4 Chapter 4: Manipulating a poor Soul


Inside the Village, the Mikaelson Family are gathering around with lots of Villagers for a feast to celebrate, the feast is about their new child Henrik.

Harry is sitting there watching his family celebrate and dance around, by the way, a time skip have occurred, which is about 10 years.

Harry POV.

It has been 10 years, since increasing my Magical Reserves, my mother Esther have come to known about my potential in Magic and started teaching me more Magical Spells.

I have created a few Abilities in such like, I can levitate things with my Mind and Hands, I can Push or Pull humans towards me, when I do them together, they are terrifying.

I didn't neglect my Physical Training with the Sword, I have been doing jogs and such and doing Weight Lifting, Mikael and the family think their weird, but Mikael of all people sees the immense improvement it did to my body.

A bulging Six-Pack with lots of muscles and, I am extremely more handsome than my siblings, almost like masculine beauty.

During these years, my brothers and I started having sword fights a lot more often, Klaus, despite his talent couldn't keep up with me, so he stopped.

Also, Mikael has figured out Esther's infidelity, and started to become more disgusted and disappointed in Klaus, he even resolved to beating him mercilessly.

My siblings cried, I had to play along or they might not think, I'm human, Elijah has been letting it happen, mostly because he is afraid of his father.

One time, Rebekah tried to kill Mikael, I stopped that, if that happens, the plot would be drastically different, but I did manipulate her, by turning her against Klaus.



Rebekah POV.

One year has passed, since we figured out our mother's affair with a Werewolf, we were shocked and didn't know how to feel, in Mikael's rage, he brutally beats Klaus with a Whip.

All of my siblings watches with horror, as Mikael continues to beat Klaus with an inch of his life, I was so scared and didn't know what to do, I cried and wept for my brother.

Elijah covers my eyes, and hugs me, shielding me from the true horror of what Mikael has become and by beating his step-son, he expresses his dominance.

This act causes my to despise my father, matter of fact, I don't call him that anymore, he is a monster, that needs to be put down, so advise a plan, only me and myself knows.

I will wait til Mikael goes to sleep and sneak inside his tent with a knife, I have carved because of my raging emotions, I'm doing this for family and most of all, Niklaus, whom I love with all my heart.

Nightfall has arrived, the night is as black as ink, and silvery Moonlight is shining brightly upon us, like an Angel descending to the Mortal Realm.

I grab my knife and slowly walks over inside Mikael's tent, I see him sleeping, I don't see mother anywhere, probably whoring around with some kind of Werewolf again.

As I approach Mikael, I begin to rise my and one swift motion will end his miserable existence, if my family doesn't accept this, I don't blame them, I will flee from the Village.




I looked over and saw Harry standing there with an understanding look on his face, he slowly takes the knife from my hand and pulls me in for a hug.


Flashback Ends.

That was close though, I told her to instead of going after Mikael go after Klaus, take your anger out on Klaus, show him he doesn't belong here, and he is a mistake.

Due to the emotions in her Mind made her unable to think properly, at first she refused, but I calmly told her to do it, I touched her hair and looked inside her eyes, and said….

"Rebekah, we know you hate Klaus also because, you truly realized, he is not our full-blooded brother. Being born really isn't that uncommon… Almost everything in this World is meant to die. In this World, a life born is nothing more than an insignificant speck, and shouldn't even be counted as an existence. Death is natural! So, what I'm saying is Rebekah, give into your hatred and murderous impulses against both Mikael and Klaus! You know, you want to, our family will be there to support you!"

Said Harry, as he hands the knife back to Rebekah and leaves her alone inside Mikael's tent. Harry with a sadistic smirk on his face, walks away, knowing, Rebekah doesn't have to kill them, but the seeds have been planted.

"It seems like, I need to prepare for the events of Henrik's being killed by a Werewolf, I will leave, once I get my Power of becoming an Upgraded Original Vampire. Once I get all the blood from all of the Seven Original Werewolves, I can truly leave my siblings in the dust, haha!"