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Ophelia's Brother


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I ran until I couldn't breathe. Still running.My human body, like a car without gas, was now running on pure electricity. He was so close behind, I could feel it. Just waiting for me to slip up, grab my collar, and push me into the dirt where I would lay for endless hours, hoping someone would find me. I wasn't going to let that happen. Heaving behind me he said, "Ophelia wait! I'm sorry, just please!" I stopped behind a tree, when I assumed I was far ahead to hide. I took the deepest breaths. "Please, let's talk, just please," he cries out. I had thought something by pure instinct, that would get rid of him. He wanted it, him or me. I'll give in. I acted innocently, coming from behind the tree, coming towards him with halfly open arms. He had gotten on his knees. My fight was over. Let's finish this. "Keith, please stop, it doesn't have to be this way," I said with care in my voice, he was still my brother after all. The leaves fell all around us, and as I trudged forward, twigs broke, crackling leaves. The autumn weather, was changing to a cold hard winter, as so my brother had. I could remember, our childhood, playing together, when he had no friends.When things were simple. I don't look back very often, the timeline gets rocky, but I'm going to smooth it out. We will come to an understanding. "All over again, you win."


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