2 Volt

Alan sighed as he looked at his status. It had been two weeks since the meteors hit the city. He had acquired Volt and was testing out it's capabilities whenever he had free time. There was something Alan assumed was the onboard computer or something, called the Cephalon, that told him it's stats.

Warframe: Volt

Level: 3/30

Health: 120, Energy: 105, Shields: 180, Shield Recharge: 24 per second, Armor: 15


Shock (Unranked): Cost 25 Energy

Speed (Unranked): Cost 25 Energy

Passive: Static Discharge

From what he could tell, there were two hp bars. Shields would protect him before they broke. Then he would take damage to his health and armor somehow factored in to reducing that damage. He didn't know how much higher his abilities could scale but it seemed like they were pretty low right now. Nonetheless, the frame gave him superhuman abilities by default.

Alan told the Cephalon to close the menu and went back to his training.


He felt the power surge through his body and raced forward. At its current state, Speed boosted his speed by 10% and lasted for 5 seconds. It was pretty pitiful for an ability he initially thought. But until its full power was reached, this was what he had to deal with.


The piece of wood exploded when Alan threw his fist at it. His passive skill Static Discharge let him deal an extra 5 points of electric damage for each meter traveled (up to a 1000 stored damage). Though it helped a bit, Alan was still unsatisfied with where he was at, especially after two weeks.

"Cephalon, is there any other way to grow stronger faster?"

(I'm sorry operator, but the Warframes were built for battle and as a result you need to fight enemies in order to grow stronger.)

"Great, and you said before that Volt is damaged too?"

(That is correct, the fall caused damage to your warframe. It will be sometime before its lost functions are restored.)

"Despite that, this is amazing. I'm essentially a superhero with these powers."

(If I recall operator, there might have been other survivors of the Skyfall incident. Please be careful.)

"I've been training pretty hard in blasting things with [Shock] and moving with [Speed]. I think I'll manage, if not, I can runaway." Alan shrugged.

(Whether or not other operators are hostile, I cannot say. But I was talking about the other enemies of the Tenno.)

"Yea, maybe you're right. Ok, I'll run if I think I can't win in a fight. But there's a side of me that's too excited to test out these powers."

(Operator please take caution and not let your feelings cloud your judgement.)

"Duly noted"

With that, Alan went home since the city wide mandated curfew was in effect. As a result of the impact, a sizable chunk of the city was now gone. It was quarantined and blocked off, this was probably the biggest disaster the city had ever seen. No one had made it out all right, everyone in the area was either dead or in a coma. Everyone except for Alan and any other operators it seemed like.

"9 o'clock. An hour before curfew, good." Alan said as he hopped on his chair and turned his laptop on.

Within a few minutes of browsing on a certain forum site, he found some interesting news. He locked his door and transformed back in to Volt.

(Cephalon, something interesting has turned up in this video.)

(Operator, I am ready to process it.)

"Once again, this is breaking news. After the harrowing events downtown today, things get even more crazy. First, five gunmen tried to take advantage of the chaos that has swapped the city after the dubbed "Skyfall" incident. They had taken hostages after their attempt at robbing the bank had failed and their escape was cut off. But, then the hostages were rescued by a couple of "super powered" individuals it looks like. And now we cut to the bank footage."

The video was at an angle where the entire bank could be seen, except for the back. And like the newscaster said, there were five gunmen. They were pacing back and forth while the normal people were all lying face down on the ground.

All of a sudden, a bright flash engulfed the area. From what could be seen in the footage, one man got kicked in to his comrade and another tackled the man besides him. All five started to get up after the confusion, when they were suddenly pulled outside.

The video ended after that, but after some more browsing, Alan found an image of who the robbers were pulled in front of.

(Cephalon, is that?)

(Yes, those are all Warframes. More specifically, it's Excalibur, Nyx, Mag, Loki, and Ember.)

Alan found the next video and played it immediately.

The robbers were handed over to the blockade of police cars, but then the five frames found themselves aimed at. They all raised their hands up and the one called Excalibur by Cephalon started to walk up a little.

"Please, do not be afraid. We are humans just like you. We are survivors of the Skyfall incident. When we woke up, we found that we had abilities unlike any humans have ever seen. We live in the city just like you and just want it to be safe again. So, we will keep the city safe whenever it can't help itself. I know there are others like us out there, I implore you to join our cause. But if you should find yourself at odds with us, we will not hesitate to use force."

With that, Excalibur raised his hand and a bright flash engulfed the area. When the white flash died down, all the frames were gone.

(Well, there goes having secret superpowers.)

Alan was not happy with this development. The other Warframes had announced their presence to the world. This could only mean an end to the "peaceful days" in the city. All eyes would be on them, and enemies both old and new would come.

(Excalibur, hmph. I hope you don't regret those words of yours.)

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