Origin's Tale Book

novel - Sci-fi Romance

Origin's Tale


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The world is left in ruins, depleted of resources. Only the poor are left on the surface to fend for themselves. Natural disasters like never seen before ravage what's left of ancient civilizations as toxic oceans close in on what little land remains. Unfortunately, these are just the minor concerns. With technological advances and breakthroughs in biological engineering, the elites have become immortals, and after centuries of manipulating the masses they are now living in luxury on the Blue Rose. As the Blue Rose's preparation nears completion and their journey to a new home planet grows near, tensions rise. Rebel factions being left behind on the surface of a destroyed world look for opportunities to get on the ship, and the Government has become a puppet for the three major corporations in power, who seek to destroy one another as a means to gain complete control of humanity's last hope. Chaos is breaking out on Earth. Join Origin on her journey of self-discovery as her and her partner, Coda, attempt to do the impossible in this desperate situation.


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