Sy shouted as he keep on pushing the guards who stop him from entering the entrance of the airport.

Yes, he's at the airport right now. Trying to catch Aze's flight back to somewhere he didn't even know where would his girl go.

As he keeps from nudging the guards, the boarding of Aze's flight is already declared. He tried to enter until his friend came and talk to the guards.

Raphael and Loeffler,

Sy's best friend and one of the sons of the owner of this airline. He talks immediately to the airlines to stop the boarding.

As his other friend, Loeffler is dealing with the guards and explaining everything. When it's done, Sy already runs through the slide shiny floor.

He immediately run faster in Raphael's direction so he could still catch Aze.

"Raph! What happened? Is it fine now? Did the boarding stop already? Raphael! Tell me!" Sy shouted in anger and tugged Raphael's shoulder.

"Sy, Sy I'm so sorry but the plane already left. I tried to contact the pilot but the telephones were already off." Raphael mumbled as he held Sy's shoulder trying to give his friend more strength.

"Raph! Sy! What happened? Did you catch her? Did the flight stop?" Loef asked when he finally get closer to his friends.

He saw them trembling and losing their strengths. He assumed that they didn't fail to stop Azenith's flight. Loef knew they will succeed but was the opposite and now they failed to do it.

"Sy, we still can find her. Rafh what flight did that plane take? She might be in that country." Loef asked full of hopes that they could still find Aze where she was.

"Korea, but we're not that sure if she's really going there. We can still find her there if that's the country where she goes. Though Korea isn't a small country you both knew that, it will take... like a year before we could find her." Raph explained.

"Raphael is right about it Sy. We may find her but might be married to someone already. You know.. like its years passed, unless it won't take that long to find her." Loef muttered as he agreed to Rafh but Sy look at him....

Still not convinced of what Loef muttered. As he mentioned marriage in the middle of his sentence.

That made Sy upset and more irritated, he didn't know what he have done why did Aze left him.

Book a flight and was too late to find out about her plans about leaving him in the air. He even thought that the life between them would last forever.

The feelings,

Does the girl have a feeling towards him? Is it the main reason the girl why left him because she realized that she was going to hurt him?

She'll hurt him because she couldn't control the feeling she has for Sy. Without also knowing that Sy is already in love with her and yet this unexpected scene happened.

Sy held his head and cursed everyone in there. He can't afford to lose the girl she's supposed to marry again.

They marry each other, but it was all for the money and needs of the girl. Both of them are forced to marry each other but later on, they fell in love. Secretly,

He knew he was in loved with the girl from the very beginning and was ready to confess all his love to her... Not until this time happened. This scenario become his nightmare and refused to trust other girls again.

Aze promise him using the vow they said to each other.

"No man will love you, but me."

"No girl will after you, only me."

Aze can't stop herself from crying while watching the movie she created and directed. It was her name used in the film and her ex-boyfriend's name.

That wasn't their love story though, but some parts of the film reminded her of their past. Not to mention all the actresses she chose to play the role. They all did their best and give the right justice to the movie.

She smiled and laughed like crazy before wiping her eyes. The teardrops on her cheeks remain remarkable because of her white shirt.

Aze is on the set right now, they were having a shooting and it went well. Tomorrow night will be the premiere night of the DLIF (DELICATE INTERNATIONAL FILMS).

She's one of the top directors in the world. That win the most important awards that every director wanted to have.

They're a lot of people who desire her talents and wanted to get her attention and snatch their plot stories.

Little did their enemies know that she didn't write the plot of the story that she made into films. Aze doesn't like writing it printing, she wants it more than printing.

Memorizing and keeping it on her mind like writing a novel. She wanted it to remain like that, also it has a big help to her.

"Congrats Director Javar!"

Her one-of-a-kind best friend. Who's an actress too congratulates her for having a big career and successful movie.

"Thank you for the greet Mica! Anyways, where is Jayle? Is she going tomorrow?" She asked and kissed her friend on the cheeks before opening a box of food that would be her lunch.

"She will she's coming in here. I told her to visit us although she had a lot of pending photo shoots for this day." Mica uttered and tied up her loose long hair.

"One of these days will be our reunion, what are your plans?" Mica uttered again while sipping on her juice as Aze was looking at her phone.

She stops scrolling in her phone and gives a glace to Mica who's now waiting for her answer.

"I don't do plans for reunions but I'll try my very best to attend that celebration," Aze answered in a cold tone of her voice.

As Mica was about to say something when their friend appeared in front of them.

"Hi girls! So what're the latest gossips?" Jayle mumbled and greeted them with a sweet kiss on the cheeks.

"We were talking about the upcoming reunion next month. How about you Jayle? Do you have plans yet?" Aze mumbles as if she's going to attend the reunion.

"Oh drop it Aze! We all knew you won't attend the reunion," Jayle exclude and roll her eyes.

"Of course, I can go, it's that--,"

"It's that you don't like showing yourself in our reunion because Sy wouldn't be there too." Jayle interrupted as Aze stopped talking and explaining her side.

"Agree, tell us the truth Aze. Jayle and I know you from the start, so what's the point of hiding secrets. You even also know us every time we lie to you about something. You always catch our looks and emotions, so as our expressions." Mica murmured agreeing with what Jayle utterer.

"Of course not! Sy is nothing to me right now okay?! He's dumb because he left me alone when I needed him the most." Aze hissed and rolled her eyes out of frustration.

"You can't forgive him, can you?" Jayle asked full of hope.

"I can't, and that's final okay?" She murmured in irritation.

"You buried him on your rock heart because he left you without a word? Did you even ask him why did he leave you?" Jayle asked while Mica is also waiting for Azenith's answer.

"I didn't,"

"You didn't?! Why didn't you ask him when you found out that he's already in France. You shut your mind and so your heart too, you even blocked your feelings!" Jayle mocked in irritation too.

"Okay stop! Both of you stop! Can't we eat our lunch with peace of mind, for this day?" Mica shouted and tried to stop them from shouting at each other.

They were shouting at each other luckily they were in an exclusive private room. One of the Chinese restaurants is owned by their batchmate in College.

So no one will ever hear them shouting and the three of them only. Jayle and Aze remain quiet as they both continue to eat their lunch.

She knew she was being mean to her friends when she talks about her past. Their past,

That was the nightmare she keep on pushing away and trying to forget. But when her friends mention the reunion.

It has always been their topic every time their reunion is coming. They all thought of it too in their favorite beach resort in San Francisco.

Where Sy confessed all of his love towards her until he proposed marriage to Aze.

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