5 Exploring For A Bit

After picking up the last herb Raynor walked towards the cave he spotted a few minutes ago, using minimap is so much easier than remembering certain sights, not only that he knew perfectly where herbs or ores are, all Hail minimap!

Checking his inventory Raynor calculated that he has enough for a bag of pills, only now he needs to figure out prices for this stuff, he has no clue how much money he can make! He hopes he has enough to open a store, but thinking logically it should be quite a bit of money as he would be shaving off at least 5 to 10 years of cultivation in this specific area...

Then his eyes dropped to the last stack of herbs, these babies going to save him from Qing Yue, yes he has any idea what that hard-headed girl is thinking using his otaku senses and his six sense he is preparing for inevitable, and to be perfectly honest he doesn't mind...

Once he approached the cave he started to inscribe on walls, illusion, concealment, anti- senses, anti-profound energy, as well as anti-Profound beast, once inside he did same as people of high cultivation can pierce ground and rocks easily... he made sure that profound energy will enter through the specific area only...

'With me using Primordial energy I am going to need 10 times more energy for breakthrough... hmmm, I need more profound energy from outside then...'

Making up his mind Raynor left the cave and went to create Profound energy relay points, just like yesterday, this time he decided to make much bigger and more complex as he is planning to attract from high in the air as well, since these trees will help him.

Once he inscribed all three mountains closest to his cultivation spot, Raynor decided to return back to the cave, he checked the time on his phone, and it was just past 3 p.m. meaning he spent close to 3 hours on the inscription, it seems to have a clear goal in mind made him work much faster.

Sitting down on ground Raynor started to inscribe his real formation he is planning to convert the crystals as they house normal energy not primordial thus making them less desirable to him.

But if his theory is right then these crystal are similar to diamonds from the earth, created from high compression and temperature, or at least the compression part...maybe he can find a way to make them? , but first, he will try a conversion.

Finishing with an inscription which looked more like magical circle Raynor dropped very small shard of purple crystal in the middle of it, then he activates it, runic letters started to glow as Raynor sensed familiar Primordial energy inside of the runic circle

Slowly small purple crystal started to change into greenish golden one, Raynor couldn't hide his grin as his little theory was right, Primordial energy would consume the lesser profound energy same way happen to him as well, of course, it only happens in closed areas like profound veins or in this case crystals...

After conversion was done Raynor picked the crystal and closely observed it, he could feel primordial energy pulsing in the small piece of crystal, it feels out of place like it came from very distant past, gives vibes of a long-forgotten era... like a doorway to past...

He clenched this crystal in his palm and then absorbed primordial energy from it.

He didn't expect his own energy to overreact to it!

As primordial energy in his body started to circulate, he started to feel breakthrough into Spirit Profound 2, then 3 and stopping at 4

'What's going on why I breakthrough 3 small realms!?!, I only used nail size crystal for Pete sake!'

He started to think why such speed, its suppose to be harder ! 10 times! not easier! , but then like enlightenment it came to him.

'Of course! Last individuals to use Primordial energy were True Gods and Ancestor God her self! , no one bellow True God even used this kind of energy! If this is true then I will break into Divine realms easily!'

Raynor checked himself out and noticed that his Energy is quite unstable, snorting to himself he drew another set of rules and made them fuse into his body, thus calming down his rampant energy.

'Cheats for life!'

After stabilizing his energy he started to convert another piece of crystal this time size of finger, only to witness failure in his runic circle.

'What's going on!' he checked the formation

Everything was in order, but profound energy reserves where empty!

'No way! The area I used is close to 5 kilometres! How did It run out so fast!' He quickly went outside and spread out his senses, only to feel the dry atmosphere, there was not a speck of profound energy anywhere around this mountain.

'Holy... how broken is primordial energy!?, for nail size one I need around 5 kilometres area full of profound energy !'


Raynor snapped out of his thoughts when a pack of wolfs started surrounding him

'So they followed the trail of profound energy to my location, that means more beasts will be here soon!'

There was short stare-off between Raynor and the pack of wolfs, Raynor closely observed the pack, each of them were close to 2 metres... meaning they are bigger than him, while his height is normal for average earthling 1.7 metres these elemental profound wolfs were bigger than him.

'They look so badass... I should domesticate one, hmm... there one at the back which is head higher then these, that means he is the pack leader and profound energy is much higher, that means he is around [Nascent profound]...

As wolfs started to get annoyed, and one of them decided charged at him, Raynor rolled his energy as he activated mental acceleration soon wolf who was running at him was nothing more then a snail, then he dived into his mind and accessed his own memories, there he selected specific memories from a video game with martial arts, once he got those memories he started to create profound art with these moves, he doesn't know if ATG world actually has these moves but on earth, this style is quite known,

He compiled stances and added how energy should move with each stance, then he added medical gods 'one-touch' art of disabling nerves, thus creating completely new martial arts style

Primordial Arts: Tai Chi Boundless Fists of Heaven and Earth.

Once done Raynor felt his body went into autopilot, even if he doesn't have experience of combat, his adrenaline and guidance from six sense combined with instincts to survive are more then enough...

Then he cancelled mental acceleration wolf speed increased as the beast lunged towards Raynor head, too bad he too slow, and Raynor simply leaned forward and with his martial arts style his hands moved forward and caught wolfs chest fur, once wolf was in his hands he redirected it into the ground before the wolf could realise what was happened he was flying into the ground, just before it smashed into the ground, Raynor primordial energy-infused palm smashed into wolf chest, destroying all organs and bones from inside...


With one last wail [Elementary Profound] wolf was gone.

And everything lasted less than 2 seconds, when Raynor snapped out of its own autopilot he was extremely shocked.

'What I just did was literally expert martial artist stuff! I just created a Primordial art from a video game in less than a second!!! Holy shit' He can still barely believing himself.

His hand was shaking but it wasn't from fear but it was from excitement, his primordial energy started to circulate even faster from that excitement.


'Another breakthrough... it seems its happened because of adrenaline pumping in my blood, forcing my body instincts to kick in... Well then let's see how far this can get me...'

Raynor entered Tai Chi stance, his left leg in front and his right leg in back signifying Yin and Yang, he didn't know but when he created this Primordial art, its reached realm of a Gods arts after all he incorporated laws of yin and yang, as well as life and death, yet Raynor will only learn this when he trains himself to understand laws...

When wolfs noticed that their packmate got killed they started to feel a sense of dread, Raynor's energy is driving them mad from hunger, to them he is like meat from heavens and in a sense they are right...

On one side they wish to continue living and their instincts are screaming to run, on other side hunger for power which won in this situation... as wolfs started lunging at Raynor from all sides...

Yet nothing made sense to these beasts, their instincts went haywire once they were close to Raynor they couldn't comprehend what's going on as they felt danger from everywhere, being beasts from wilds they have a much greater connection to nature thus betters senses, yet in this situation... nature was against them...

Before they could do anything several small explosions happened and in these small craters wolfs were laying down, bleeding from all orifices.

Out of 18 wolfs 4 were down, finally dread got into them and they started to retreat, yet hard pressure smashed on them, as Raynor started spreading his cultivation for them to know... making fear him...

As they were started feeling cornered, their survival instincts flared and they started barking back at him others wolfs growled defensively.

Raynor simply smirked as he dashed at them with speed they cannot even conceive, it was one short battle which only lasted around 20 seconds.

With one short sight, Raynor took a deep breath calmed himself down, when looked around he saw 17 wolf corpses with only one left which was Alpha, which at this very moment was shaking like leaf and using his own paws to hide his face.

'Damn... that's one funny moment who knew wuxia world can have anime moments!

He slowly walked over towards shaking 2.5-metre wolf, Raynor was extremely excited, not only it looks badass it can still be a nice puppy.

"Look at me!... I know that you can understand basic human language " Wolf slowly stopped shaking and looked at the monster who one-sidedly crushed his pack.

The beast eyes stared directly at the Teenagers eyes, Wolf was so terrified, as Raynor's gaze was enough to shatter Wolf will to fight back

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"From this day forward you shall be my contracted beast... do you understand?" Wolf stared back at him with wide eyes as he understood what he said, so he slowly nodded, Raynor simply smirked.

"Wonderful! There is hope for you yet!" Raynor looked at his own hand he grimaced since he needs his own blood.

'I am not Eren I can't mutilate myself like he does, but this is for the greater good!'

He took a deep breath and decided to bite his own finger.

Raynor grimaces from mild pain from his finger, then he touched Wolf's forehead right between eyes with his bloodied finger.

With light glow a connection was established between Raynor and Wolf, on his right-hand black tattoo appeared, he took a closer look at his new tattoo.

"Not bad a howling wolf tattoo!"

He pointed his hand at his new pet, who nodded and turned into a streak of light and entered his tattoo, Raynor grinned at this.

"Now I need an awesome bird and a feline " looking back at his tattoo one more time, he noticed the status of his sleeve, then he quickly checked out rest of his hoody and his pants


Not wasting his time he took it off and started to check it in more details... he saw holes from falling as well as claw scratches, he did dodge every wolf attacks perfectly but his clothes didn't, it means he did dodge them with millimetre precision, since Tai Chi style is like that...

"Well let's test how runes work on modern clothes!"

~~~~~~Same time...~~~~~~

At the same time when Raynor was creating new heavenly treasures from his clothes, Qingyue was having her own mental battles.

She was in her family library for almost whole day, while Qingyue didn't spend most of the time reading, she spends most of it thinking eventually, she came to the conclusion that if she continued being in Immortal Palace she would only end up as Overlord and if truly lucky maybe Monarch, because of their profound arts their life will be shortened, and none of this will truly bring her closer to her mother, she will still be considered mortal and confined to this world

Even if she joins one of sacred grounds none of them know how to reach divine profound... her only choice in this situation is the man she meet yesterday, of course, she was still somewhat sceptical until she meet him this morning...

"Spirit Profound in less then two days..." she said softly, no one was in the room but she didn't care.

She bit her lower lip and thought what to do... Raynor was the cause of her confusion, if it was her old self from yesterday she would simply go to her room and continue cultivating... but right now there is no point!

"Young Miss... Master Raynor is back!" Qingyue snapped out from her thoughts as she noticed her maid Dongling has sweaty forehead as she was running...

"What happen Dongling? Why are you running?" Qingyue asked her.

"Master Raynor is back and he has Profound Beast with him!" Qingyue blinked thinking that he got back to fast! then she looked through the window and noticed it was already getting dark outside !!!

'How much time did I wasted thinking?!?'

She got up and went to meet him... she has a lot of thinks to ask, and she steeled her heart what she was about to do as well.

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