1 SSS Grade Talent: Blood Devour

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Blue Star.

In a house. 

Li Yi looked at the familiar surroundings and muttered to himself, "Have I been reborn?"

His eyes revealed a hint of surprise. He immediately went to the computer desk and opened the web page to search for more information.

He logged on to a web page and went to the post-bar forum. Most of the titles had similar news.

"Tomorrow's intergenerational universal game Divine Revelation is about to be released."

"Meta-universe virtual reality of 99%, this online game Divine Revelation will be opened to the public on January 1, 2030. People of all ages are welcomed."

"The hopes of over two billion people around the world increases. This is a new starting point, a very new beginning for mankind. Everything that's new is in the game Divine Revelation, check out more here."

"What is the secret origin of the popular virtual reality game made by Divine Company? How do they have such shocking and enticing methods?"

"Hundreds to thousands of gaming helmets have been sold within a few days. Divine Company is urgently restocking the peoples' demands."


Li Yi looked at the news on the computer screen as he slowly read it all out. At that moment, Li Yi was completely convinced that he had really been reborn. To be more precise, he had been reborn to the day that Divine Revelation was released, which was 10 years ago!

Closing the computer in front of him, he went to the window to take a look at the bustling scene below. Then, a cold light flashed in Li Yi's eyes.

Ever since the rise of technology, the concept of the meta-universe, which was similar to the virtual reality era, appeared in a novel in 1992. During that time, most people who came into contact with it thought that it was just a writer's fantasy. Many people did not even know about the concept at all.

However, it was not until 2021 that a meta-universe technology company got listed on the U.S. stock market. Its market value soared, and a small country made big money by playing games. Only then did the concept of the meta-universe explode throughout the world.

Originally, according to the trajectory of technology development, 99% of the virtual reality online games in the world would only be born after at least a few decades of technological advancements.

However, the appearance of the Divine Company that created Divine Revelation actually smoothed out the speed of human technological development.

Experts had predicted that even if Earth's technology advanced by leaps and bounds within ten years, it would have still been very difficult to even achieve such heights, one might even say it was impossible!

However, the reality was that this game's popularity had skyrocketed around the world. This was due to the technologically advanced gameplay that was incorporated into this game. Moreover, it was such an advanced virtual reality game that almost acted as a meta-universe, that it made others interested in this game!

Many experts were unable to explain this matter. Some even said that this company was created by aliens. However, no one could find the main root of this company, and no one even knew the identity of these bosses.

The public had only seen a few low-level managers. They themselves did not know anything either. They were just hired to sell VR glasses, gaming helmets, and gaming pods!

After their fruitless search, everyone could only focus on the game Divine Revelation.

However, Li Yi knew that the game Divine Revelation was not a human product, but it was a method created by the gods to invade this world that the humans lived in. They borrowed the concept of the game from the original universe to let the human spirit enter their world so that they could adapt to human behaviors.

When enough lives had begun to connect to the world of the Gods, the Gods had easily opened the Crystal Plane Walls without much effort.

Right now, Li Yi knows that it will take around ten years for this event to occur!

In the little-known areas of the game, there were countless of powerful and terrifying existences that would descend with the gods and plunder this world. They were existences that the players could not match within the game. After these existences were activated, they would immediately start attacking the real world.

As for stopping the Divine Revelation's game from being released and letting the Gods and their plan fail?

That was impossible!

Li Yi knew that he could not stop this flood by himself, not even the country could stop this disaster.

This was because, at this moment, the greedy capitalists of the world had been secretly tied to Divine Revelation by a representative of the Gods.

The only solution now was to increase his strength in the game and to stop the gods ten years later.

After much thought, Li Yi stood up, took out his bank card from his bag, and prepared to leave. He then walked out of the door. With his ten years of gaming experience, even if the Gods descended in this life, they would not be able to invade their world so easily.

However, the first thing he needed to do was to buy the game console.

Not long after, Li Yi arrived at one of the Divine Company's sales outlets. This place was exceptionally popular. There were at least a few hundred people that had lined up to buy it, and this was just an extremely small sales outlet.

Li Yi did not queue behind the long line, he just walked straight ahead. What he wanted to do was to buy a game pod. Although the game pod was very expensive, there was no need to queue up. After paying, there would be service staff from the store outlet who would send the game pod to the buyer's home.

The game equipment for Divine Revelation was divided into three — virtual reality glasses (VR glasses), game helmets, and game pods. However, what the players did not know was that the choices of these three were related to one's development after they entered the game.

Before the gods from Divine Revelation completely invaded the real world, with the game equipment, players could be revived in the game.

However, the initial talent that one receives when they enter the game would follow them for the rest of their life. As for this game pod, it had a higher chance of drawing an excellent talent. This special situation was something that VR glasses and game helmets could not compare to.

This was one of the additional conditions that the representatives of the Gods and the capitalists had discussed.

Ten years ago, Li Yi had bought a game helmet because he felt that the game pod was too expensive. There was no need to spend more than half of his savings to play a game. In the end, he got a C-grade talent.

The rarity of talent was divided into E, D, C, B, A, S, SS. As for whether there were higher grades after that, Li Yi did not know. In his previous life, no one had ever gotten a talent above SS!

Talent could be said to be the most important thing when entering the Divine Revelation game. If he had gotten an S-grade talent or a higher grade talent back then, it would have been extremely easy for him to deal with those few demigod-leveled demons.

It could be possible that Li Yi would be able to go head-to-head with a God in this previous life.

"Eh! That kid went to buy a gaming pod. What a prodigal."

"That's right. The price difference between a gaming pod and a gaming helmet is a thousand times more. Moreover, the nutrient fluids that need to be constantly replaced are also extremely expensive. Only fools with a lot of money would buy a gaming pod!"

"Quickly move forward. There are several empty seats in front of you. Be careful not to cut in line!"


Li Yi did not bother explaining the entire situation to them. If he were to say it directly now, everyone would definitely go crazy for it. Were he to do this, he might even be targeted by the people of Divine Company, especially that extremely mysterious boss of the company.

Anyway, in his memories, even when Li Yi died, the boss of the company still did not appear. However, Li Yi could confirm that he really did exist, because he was the representative of the Gods!

Once he entered the store, the staff warmly came over, and Li Yi directly took out his bank card and gave it to the staff. "I want to buy a game pod, I live in ****** !"

"That can be arranged!" The staff immediately took the bank card, lightly swiped it on the machine, then entered the address and spoke, "Dear customer, your game pod will be installed in an hour. Here is your invoice."

"Thank you!"

Li Yi took the invoice and left the shop. He bought some necessities across the street and walked home.

Not long after he returned home, the staff member from Divine Company rang the doorbell.

Li Yi invited the staff member into the house, and they immediately started the installation of the game pod, finishing it in less than half an hour.

It was still very early, so he just laid on the sofa and watched a movie while he silently waited for Divine Revelation to open at 12 a.m.

Time passed very quickly! Li Yi looked at his watch. There were still eight minutes left till the grand opening, so he slowly got up and walked into the game pod.

After he turned on the power, he felt his vision become slightly distorted. He appeared in a pure white area, and then a voice sounded.

"Welcome to the world of Divine Revelation. There is still 7 minutes and 30 seconds before the server opens."

As he watched the time slowly pass, Li Yi focused on his main objectives. In this life, he would have to rely on his own advantages to increase his strength as much as possible.

"You have successfully entered the game. There are still 10 seconds left before the server opens... 2 seconds, 1 second!!"

"Divine Revelation's server has been successfully opened. Please draw your exclusive talent ability"

Listening to the system notification, Li Yi spoke immediately.


A moment later, Li Yi heard a notification sound.

[System Notification: You have extracted an SSS grade talent — Blood Devour!]


Li Yi's eyes widened as he looked at the system notification in front of him. He could not believe his eyes and ears!

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