3 Chapter 3: Experiment

Esther's Shack.

Time Skip.

6 Years Later.

In the small, metal shack, Harry is inside Esther's Spell room going over some of over Spells, Harry is shocked by the overwhelming knowledge contained inside these Spells.

Some of these Spells are forbidden no doubt, and it takes tons of Nature Energy to complete the Spell, this is one of the factors, Harry has trouble with.

Maybe it is due to his, limited Magical reserves or, underdeveloped body, he can't use Overpowered Spells, and the reason he realizes this is because, he sensed it within him.

Yeah, the moment he started practicing small-scale Spells, his Magical reserves dropped a dangerous amount, which caused Harry to instantly find out the problem.

He has been working on finding the solution to the problem and he finally solves it, by using the Sun as a catalyst, he can gain more Nature Energy.

It took him 6 years to finally create this forbidden Spell, and it even took him even longer to dispel the negative side-effects of this Spell.

He figured out Esther's Immortal Ritual for gaining and increasing their Magical Powers, Harry was ecstatic the first time he found this out.

So by using Esther's Immortal Spell as a base, and using the Sun's Power as a catalyst, Harry is empowering himself with the Sun to truly transcend into something more than just Werewolf, Vampire, or Witch.

Having infinite amounts of Magical Energy, Harry was having an orgasm just thinking about it, it took him 6 years, but it was all worth it in the end.

"This is my first, true step into becoming a God in this World!"

Said Harry with a crazed look in his eyes, for years, ever since he has reincarnated into this World, all those sleepless nights, wondering if a Werewolf or something worse would kill him in his sleep.

"Thing is, I can now use my body as Solar Charge, by using the Sun, my Magical Power will continue to increase and improve, and also Nature won't reject something as majestic as me."

Said Harry, he begun to start ritual, he first put some of his blood and started casting the Spell and gathering energy from the Sun.



The dark cave, immediately brightens up because of the Sun, Harry notices his Magical reserves are dropping at a fast rate, he knew this was a risk, but he can only hoped to finish before his Magical Reserves run out.


Harry continued casting his Spell, the cave starts to shake, but Harry doesn't care, he feels his body becoming stronger, his body is swallowing up endless amount of Magical Energy from the Sun and atmosphere.

His body is like a greedy parasite, sucking all of the Nature Energy in the surrounding area, Harry's smile is becoming more and more hideous and terrifying.

"What! No! My Magical Reserves are about to drop, I won't be able to finish the Spell in time. No! I won't allow this!"

Harry with a desperate look on his face, continues to stay conscious, he is standing here still just by Will-Power, his eyes are becoming Golden, representing Nature from the Sun.



Harry roars, after the Spell ended, Harry's consciousness blackens out, he drops down on the ground, while he passed out, the Nature Energy is still seeping into Harry's body.


The Next Day.



Harry wakes up with sweat all over his face, he looks around and sees, he is still in his exact, same spot, Harry also notices, his body is full of Nature Energy.

"I-I did it, I finally took my first step into becoming the God in this World, haha! I nearly risked my life to get stronger, but I guessed, I need to get use to it!"

Harry begin to use one of his Spells from his mother's room, he calmly raised his one hand and begun to use gather Nature Energy.




Immediately, the entire cave caught on Fire, Harry did this, so no one can figure out what has happened here, if they did, that particular person would be very troublesome.

"It is time to go, Harry also destroyed his mother's Spell, and the ritual of he used to finally, well essentially become the embodiment of Nature.

The moment, Harry steps outside, his body immediately begins to absorb the energy from the Sun, Harry ravels in delight, as he feels his body getting stronger, and his Magical Reserves are increasing.

"I have all this Magical Reserves, but it still looks like, I need to learn how to control this amount of Nature Energy, not until I come up with a Spell to solve this annoying issue."

"I must hurry and get back to my home, or my mother will be worried, I feel great about myself, this is the first time, I finally have true confidence about myself and what I can potentially do."

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