198 Chapter 198


Jin-Woo lightly evaded the tearful Yu Jin-Ho's attempt to bear-hug him. Then, he coolly addressed Woo Jin-Cheol in the same hospital room, who had volunteered to look after the kid during the conference itself.

"What's gotten into him?"

"Well, I showed him this when he woke up, and now...."

The Chief of the Monitoring Division picked up the newspaper he was reading.

The front page of the folded newspaper was plastered with the photographs of Jin-Woo's beatdown victims, the utterly wrecked Scavenger Guild's members, and that of the bloodied and unconscious Thomas Andre's face.

It might have been something obvious to him, but the same couldn't be said about Yu Jin-Ho who now had seen the article in its full glory.

Just who in this world would clash head-on against the world's most powerful Guild in order to rescue him? Not only that, when that Guild's Master, 'Goliath' Thomas Andre was involved in the shenanigans, too?

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