1 Reborn

'Huh huh (breathing heavily)'

'this why am I in my childhood apartment room' he looked at his hand and body hurriedly, a smile a pain and all kind of expression was visible on his face

"Ellie this time I will not loose you.", his expression was solemn and with will to tear apart this world was burning in his eyes.

The girl he liked was taken away and was married but in the pain of his the girl he liked kiss and suicide with him before letting his husband had her first. Before he was arranged marriage with her but the backstabber brother of his taken away his guild from him.

His eye had a blaze on them and swear

' this time around I'll rule the game those who join me can sore away with me but those who oppose me shall never rise.'

the phone on the table rang, he sat and picked up the call

'hello brother.", a sweet voice came

" brother it's me Lucy are you mad that I didn't call you for long (trembling voice, for certainly crying), sorry I missed you I want to meet you, please even in game is fine, I have send you the setup of 'the legend' please play this game I want to be with you and I know you can earn in this game and I am playing too so we can enjoy this game and while earning we can be financially independent and they will leave me with you."

" stupid girl what you think I was angry with

you and didn't talked and you think I was not trying to buy this set up of this game and what do you mean they will gave me permission I'll take you away by force if they don't just wait for week I'll come and take you away by hook or by crook, don't you know how much your brother love you."

there was completed silence soon weeping sounds came from other side.

" brother please take me with you, I want to be with you I hate this home all the man here tried to sleep with me but second aunt always save me still I feel scared every second."

After listening to her was anger was step away from erupting, I gnashed my teeth and speaked

" leave that house as soon as possible and lie that you are going to go to your friend house for playing 'the legend' to second aunt and leave for road 16 ok I'll send some one to pick you up and try to cover your face and don't argue (in loud voice)."

he only heard


I cut the call and called Robert, he was my best friend and asked him to take my sister and come at my secret apartment.

As usual he arrived early and properly send my sister to my apartment.

When she her cloth which was covering her face a beauty or like an angel which had dropped from heaven enter my eye with tear,

She was my first crush and my sister. we were not blood related, I was adopted by mother and we spend a year together till she disappeared and Lucy was taken away and me was thrown into orphanage again.

Her eyes filled with tear run in my embrace and started weeping, Robert on the side was stunned silly by her beauty.

I walked out with Robert outside and before I could say something he took out a blue card and handed me saying ' take your beauty for dinner and repay me back in the game alright bro remember I will my game name is azure blue see ya

and have blessed night" laughed lecherously.

I shook my head and went inside where two blue sparkling eyes were looking at me and asked " do you also wanted to sleep with me, I don't mind (whispered like an ant)" making her extremely adorable with red blush.

I smiled wryly and patted her head and other hand squeezing her cheek which made her blush red like a tomato saying

'do you think you're brother is such kind of person.'

' sorry brother' saying and a smile blossom her face which dazed me for a second.

'We both were only 12 year old and there was still much time to confess I don't needed to rush my feelings on her' I thought. As I was about to say something she intercepted while saying ' brother I have saved a lot of money in my secret account you send me it's enough for us to have an luxurious dine for year but still don't know if we'll be able to earn money after year in this game so I practiced my cooking skill in the school and management so that we can live peacefully for rest of the time.'

I looked at her immature face but such maturity in thinking made me really happy from the heart.

I followed her to kitchen and looked at her while she was cooking, I feel that now my life is back in old days.

This apartment was so well hidden that I knew would take at least few year for them to find us because it was located in the southern continent, my sister travel through warp gate which gonna be released in 5 year or so and my friend and me get permission by its head chief of operations.

It was a month back while working in the bar I encountered uncle max he was chief scientist of this warp gate and I helped him when he was gang up, he took liking to me asked me that he can help me at any problem but I left with out giving him any explanation, max asked Robert about my problem and told him everything. 5 day after max came back and gave me a key for a flat and an old key of room where we are living until flat is adjusted for us till tomorrow and told me about warp gate and asked.

" if someday take her into that apartment and they will never find you both for sure." in my previous life I accidentally tell that traitor brother by mistake this time to never let him come here.

looking me lost in thought she asked

" Is everything alright brother and are you sure that they will never find us here",

'sure in eternity they will never find us if only you never contact or tell anyone from that family about our location.'

she nodded and swear that she'll never talk.

We eat our dinner which was way better than any 5 star hotels, It was first time in a while I eat full.

I send her to a room and sat outside in the main hall to check the guide of the game but read only history part which was 500 pages long. As tenth page was about to finish I saw Lucy standing infront of me I was surprised

" nee I'm afraid to sleep alone with out my teddy Bear, will you sleep with me for tonight "

looking at her watery eyes I couldn't refuse so I dragged the sofa near her bed and hold her hand while she lay down on her bed. After reading about 2 to 3 hours I slept quickly.

As always my natural clock woke me up at 5 am but I feel my body heavy as I opened my eyes I saw a beautiful face near my face, I tried not to wake her up but her eyes suddenly open and her face was as red as tomato before she could say

" it's alright Lucy (laughed),

you haven't changed at all you always cling to me while sleeping.

I am happy I haven't loss my beautiful sister from before."

I pulled up her legs and carried him like a princess saying

" now I'll help my princess to have bath"

"ee3eeeee pervert" and jumped away from my embrace and run away like a rabbit which have escaped from wolf den.

looking her fleeing figure I laughed till my stomach hurt, after an hour she came out wearing new set of clothes.

brother after 4 hour game will officially begin I'll set the setup you go take bath quickly I moved hold her hand and said "this is not our permanent apartment we have to move now we will live in the next building." when she heard me she was shocked, Robert knock the room and helped me move every stuff to next building till then I bath and refresh myself.

When we moved in our new apartment Lucy was shocked to see new places because she knew it was very hard for me to buy this apartment myself, she looked at me but never asked how.

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