Kevin Ethan Levin's Skills

[Name: Kevin Ethan Levin

Race: Osmosian



Osmosian absorption: Able to absorb and assimilate DNA of any being to gain 2/10 of their power. Usually causes physical mutations, but does not happen because of the game. If a person has one power, that power is gained at an initial 1/10 strength. If they have multiple powers, Kevin receives some of them at an initial 2/10 strength, and others would require more prolonged contact. If someone is held for a great amount of time, eventually they will be drained completely and 100% of their strength will be gained.

Matter Absorption: Subset of Osmosian Absorption, able to absorb and synthesize the mass, properties, and chemical makeup of matter to change their body into living matter in the shape of the Osmosian. The absorbed matter is as durable as the matter used to make it and can enhance their strength and durability.

Energy Absorption: Subset of Osmosian Absorption, channel absorbed energy through their hands to manipulate technology, Discharge it as an energy blast, or use it to speed up cellular regeneration.

Gamer's Mind: Allows the user to calmly and logically think things through and immunity to mental attacks.

Magnetokinesis: Control of all forms of magnetism. Lvl.2/10

Healing Factor: Heals wounds greatly faster than normal rate, slows aging, and immune to poison. Healing rate increases with level. Lvl 4/10

Bone Claws: Set of three claws that come out of wrist on command. Matter Absorption can coat the claws in whatever material is absorbed as well. Lvl Max

Atmokinesis: The ability to manipulate the weather. Affected by one's emotions(negated by Gamer's Mind) Lvl2/10

Pain Resistance: General immunity to how much pain is felt. As level increases, pain felt is reduced. Toggleable, currently on. Lvl 4/10

High School Knowledge: The basic knowledge a high school student should have. Lvl 8/10

Osmosian Body Modification: Allows the user to shape various body parts when matter is absorbed. Lvl Max

Material Production: The ability to use your body as a source of material. Able to disconnect and infinitely produce any material you have absorbed. Lvl Max

Telepathy: The ability to read and manipulate minds. Able to enter yours and other people's mindscapes to search for deeper thoughts and memories. Beware, though, the mind does not like being entered deeply and will fight back. Able to plant suggestions in people's minds. Range increased massively, along with the amount of targets able to be affected by telepathy at a time. Lvl 8/10

Dimensional Energy Manipulation: The manipulation of dimensional energies. Allows the viewing and travel between dimension and ability to shoot blasts of dimensional energy. The further the dimension, the higher level required. Lvl 5/10

Neyaphem Physiology: Grants increased agility, reflexes, balance, and the ability to cling to surfaces. Physical changes toggleable. Currently off. Lvl Max

Speed Force Conduit: You are a conduit of the speed force. Every step you take is infused with it, making you the embodiment of speed. Gives a wide variety of powers based on speed. Current Speed: 3200 mph. Lvl 2/10

Technopathy: The ability to interact and create machines comes intuitively. Lvl Max.

Shapeshifting: Able to psionically alter the formation of biological cells at will, allowing you to shapeshift into any human being of either sex. Lvl 2/10

Intangibility: The ability to phase through objects at will. Maximum size of objects other than user, basketball. Lvl 2/10

Phoenix Force Conduit: You are connected to the Phoenix Force in a deep way. Able to access its powers and make them your own. Understanding that connection is the key to unlocking its true power. Lvl Max

Cosmic Fire Manipulation: The ability to create and control cosmic fire. Fire does not need oxygen to burn and can even burn in the depths of space. Lvl 4/10

Telekinesis: The ability to move things with your mind. Currently able to move something the size of a bus. Lvl 6/10

Kryptonian Physiology: The physiology of a Kryptonian. Provides the user a wide array of powers dependent on how much solar energy they have absorbed. Lvl3/10

Asgardian Magic: The ability to use the energy within you to perform different functions based on the teachings of the Asgardians. Lvl3/10

Aether: The remnant of a singularity that predated the universe, which represented the fabric of reality. Gives the ability to shape reality to the users will, dependent upon how much control they have of the power. Lvl Max

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