Other World Transmigration With A Weapons System
novel - Fantasy

Other World Transmigration With A Weapons System


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What is Other World Transmigration With A Weapons System

Other World Transmigration With A Weapons System is a popular web novel written by the author Xboxgorgo18, covering MODERNWEAPONS, REINCARNATION, ISEKAI, FANTASY, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 34.1K readers . The novel is being serialized to 5 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Jacob Johnson, an 18 year old Airsoft enthusiast, was on his way to California to try his luck being one of the winners in the Airsoft Players' Choice Awards with his pickup truck. However, fate has other plans when suddenly a lone child that's unnaturally white all over ran through a red light directly in his way, turning his truck by reflex he went straight into a truck on the opposite lane before seeing darkness. When he opened his eyes, he met a being that calls itself "God". "God" says he will grant him the chance of reincarnation in another world due to one of his children's mischief with a little aid. Will Jacob, grow to enjoy his fortune or will he be washed up in the controlled chaos of the Divines?


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Hey guys Author here and like all shameless authors, will give myself 5 stars. First time writing my first novels and its about guns vs. magic in another world. Please give me your responses as I will try my best to improve my writing. Enjoy and expect moderate updates as I'm still kinda new here.


..... Couldn't go pass the middle of chapter 2.... The f**king Cap Locks used so much annoyed the s**h out of me. So not wasting my time... Good luck I guess.


nice story


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i hate when we enjoyed the novel and its dropped no explanation no whatever just no show at all? i hope the author-dono can make this novel into a f****ng reality


Author over uses caps in his story. I could not get half way through the first chapter. It literally hurts my eyes to read it. I ended up skimming though the other chapters at the time. Major turn away for at least 50% percent of a chapter to have caps lock enabled.


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I haven't read much but I just wanted to give you some encouragement to continue onto your path as an author. I want your first review to be a positive one so that no matter what happens in the future you will always remember this one review. I will be copying and pasting this onto other new novels to encourage them too. So good luck fellow author.


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