1 00 - You’re what?!

Knock Knock

Silas broke the kiss first, still drunk in the flavor of his husband.

"We should get the door." Asher muttered, his eyes now dropping to the other man's lips.

That was enough to take Silas from his trance, "Ah yes. I should, shouldn't I?" He didn't want to leave Asher's embrace, he was already missing the warmth of his lips.

Asher swiped his tongue over his lips as he chuckled, "Don't want to keep them waiting, do we?" His eyes moved up to meet the other pair, "The faster you do, the faster we can get back to this."

That was enough to push Silas off the couch and towards the door.

"Hello." He greeted as he opened the door to reveal a boy who looked to be 6 at most.

Silas' eyes widened yet we're just as quickly furrowed. He couldn't think of any reason for a boy to be on his front porch at 8:30 pm. Especially since he knew that none of his neighbors including children.

The boy's mouth turned up in a smile, "Papa!"

Without a second thought, the boy took Silas in a hug, wrapping his arms around his legs with immense force.

"I finally found you." The boy croaked, tears beginning to fall and stain Silas' untucked button up.

Silas was alarmed and confused at the same time, 'did he just call me papa?' Despite this, he stroked the boy's head in an attempt to stop him from crying.

A glass shattered from behind the current interaction as Asher knocked it down in the process of rushing to the door.

Asher shook off the thought of cleaning up, instead continuing to the door. He pulled Silas' unused hand in an attempt to pull him away from the child. Instead he simply pulled them together into the house.

He sighed in his failed attempt, settling to close the door instead.

"What was that for?" Silas spoke through closed teeth.

"A random kid just called you 'papa' and started hugging you." Asher stated, "Why wouldn't I try to stop it?"

Silas looked at him as if the answer was already obvious, "He's crying. Idiot."

Asher scoffed, "He's still a random boy."

"Who's that man papa?" The boy had lifted his head from Silas' stomach, his watery eyes now observing Asher.

"Asher. My husband." Silas stated, "But who are you?"

The boy looked up at Silas, water rolling down his face once again while his lips trembled. "I was gone one day and you already forgot me papa? I'm Cassius remember papa, your son."

The air went cold and Silas went silent, his mouth left open.

Meanwhile, Asher was fuming and his next words tasted like sour lemonade.

"You're what?!"