1 Unlucky/ Lucky

I am Silver Red, just your average adult working man. my life pretty much boring, my only hobby is playing some RPG games reading manga/novel, watching anime, no girlfriend. my family is already passed away I'm the only child. Ok stop talking about my life.

let's start.


One day, I was walking to my house from mall, after I buy some stuff, I was busy playing on my phone and suddenly someone scream.



I look where the voice came from, and I see very unusual event. there was a man taking hostage a girl. I thought it's only happen in the movie/drama. of course I'm you're average normal man what can I do about in this situation I watch the man who is standing near at building while holding the girl in arms, also he has a gun, after a while the police came to thhe scene. they're surrounded the man and the girl, the police and the man is talking about something and I don't care about what is it. So after that I didn't stay there long and began walking back to my house, while I'm crossing to the pediatrician lane, suddenly there was a big shadow covering me from above and I look up, when I did, my eyes got big because I saw a very big signage that going to fall to me, because of fear I can't move where I was standing, and there also a car going to hit me, I don't know where it came from, and saw my life flash to me, and I black out.


After that I woke up in a very wide place there's nothing here except in the computer in the center, I don't know what happen or where am I, so I approach the computer and the computer I boot up,

-Welcome, You are very lucky to got a second chance to live in another world.-

-You can choose what appearance/age/skill/ability you want-

-Now start your configuration.

After I read it, I sit in front on computer

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and I see many option so I began my configuration.

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