Organization of the Old Grandpas of the Celestial Tao Book

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Organization of the Old Grandpas of the Celestial Tao


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The universe is vast, only a set of universes makes a galaxy, so there are a trillion worlds! For each world a hero will appear and for each universe there will be dozens of heroes, but to leave the galaxy there is only one kind of hero ... The hero blessed by Heaven! However, to be a hero created by the Celestial Tao you must meet 4 requirements: 1. have a disgraceful life, with right to humiliation and breaking random engagements !; 2. To be considered trash by everyone, even by the neighbor's dog! 3. No one will believe you, sometimes not even your parents, except for one or two people who say nothing to encourage your life, but after success they will say they have always believed in you or some kind of crap! 4. Inherit or find a magical item, which may contain a source with eternal mana, a field of herb cultivation, a magical book with soul, an old Taoist grandpa ... Something of the genre that will challenge the world! But what about the legendary masters and the strong friends who support me? This is all bullshit! The master, if there is one, fits into the old Taoist grandpa type, if you are a young Taoist master, then you will have to forget to be the hero of that story! For the hero will be this young Taoist master! Strong friends are only friends if they are temporarily strong or their equals, if they continue to be stronger than you, then forget to be the hero of this novel and forget to have a harem or even a novel 1x1, you know why? Because you will be loyal friend and a cannon fodder, you will fall in love with an unattainable woman, she will choose your friend stronger than you, know why? Because your strong friend is the hero of this crap story! So ... the powerful sects and empires that will favor my growth?   You're wooing death! You can only enter powerful sects when you already have a secure base, after cultivating feelings with your old grandpa or affinity with the spirit of your item that will topple the heavens! Before that, sects only serve three things: 1. Humiliate you; 2. Be destroyed to become symbols of motivation in cultivation and 3. Make your life a living hell, hunting you to death! Empires follow the same rule of sects, only when you are strong enough to escape, remembering that if you have a loving family in this life, stay away from imperial power, otherwise you will start a path of pain! Empires, before you have a foundation, only serve three things: 1. Humiliate you and your family; 2. Kill your entire family !; and 3. To hunt you to death! What about childhood friends, junior sisters, older sisters, and aunts? Hehe, you must like to be humiliated! If you are not strong how will you protect your women? Forgot that this is a dog dog world! Forget these girls, with the strength of a chicken you can not even protect your mother! Childhood friends should be appreciated, but only when you are strong will you be able to take them, not before, if not all of her family will want to kill you! Forget the sisters of the sects and the random aunts you meet on the way, think of the amount of supposed bridegrooms and passionate men you will have to face! With that force that does not even kill a chicken, you'd better prepare your coffin! It's not so extreme! A true hero has to have the courage and willpower! This is all too much of a coward ... Shut up! What do you know about courage ?! The heroes of the world lean on the sacred items, you will not see any hero being brave without having a sacred item at your fingertips! This is a story about a collection of ten stories with eleven chapters each, reporting on the heroes of the various worlds and their old Taoist grandpas! A story that brings together the best Webnovels cliches, in a funny, creative way.