187 Chapter 187

The 'thing' Jin-Woo pointed to was a pillar of a building. More specifically, several pillars being constructed alongside the body of Kamish.

It was evidence as good as any that they were building a structure to house the dead body of the Dragon.

His eyes shot open incredibly wide after seeing that.

Sure, the monster had died eight years ago. The higher the ranking of a dungeon, the greater the value of the monsters that came out of it. The monster corpses would be dismantled into pieces and be used up where they would be deemed most needed.

That was why he didn't hold any hopes of Kamish's corpse remaining intact until now. Because, various countries, corporations and/or laboratories willing to buy the Dragon's corpse would've formed a proverbial long-a*s queue around the corner all those years ago, or so he thought to himself.

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