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Origin of last champion


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The game of destiny is about to launch, fellow player are you ready to get rich and to become owner of Oral part treasure. if you need wealthy a single account of mine can make you rich enough for all your coming generation to eat with out peace without doing anything and if you win the whole game you will have the all purpose inter dimensional company. When an man with high background enough having 95 % wealthy hidden in his company died they found a game having ten thousand of key to unlock the account of bank of his which contains 95% wealth of 50 thousands different dimensions. In 60 year game has launched a person whose eyes were closed tear flooding his eyes. Ellie I always like you he said to a girl who was in wedding dress and looked as Angele. hearing him girl eyes started to show wetness girl didn't said much and pulled brother in her arms while smiling and crying together I love you too brother but I wished you could have said it earlier. if I can't live together with you I'll at least die with you. Into in silence many figure showed up girl smile looking at them while kissing the boy and jumping down from the building. 2202 18 Feb the day before ' the legend' inter dimensional game was launched in an broken room a boy sat up from a nightmare. he looked around following which he realized that he has Time travel back 60 year.