8 This Guy Is Only Level 1? How Is That Possible?

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What a pity.

Bolts felt a little regretful. Under normal circumstances, it would be quite difficult to randomly choose a rare option with a damage of +5%. However, there was no need for a beginner's wooden bow to use this attribute. The basic attack power was too weak. A +5% attack was not much different from a no-increase attack. At the very least, one had to strengthen the beginner's wooden bow to +10 to see the effect.

In the current situation, it was completely unnecessary.

"Choose the second option."

"Ding! Successful selection. Beginner's wooden bow strengthening attributes: attack +10."

[Beginner's wooden bow +4 (Gray)]

Level: L 1

Attack: 19

Not bad.

With an additional 14 attack points, a normal level 10 gray equipment would only have around 15 attack points. Currently, the attack power of the attribute panel had already reached 25 points. Even the classes that focused on attacking were far inferior to the current Bolts.

One had to know that Bolts was a hunter. His outstanding characteristic was that he could continuously attack. A hunter with high attack speed and movement speed that could continuously kite the enemy, how terrifying was that?


Burtz took the initiative to attack. He pulled up his wooden bow and shot a sharp arrow.


The blood-red words floated above the wild wolf's head.


The wild wolf roared and charged at Bolts. Four soul-sucking wild boars immediately stood in front of Bolts blocking him from the wild wolves.

"There's no need."

Bolts smiled and moved to the side. He aimed at the wild wolf that was running wildly, aimed at its butt, and shot three arrows in a row.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!


-50 (Hit the weak point)

-70 (Critical hit)


The wild wolf instantly fell to the ground, and the experience points entered Bolts' body.

It was indeed much faster.

"Little piglets, prepare to receive your feast!"

Boltz ordered the soul-sucking wild boars to spread out in all directions and try to attract as many wild wolves as possible.

Now, they relied on constantly moving and shooting arrows, as well as the blind traps laid in advance. Even without the protection of the soul-sucking wild boars, Bolts could deal with the wild wolves alone.

Thirty seconds later, more than a dozen hungry wild wolves, with red eyes, roared and gathered into an army, charging forward crazily.

The ten blind traps set off at the same time, and the wolves began to collide with each other and attack randomly. The soul-sucking wild boars charged madly among the Wolves. Sharp arrows rained down on the wolves as they fell one after another, turning into shriveled balloons. Countless souls entered the bodies of the soul-sucking wild boars.

Generally, the more players leveled up, the weaker they became. Their equipment was worn out, and their HP and MP were depleted.

As for Bolts, he was getting stronger and stronger, and he was getting faster and faster. He led the soul-sucking wild boars and cleaned up the entire hill.


"Hey, where are the wild wolves? We didn't kill many either!"

"That's weird. Didn't we see that there were a lot of wild wolves here just now? We didn't dare to kill them because we were afraid of being targeted?"

"That's right. We went around the wolf pack very carefully."

The five-man party spent almost ten minutes killing a lone wild wolf at the edge of the hill. Now, they had turned back and were ready to lure and kill the rest of the wolves in one go.

But now... There was nothing!

Not a single wolf could be seen!

"Look, isn't that the kid from earlier?"

The blond Warrior still remembered Bolts from when they had bumped into each other and chased him away.

"Let's go take a look."

The five-man team quickly walked towards Bolts. However, when they were still a few meters away from him, the five of them stopped and widened their eyes.

There were at least forty to fifty dead wild wolves on the ground, and they had all turned into dried tree bark. There were also four huge wild boars that were half the height of Bolts. They were happily absorbing something in front of the bodies of the wild wolves.

All the wild wolves in the surroundings had been killed. And they had been killed by this guy in front of them!

The five people in the party thought of this at the same time and could not help but shiver. They could not believe their eyes.

How did he do it?

Moreover, the blond Warrior clearly remembered that previously the four wild boars had been small, but now they were half a circle bigger!

What exactly happened?

Even Summoners who mainly summoned pets could not summon four pets at the beginning of the game. Not to mention the four monsters with such terrifying bodies. The black gas emitting from their bodies felt like it could poison a person to death.

"Are they cheating?"

A female Assassin turned around and looked at her teammates. Her eyes were wide open, and her mouth was slightly agape. She was a little scared.

"That's impossible. There's no such thing as a cheat in Eternal Life. There must be some sort of fast leveling speed that we don't know about!"

"Quick, throw him a scouting spell. Maybe this kid has been lucky enough to encounter some sort of fast leveling method!"

As the blonde Warrior spoke, he threw a scouting spell at Bolts.

Scouting was a skill that all classes had. Generally speaking, it was used on monsters, but it could also be used on players. However, the information obtained would depend on how much the other party was willing to disclose, as well as the scouting levels and character levels of both parties. Generally speaking, there was very little information.

As expected, the scouting results were out. There was not much information.

Equipment, skills, and summoned beasts could not be seen.

Only one piece of information appeared.

"Bolts—Level: 1"