145 Fatal Battle in Kanghwa Island (1)

The occupied area nearby was 'C' marked with a green light. It was located to the northwest of Kanghwa Dolmen Gymnasium.

"Hanho, take the players on standby with you and move to the yellow beam right now. Take over the area there," Sungwoo said.


The C area was the place that they could occupy first, and at the same time, it was the farthest from the pirate fleet now landing on the southern coast of Kanghwa Island. Therefore, it would be relatively safe and serve as the last fortress for Sungwoo's forces.

"Heyon, you monitor the situation in the sky and inform the people below by radio. If you find the enemy's magic drone, destroy it."


She nodded, then ran toward Gust. The players of Kyodong Island also prepared for the battle systematically. Since they have been waiting for this moment, vowing to take revenge, they were full of determination rather than embarrassment.

"Jisu, let's go to the blue light," Sungwoo said.

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