1 Librarian

lighting illuminates the rain curtain, passing through the transparent window, letting the library's bookshelf flash with lightning.

Escanor shuttles between the bookshelves of the library, and his eyes are sincerely searching for books in the bookshelf.

At the corner of the bookshelf passageway, Escanor suddenly felt, a pleasant scent, which left our protagonist Escanor, who is a single dog stunned.

Escanor who was slightly stunned, took a few steps back, but was hit in the face.

Escanor slowly lifted his head, to see a girl.She had a sculpted figure which was twine-thin. Her waist was tapered and she had a burnished complexion. A pair of arched eyebrows looked down on sweeping eyelashes. Her delicate ears framed a button nose. A set of dazzling, angel-white teeth gleamed as she blew gently on her carmine-red fingernails. It was a pleasure to see her flowing, moon shadow-black hair. Her enticing, constellation-blue eyes gazed at me over her puffy, heart shaped lips.

This is the first thought that came out of Escanor's mind, when he saw her. Realising his mistake Escanor looked at her, and softly said "sorry".

"It doesn't matter" replied the girl. The girl licked her forehead and smiled at Escanor and turned away.

looking at the girl's back, Escanor was hit by the same but pleasent scent. The scent kept lingering around his nose and, with it the appearance of the girl emerged in his mind.

"Rumble! Rumble!" A huge thunderbolt fell over the library, accompanied by undulating screams. The girl was also shocked by the sudden loud noise. Escanor also felt his heart tremor a little.

Suddenly a bookshelf near the girl shuddered. Escanor looked at the shuddering bookshelf, and felt a bad premonition. The bookshelf near the girl shuddered and, started to fall. Escanor involuntarily ran towards the girl, and pushed her.

"Someone is under the bookshelf" shouted a student. Everyone's attention was dragged by the scene where, a person was lying under the huge Bookshelf, with blood gushing out of the head.

" wee - oww, wee - oww" with the sound of ambulance Escanor was taken to a hospital.


Escanor opened his eyes, but to his surprise he was neither in the library, which he was extremely familiar with , nor in the hospital room.

A magestic and imposing golden gate, that was hundreds of meter high. All kinds of incomprehensible words written on the gate. Different types of intricate symbols were all over the gate, creating a visual feat for the eyes. It was a very strange and peculiar site in the eyes of Escanor.

" Where am I, this not the library."

" am I in heaven " mumbled Escanor, while looking at the imposing gold door.

A series of questions filled his head, involuntarily Escanor tried to touch the golden door. When his fingers touched the imposing golden door, " creak " the door suddenly opened . With the door opening, out came a golden light drowning Escanor in the endless light.

The golden light scattered when Escanor was able to open his eyes. Escanor was dumbfounded while looking at this majestic scene. Row's and row's of golden bookshelf, with neatly packed golden books in it met his eyes.

looking around blankly, Escanor felt like an ant. "What is this, is this the library in heavens" exclaimed Escanor.

" Hello, anyone there " shouted Escanor , but after a while there was no reply, only a peaceful and pleasant silence.

Escanor walked around a while, when suddenly he was greeted with a simple wood table, which looked very inconspicuous in a golden library. It was like a beggar sitting in a golden car. There was a thick, dark red coloured book on the wooden table. Escanor hesitated for a bit, and walked towards the table.

When he was close, he saw golden words written on the dark red book " Origin Tecnology Library " . Escanor hesitated for a bit, but chose to open the book. What greeted him were only blank pages.

When he tried to explore more, a figure appeared before him.

An old man, wearing gray robe, his hairs gray, his face full of wrinkles, his eyes full of wise light, his face with a gentle and kind smile, like a grandfather looking at his grandson.

" How can an old fart like him be an Angel " mumbled Escanor to himself. He gathered some courage and said to the the old man "Old man , what is this place ".

" isn't that written on the book's cover? Lucky child! ". The old man replied with a gentle smile.

" Origin Tecnology Library ?" Escanor pointed at the cover of the book.

" Yes, this is the Origin Tecnology Library, since the beginning of the universe this library saw, countless civilizations fall and rise, and all the technologies of those countless civilizations are stored in this library ". The old man looked at the countless golden bookshelves with a melancholic look in his eyes.

Escanor hesitated for a bit and walked towards a near by bookshelf, and after seeing the book's on the bookshelf, an excited look appeared in his eyes.

" Quantum Portal ", " Super Alloy ", "Gene Editing ", " Artificial Intelligence ", " Anti Matter Extraction " .....

Row's of Bookshelves upto 100 meters tall, all of which were filled with countless advanced technological books. Which covers all the subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computing, Mathematics, Medicine, Military.....

Inside of each and every book there is an advanced technology stored!!! Any of which if brought to earth can shake the foundation of many countries. And if it's him who brought them then he will be rich over night. Every day he will bath in glory. Endless wealth will be at his fingertips.

How many technologies are there in the library. He turned around to look at the library which is as vast as an ocean.

After returning from his thoughts to the library, he tried to grab a book from the bookshelf, but what he caught was nothing but empty air. He tried again and again but the results were the same as before. Only then did he found out that he can't touch a book in this library.

" Child, stop fooling around ". The old man pointed to the dark red book on the table. " When you write your name on it, you will become the new librarian of this mystical library. "

Escanor hesitated for a few seconds, walked towards the table, picked up the black feather pen next to the book, and wrote his name on the title page.

When he finished writing the words with his name, the words light up with a dazzling golden colour and then dimmed.


" Escanor. "

A loud voice rang out over the library, with a flustered look Escanor looked up, only to find the ceiling of the library.

" Don't search for it, this is the voice of the library." The old man said when he saw Escanor's flustered look. " From now on you are the new librarian of the library."

The words of the old man made Escanor smile from ear to ear.

" Old man what should I call you? " Escanor asked.

" I am the guardian of the library. I don't have any name. You can call me whatever you want." The old man looked at Escanor with a satisfied smile.

" You are the guardian of the library, how can you be a nameless guardian. I will call you Alexander from now on. Alexander word in Greek is known as protector of mankind. Oh greek is an Ancient language on our planet. "

" Nice name, nice name. I didn't expect that one day I will also have my own name." Alexander smiled heartily.

" Alexander, I am now the librarian here, so can i read the books now." Escanor asked with an eager expression.

" You can try. " Alexander said while laughing.

Escanor trid to grab a book from a nearby bookshelf, but what he got was nothing but thin air. His face slightly twitched.

" Why can't I get these books? "

" Your authority is not enough." Alexander said while shaking his head." You are just a [ trainee ] librarian, with your little authority, you are not qualified to read the advanced technological books."

" So, can i take low level technological books." Escanor said with expectations written all over his face.

" Yes, your authority is that of a [ trainee ] librarian. Every month you can only pic one book, at the [ trainee ] level. As a new librarian you can choose one book to read for free.

" How are the levels categorised?" said Escanor.

" You can look in the dark red book on the table yourself." Alexander pointed a finger towards the dark red book on the table.

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