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Our Contract Marriage Is On The Trending Search

Beautiful New Moon

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"[A refined good-for-nothing thug in a suit vs the evil but sweet-looking financial magnate. A sweet romance novel where both leads pursue each other.] Su Xianyi was nineteen when she fell in love with Lu Shiyuan. She mustered her courage to say, “Dr. Lu, thank you for saving me. Can you give me your contact number? I’d like to thank you properly.” The man casually flicked away the excessive ash on his cigarette and smiled at her, blatantly flirting. “Do you like me?” Su Xianyi ran away. When they met again, her elders introduced him saying, “You can call him ‘Uncle’.” Su Xianyi felt nervous and guilty in his presence. She carefully hid away her thoughts, but then… The man donned a black suit, white shirt, and was slowly tugging his tie loose. When mesmerizing black eyes framed by golden rimmed glasses, he asked gently in his hoarse voice, “Would you like to come to my place?” Later on, Su Xianyi became famous because her reputation was tarnished for robbing another’s fortune, bullying, and being lawless. Yet, she had a clean and innocent face, making her look harmless, when she was actually a typical evil financial magnate capable of winning arguments and clobbering phonies. Her family clarified, “Our child is most obedient and sensible.” The public apologized, “… Forgive us for being blind!” Someone suggested that they should release a piece of breaking news to subdue undesirable gossip. And then… [Su Xianyi and Lu Shiyuan are already married] became a trending search."


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