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Onyibor phina


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...."Your wife did an abortion" as the doctor mentioned abortion, reality struck me. I slumped to the chair and was so bittered .".....and she really lost a lot of blood" the doctor sighed, and continued"...so i felt like asking you, ...how could she undergo in this kind of thing. She might have died during the process. If really the two of you doesn't want another kids, then both of you could have conduct a family planning not this way" the doctor advised. I felt like the ground should open let me sink. l . Need. To. Sink. In "Doctor "i managed to talk"it was really a mistake..... We didn't plan for it to happen"i tried to stop talking but I had no option than to let the cat out"....i was the one that asked her to get rid of the pregnancy, because i told her that I'm not..."i tried to search for a better word but I couldn't"...that I'm not financially stable to take care of kids now..... Now see what i caused her" i lament to the doctor "Oh my God! You made a very huge mistake" the doctor said looking at me in dismay "what were you thinking, what if she dies on the process..... Hmm"