1 Prolog

A loner stands facing the sunset.

he walks to home from school who was sealing his strength and destroying dreams.

'I hate this world that takes everything away from me, leaving me alone'

A strange silence comes when all the students go home from school as if time had slowed

'the time has come, tomorrow I will die'

'My body can't withstand my strength which is too big'

the man was moved to tears signifying the time was running properly, carefree laughter from students around disguised his sadness.

Suddenly the sound of a speeding truck was heard and screams from the students

"Watch out, danger"

"hurry up, move on"

"Oi, idiot"


all four students had quick reflexes, none of them moved to save her, A woman stood motionless, her fear took control of her body.

purple aura surrounds his body

'Hmmm, this power, I know it'

"We meet again, Gate to Another World"

The loner ran very fast pushing the woman,


the man shouted. That's his last word that will change the world