Opposites Attract, they said

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If you’re looking for some really emotional and cute stuff then ur probably in the right place. A lot of relevant issues about LGBT couple. really good so Far hopping for a mass release and for the author to keep it up!❤️❤️❤️love it so far👍


For God's sack i enjoyed the story I always wanted more from the beginning till the end .The story was to goof it brought chills and fucking smiles on my lips . I have read many books but i really loved this amazing loving story soo i give the author thumps up 👌👍👍👍💕💞💓👈


This story is so relatable and surreal. If you are a lover of good endings of people who actually faces hard knock of life, then you will marvel at this work. Characters build is on point. Story line is on point, no unnecessary dragging Good use of words Enjoyable read all through My 5stars rating undoubtedly and uncompromised✅👌👏👏💖


I can't believe I didn't discover this book soonest.....well written ,one of the best on webnovel,I really really love this book ...I recommend anybody and everybody to try and read this novel,u would love it...God bless u author and I really hope you write more,i will gladly read them all .


Wow what a ride it has been ... That was one heck of an amazing novel... I really love everything about it the thoughts put into it, the emotions and again the incredible ending You are really impressive author ,am highly impressed ❣️❣️🥰👌


so good. itit's really good reading it experiencing different emotions., I'm glad i found this story while browsing webnonovel since im done with the other. this is my 2nd time to read bl stories and I'm liking it. 😊😊 thanks author. stay safe always


The story are based on cliche trope. But the execution makes it stand out from the others. Honestly though I am rooting for Noah which is why I a pretty upset with the extra. Please give Noah a HE dear author...


I have enjoyed this book more than my usual "straight" reading. This hits me on so many levels about how relationships are built and the hardships that Lucas and Eli had to face, separately and together. As the mother of transgender and a bi children, I truly hope my two can find their Eli or Lucas one day.


I love this book. Although I'm not dine done reading, I have good expectations for it. And please, don't disappoint me[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]




You should read this! I am so happy I found this by chance😭❤️ The story contains many lessons revolving around family, sexuality, freedom, dreams, and love. It shows the need to forgive those who have hurt us to heal and most of all to forgive ourselves. I can't help but smile every chapter. I am glad to have a ride with these wonderful characters.


Reveal spoiler


absolutely an amazing novel and I truly enjoyed reading this. the writer makes you feel like your a part of Lucas and Elijah's world. a none stop excitement in every chapter.


That was such a cute story with very relatable characters. It was exciting from beginning to end. Plus I am so happy it got such a wonderful happy end


It's 1 AM & I just finished reading this one & oh God! This was a nice ride & I'm VERY HAPPY TO BE PART OF IT!!! The whole story from characters, to their relation developments & the ending literally made me cry 🥺😭💖 I didn't want it to end T^T but every story has an end & this was one of the best!!! the struggles MCs been through made me mad to be honest but the way they dealt with it made me really proud of them. ALSO ALSO!!! I love your style dear author short yet satisfying 🥺🙏💕 I hope to read more from you Author-Nim. & thank you sooo much for this beautiful one 🥰🥰 HUGS & KISSES!!!


i enjoyed this. its emotional ans about and teen boys with opposite characters finding love and reaching for their dreams. talks about some challenges in a gay relationship, a sad boy in a love deficient family and a homophobic boy. tho because in chapter 6 i saw a hyung and didnt know it was korean then i lookes it up as saw some fanfiction about this where the contents are same but the names are changed the fanfiction is about kpop idols (EXO) but dont know the others. but i see that the author here at WN and at the fanfic have the same author name. so i gues the author just need to change the name


I like it so far. I actually think the blurb doesn't do this book any justice. The whole don't judge a book by its cover should apply to this. I am more curious about how everything will unfollowed with our homophobic ML


I recommend this to anyone who takes pride in a characters development and growth. This novel is is full of real life problems and emotions, it shows the good and bad that comes with love. Every aspect of this novel is of high quality and has depth. Nothing in life is perfect, but this novel is as close as something can get I suppose. I give this a 10 out of 10. On fact I enjoyed it so much that I actually gave this review, and I have never bothered with giving a novel a review these past few years. Whoever reads, I hope you enjoy this novel as much as I did, I highly recommend this.


I like how emotional the story goes. I like how the author makes it interesting and it hooked me from the start to finish. Good thing it's already completed[img=recommend]


Honestly I have such a hard time finding a book that I enjoy. but this was hands down my favorite (aside from Mo dao zu shi) it was suprising.