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My name is Sunshi ( running at road ). Today is first day of mine in highschool. I am late for my first day of highschool. But i made it before the bell rang ( bell rangs ). Oh no bell ranged i rushed towards the class. There was a boy running infront of me aroud same age of mine when i reached the door of class it was closed bit not locked. The boy infront of me opened the door i felt he was my prince and i am his princess who was taking care of mine. I haded chrush on him so fast i didn't even realize. He was mine first chrush. ( He had around of same height as mine he was not tall as the boys of other story). I thought maybe i don't love him its just i like him not love. I forced myself to think so because he wasn't tall. All girls fall in love with tall boys how can i fall for short guy ( i was talking to myself ). My bestfriend meomi called me and sayed what are you whispering. I sayed nothing. He was also in same class as mine i asked mh friend ami if she knows his name because there was no one who ami didn't knew about. She said his name is Anish. She even said that they were relatives. They knew each other from a long time. You likr him? ( ami questioned me ). i was out of words i didn't knew what to say i replied no and walked away. After knowing his name i was ao happy i couldn't even understand what was happening to me. When i closed my eyes he was only the person i could see or think about.

Anothet day in the class when he was talking to another girl i felt bad and i was jealous. Then i knew that he is my chrush ( my first chrush ).

Afterward i was scared to talk to him because i thought he will think i am flirty. It was almost the time of summer vaccation and i didn't even speaked to him. I dicided to talk to him but i couldn't. Then Ami somehow knewed thet i liked Anish so she said i will look take care of it don't worry ( ami said that with a sweet smile on her face ).Then she Ami asked if i am free to go at the concert happening at the town at evening. without hesitating i said yes i will and my bestie promised to join us. When i reached at voncert they were waiting for me and meomi. I was socked to see Anish there. Actually ami was the one who asked both of us to join her. When the concert was over it was about 8:30 pm. It was already dark. And i was scared way back to house Ami knew it so she asked Anish to walk me home. Anish said okay i will walk her home. After that we were only the one at the road because the way back to my house was little scary and lonly. There was no houses in the way. I felt a little uneasy to talk with him because he was mine chrush. But i don't know why he was hesitating to talk or being shy to talk with me. I felt like we were in relationship.

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