2 Chapter 1: What's This...A System!? Why?

I'm not good at Japanese school dates, and Japanese school stuff in general, so school stuff will be based off my school and other school stuff in England.

Only thing that will remain the same is the 3 years in highschool, since that is what I DO know.


A boy, age: 16, height: 5'9 (180 cm, rounded up); birthday: May 9th; Eye Colour: Light/Ocean Blue; Hair Colour: Black, can be seen on his bed playing on his PS5 with the TV across his bed.

The name of this boy is Takehiko Mizuno, first name Takehiko, family name Mizuno.

As of 5 minutes ago, he had found out from his parents that he would be transferring to a "Prestigious Academy" by the name of "Shuchi'in Academy", as a 2nd year once the school year starts on September 3rd, which is in a few days - Current date: August 30th.

After getting pissed off at his parents due to the fact he had to transfer schools and leave all his old friends behind, he stormed off to his room and turned on his PS5 to distract his mind.

"It would've been fine if you told me at the start of the summer holidays, but why'd they have to tell me on the final week!? I was getting excited I could finally see my friends again at school!" He muttered to himself in frustration. "And not only that, their reasoning was: "That 'school' isn't good enough for you, Shuchi'in Academy would be a better place to use your intelligent and creative brain", I don't wanna go to some school full of stuck up posh kids!" He said.

He got so mad to the point where he turned off his PS5 as well and jumped on his bed, face and body first. After 2 minutes of stuffing his face in his pillow and running out of breath, he lifts his face off the pillow and turns his back to the bed, looking up at the roof.

"Fuuu... Calm down Takehiko, this isn't you... just breathe in, haaaa... and breath out, fuu..." He assured himself and calmed himself down.

After finally losing his anger and calming down, he sat on the edge of his bed and thought to himself, 'Whatever... no matter what I say, Mom and dad won't change their minds... May as well think positive and wait for the 1st day of school' Once he assured himself, he stood up from his bed and sat at his desk and turned on his PC to do some research on his new school.

"Shuchi'in Academy, An academy which educates students from preschool all the way to university, with its main branch also located in the Minato ward of Tokyo. Admission partway through the school system is also possible and the high school's standardized test hover near the 99.7th percentile, blah blah blah, noble families

a hierarchy exists where students who have attended the academy all their lives call themselves the Pure and those who entered the school part way through the system are labelled Impure. An incident occurred in the past were the so-called Impure student became the student council president and was chased out of the school in less than one semester. Since then, almost no Impure have dared to declare their candidacy for student council, and in the history of the school, only three have ever been the student council president...

What the fuck!? Mom and dad want me to go to this kind of school!?" After reading the information about Shuchi'in Academy online, he decided to just close the tab and watch some YouTube, he clicked on a video from JJ Olatunji, one of his try not to laughs, and without realising, the sun came down, and eventually the moon came out, and it turned night time.

After a few hours of laughing at JJ's laugh, he decided to turn it off otherwise he might really piss himself from laughing. He turned off his PC and went to his bed and pulled out his phone, he went onto Instagram to see what all his friends are doing, and what they've posted on their stories. One of his best friends, Kyojiro, posted on their stories about how they're excited to get back to school and see his friends, as well as tagging a lot of people, including Takehiko.

This made him even more sad at the fact that he would be leaving them and going to another school. He decided the best thing to do was just DM Kyojiro and tell him about transferring, instead of telling them last second, or not telling them at all.

[TK_Mizu: Hey Kyo, I need to tell u something] He sends the opening message, after 3 minutes he sees the 3 dots, meaning that Kyojiro is typing something, few seconds later, and the message gets sent.

[KyoJiro_RIPRengoku: Wassup TK?] TK is a shortened version, and nickname, for Takehiko, it's something that all of his friends use, each of them having nicknames/shortened versions, Kyojiro is also an anime fan, his favourite anime being Demon Slayer, which in my opinion isn't that good, it's just the animation that carries.

[TK_Mizu: I'm transferring schools at the start of the 2nd year, I'm going to Shuchi'In]

[KyoJiro_RIPRengoku: Lol, nice joke, anyway, you excited for school? Cos ik I am] Takehiko looks at his phone, a little saddened after reading the message sent by Kyojiro.

[TK_Mizu: I'm not joking Kyo, I just found out a few hours ago from mom and dad, after reviewing all my previous results in tests, they agreed to give me a place and transfer me to their school once the 2nd year starts]

As he says, when his parents went to Shuchi'in Academy to talk about Takehiko getting transferred to Shuchi'in, they said that they wanted to see all his past test results to see if it's good enough to get transferred here. After seeing his perfect 100/100 test scores in every single test since the start of the highschool, they agreed in him transferring, and that's when his parents came home and told him the news.

After that, they left to buy all his necessary uniform, equipment, etc. They brought all the stuff quickly and easily, although his family isn't some "Noble Family" like all the rest at his new school, it would be completely incorrect if they were to say they we poor. His mom works as a manager of a well-known cafe, and his dad works as the new CEO of a technology company.

[KyoJiro_RIPRengoku: ...U being serious?]

[TK_Mizu: Ye]

[KyoJiro_RIPRengoku: Ffs man! I was getting so excited for the start of the year and then you tell me this man, fuck]

Once an hour passed of telling Kyojiro about his transfer and new school, he turned off his phone and went to sleep, but not before turning on YouTube on his Nintendo Switch so that he has a sound source while falling asleep.

It is now the 31st of August, sunday, 3 days before the start of the 2nd year. Takehiko awoke and yawned to start the day off, he got off his bed and put on some clothes since he sleeps in his boxers. He went to the bathroom next to his room and brushed his teeth, showered, and checked himself out in the mirror.

Once he came out of the bathroom, he turned on his PC, waiting for his parents to call him down for breakfast. Unexpectedly, once his PC turned on, a bunch of words and sentences projected themselves in front of him.

[Why hello there, I'm your OP System, given to you by @!"?S@?A*#]

[I'll be in your mind constantly. But don't worry, I won't be watching you or anything, I'm purely just here to help you while you're doing your everyday things, think of me as a phone of sorts, but way better in terms of usefulness]

[What you're seeing now is messages left by the person that gave you this system, so this is what I mean by "a phone of sorts", you may get messages here and there, but everything to do with this system is purely based off of what you do]

[Also, to get you started, I recommend you saying 'Status']

[See you soon, when I send any future messages - @!"?S@?A*#]

He looks at the sentences in front of him with a blank expression (Like the cover). 'And now I'm hallucinating, wow' He thinks to himself. 'May as well say 'status' in case something actually happens though...' "Status"


Name: Takehiko Mizuno

Age: 16


(Maths Lvl 10: Exp - 0/51200)

(English Lvl 10: Exp - 0/51200)

(Japanese Lvl 10: Exp - 0/51200)

(Biology Lvl 10: Exp - 0/51200)

(Physics Lvl 10: Exp - 0/51200)

(Chemistry Lvl 10: Exp - 0/51200)

(Gaming Lvl 07: Exp - 0/6400)




So, if you couldn't tell, this system is like "The Strongest System" but since I know I'm going to get some stuff wrong, I changed it as if it's my own, so there will be some stuff that I'll add probably.

As well as, if you couldn't tell somehow, the MC isn't transmigrated or reincarnated, he's someone born in the world of Love is War.

Hope you enjoyed.

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