1 Chapter 1 : New Student

"Mo Yue come in , let me drive you to school.....

"No need!! I'll run"


His words were cut off when he saw the boy dashing like the wind.

"Mo Yue...

Mo Yue the only legitimate child of the Mo Family and the heir to Mo Corporation. Mo Yue has always been put on a high pedestal due to his identity. In Country Y the Mo Family is the most powerful family and not many would dare to offend them.

Especially the heir to Mo Corporation , Mo Yue!!

Know as a high school delinquent and with his bad boy personality, Mo Yue has the attention of many others both from his school and outside.

Some might think Mo Yue loves being Mo Yue but you will be wrong.

Mo Yue never liked being in the Mo Manor.


His status as the Mo heir brings him so many responsibilities and also harm. All the drama in his family were so boring to watch. The Mistresses fighting for his favour, illegitimate children competing against him.

Mo He , his father is the definition of a scumbag!!

Mo Yue's mother Qiao Manman was a stunning woman who loved Mo Yue above everything else. To the woman family was everything.

In the dark days, when Mo He lost everything, Qiao Manman did everything she could to help the Mo's stand on their feet.

But what did she get in return?? Scorn, hatred, disappointment.

After Mo family went bankrupt due to Mo He offending one of the bigshots, it was Qiao Manman that sacrificed everything to make Mo He happy.

But at the end, she was framed and the very husband she swore to help and love didn't believe in her.

He threw her away without giving her access to Mo Yue, heartbroken and depressed Qiao Manman resorted into taking drugs and alcohol to relieve her pain.

Later she was taken to a mental hospital to be abandoned. Mo He didn't even come to see her once!!

After she died , Mo Yue forcefully grew up and turned to a delinquent. He dyed his hair, pierced his ears , not caring about anything , not even his father.

Bitter with hate and anger , Mo Yue swore to never have anything to do with Mo Family again!! No one, not even his father could change that!!


Class 7 is a class filled with bullies, delinquents and the likes that were richer than the teachers ten times more . Originally teachers didn't have hope for class 7 , also since their parents were rich enough to buy the whole school they often ignored whatever they did.

So they were quite surprised when they heard that a straight A student was going to be admitted into class 7.

Naturally they would want to meet this straight A student.

Shen Yu approached the giant gates of Mengde High School. Her watery eyes shined in excitement and she bounced happily into the school compound.

Shen Yu is the first child and daughter of Papa Shen and Mama Shen. She had younger twin siblings, Shen Li and Shen Yue.

Shen Yu has always been a straight A student but she has a very serious problem. Shen Yu's temper is always like a raging storm, in her former school she was known for both her grades and her fighting abilities.

On first sight, one might think of her as a nerdy student based on the way she normally dresses. Large glasses, the normal ponytail and baggy dresses.

But get pass her style and she really is a great person.

Shen Yu padded into the dean's office, seeing the teachers having a meeting she wanted to wait till they finish but the Dean called her inside.

"Miss Shen welcome to Mengde High, I hope the school environment is to your liking??

"Yes Dean.... The school is really big!! I've never seen any school like this!!

Everybody present in the office laughed at the shiny eyes beautiful girl. Most make teachers melted in a puddle of goo, and the female teachers all wanted to pinch her cheeks. But they tried to hold it in.

Teachers : We are in the Dean's office, we have to hold it in!! No matter how cute and beautiful she is we ..... have ..... to ..... hold ....it ... in!!

"Shen Yu, why did you request to be put in Class 7??

All eyes stared at Shen Yu with the exact same question in their eyes.

Why will a straight A student like Shen Yu choose to go to the notorious Class 7.

"Shen Yu with your grades, it's easy to get into class 1 but you choose class 7??

They had thought about the reason and the only thing they could come up with was ' she wants to make friends with the rich students so that her life can be easier in the future '.

"Teachers, you must have heard of my reputation from my former school principal??

"Yes.... but what does this have to do with this??

"I know about Class 7 reputation but teachers, you must know of their real personalities??

"Real personalities?? Class 7 is a class of rich bullies, what other personality do they have??

Shen Yu smiled "Teacher that is what you think of them??

Most teachers would be angry at this question but due to Shen Yu saying it politely and with her smile, their anger quickly dispelled.

"Dean, have you thought about the reasons why those kids will rather become bullies and not read at all than to sit in class and read??

No one answered because they didn't know the answers.

"Most rich kids have great responsibilities, others have a scar that hasn't healed yet, not everybody don't like studying. I have heard about rich families, the things they impose on their children, the things they are forced to do. Everyone wants to live a free life, teens don't like to be controlled. The reason I could become a straight A student was because I wanted to study.

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