance of her father as well.Fumiko must sacrifice one for the other and deal with whatever consequences that may come from it. Will Fumiko choose to live her own life instead of the one her father wants for her? Will Fumiko's love for Aiyana be enough to let her sacrifice the conditional acceptance of her father? Will Fumiko finally be able to live the life she wants as an uncloseted lesbian & by Aiyana's side and obtain her dreams of freedom?

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