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What if one morning you woke up with no memories? What if all you had was a video message you left for yourself, warning you that you were in grave danger? What if the only way to survive was in discovering what you forgot? And what if your biggest enemy was yourself? ** "There is a bug. It allows unmitigated access to the users' consciousness. You're the only one who knows. You must stop the release. You must stop them." That was the primal directive. Min needed time to understand, to accept. But time was the one thing he didn't have. He woke up with no memories. He only had the one video message he left himself to work with. The video told him he was a beta tester of Gaia, and he had discovered a bug that could very well be intentional. What he was asking of himself was to be a hero. But was that what he wanted? Was that really him in the video? If it was him, why go through all that trouble? Why did he delete all of his memories himself? Who were the people helping him from the shadows? Were they friends? Or, were they something else entirely? Who were those that were after him? Were they all related to Gaia? Or were there other secrets too? School was the perfect refuge. Friendless and unremarkable, he couldn't be hidden better. But with less than three months to graduation, he was running out of time...


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