1 A forward from the Main character

It was a really simple mistake, but the consequences sucked balls. Seriously, I knew djinn were bad news so I rejected the wishes. I knew better than to try and get something for nothing. But now the blue monstrosity is following me and working as hard as humanly possible to make my life suck. Or would that be as hard as demonly possible. Who knows, but I can tell you one thing, I am supremely sick of this shit.

Who knew demons had crushes. And where exactly was this information in the guidebook.

So I better give you the low down on this massively idiotic situation I managed to get myself into. First of all, the idea of transmigration into another world is nonsense. I somehow managed to become another me, in a different version of reality. And let me tell you this world was super different from regular life and this person who lived in my body before me was no angel.

Yeah; I think she was basically the opposite of Mother Teresa. Her goal had been to become the Supreme Overlord with well her basic skills and a few strategic connections. BTW her taste in allies is horrible. However the goal of subjugation of basically the entire world kinda makes you enemies. So the chick in my body was trying to escape her enemies and she used a spell.

I think she escaped and left me as her scapegoat. As you can imagine I am most definitely not impressed. While my face is the same, I am not this girl who tried to rule the world and had lackluster success at best. Seriously she only made it to phase one of her plan before 'Noping the fuck out'. I'm left holding the bag with subpar evil minions and half-baked evil plans.

I'm not sure what the worst part of my predicament is but I have a things I hate, things I don't like, things I have to unfortunately live with and a general things that suck list. First of all their technology belongs in the dark ages, the is caste system is unfortunate, the weather sucks, telephones aren't really a thing nevermind cellphones, and magic is integral for life. Magic of which I have no skills for. But you know the worst part is when my doppelganger 'Noped the fuck out' she left with the authorities in the process of breaking into her evil lair. They are literally storming the gates looking for my head.

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