28 Chapter 28

2 months later...

Deep breath, deep breath. The reflection in the mirror is showing exactly how I feel right now. Nervous as hell. I smooth the invisible wrinkle on my silver silk dress that sparkles under the lights of the dressing room. That's it. A few more minutes and I'll be going outside in front of all the people waiting. But that's not what is making me nervous. It's the man that's going to stand there, waiting for me. Jake.

Breath in, breath out. Repeat. It's not that hard. Just don't faint. And don't fall.

"Jess, where are you? We are about to start." My sister's frantic voice comes from the adjoining room.

"I'm coming bridezilla. Relax."

We need to get this show on the road, otherwise she will be the one puking.

I step to the room where she is sitting in front of the large mirror, two ladies putting last touches to her hair and makeup.

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