4 God-Tier Evolution

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"Oh my god, this is way too strong."

"Yeah, he wiped out the mountain bandit gang by himself."

"When the elite monsters died just now, what was that light beam?"

"This is a treasure chest. Only elite monsters have a chance of dropping it. I really didn't expect this newbie to have such a good thing."

"Comparing people is infuriating. I'm really envious."


The envious voices of the crowd naturally did not affect Hades. He was now looking forward to this treasure chest.

"Congratulations to the Hand of God for obtaining two bronze treasure chests."

A familiar voice sounded in Hades' mind. He smiled slightly.

Although this bronze treasure chest was the lowest grade treasure chest, it could only give old equipment or incomplete cultivation methods.

However, he had the god-grade ability, evolution.

Right now, Hades was extremely excited. He wanted to try and evolve. He wanted to see if it was really like the system had explained before, which could directly raise the quality of the reward by two levels.

He immediately opened these two bronze treasure chests.

[Congratulations to the Hand of God for obtaining the Damaged Martial Artist Sword.]

[Congratulations to the Hand of God for obtaining the Shabby Bloodline Enhancement Skill.]

[Item 1: Damaged Martial Artist Sword. Equipment Level Requirement: Can be used below Level 10. Attack Power: +24.]

[Item 2: Shabby Bloodline Enhancement Skill. Level Requirement: Can be used below level 20. Effect: Increases the user's bloodline power, strengthening the user's basic attributes in all aspects. Strength +5, Vitality +5, Agility +7, Spirit +5, Defense +5, Health +300, Mana +150.]

Hades' expression did not change. It was clear that he had expected this result.

Although his attributes were very ordinary, he still had the system.

He smiled and said, "Level up."


The form of the damaged martial artist sword emitted a strong golden light.


A sword that was completely covered in cold light appeared before Hades' eyes.

[Congratulations to the Hand of God for obtaining the Golden Battle Sword.]


The shabby bloodline enhancement technique also emitted a strong golden light.


A thick and heavy sheepskin book appeared in front of Hades.

[Congratulations to the Hand of God for obtaining the Golden Bloodline Enhancement Technique.]

[May I ask if the Hand of God will use the Golden Bloodline Enhancement Technique?]


Hades said without hesitation.

Then, he felt a warm current flowing into his body.

Ding! [Used bloodline enhancement successfully. Congratulations to the Hand of God for improving your physique.]

Hearing the system's voice, Hades immediately opened the interface and checked.

Name: [Hand of God]

Level: LV4

Race: God Clan

Class: Ranger

Talent: Evolution (God-Tier)

Skills: Haste, Blade Aura, Eyes of the Fire Dragon (Inheritance)


Strength: 4→46

Vitality: 5→34

Agility: 5→13

Spirit: 5→32

Attack: 12→77

Defense: 5→32

HP: 500→2,800

MP: 30→600

Hit: 10→30

Critical Hit: 5% →13%

Attack Speed: 1.3(attacks 2 times per second, initial value is 1.0)

Movement Speed: 50→80

Charm: 4→9


All of his stats had basically doubled, and some of the more important stats had even doubled.

Hades was stunned.

"These... These kinds of stats is probably comparable to the combat strength of a level 10 player in the past."

Hades was only level 4 and, in the past, Hades' level 10 was not an ordinary level 10 player.

In fact, in terms of defense and HP, he was even higher than a warrior.

He could totally be a tank. After all, the class he chose was a ranger.

It was hard to imagine that a ranger would be as strong as a tank.

It must be known that rangers were characterized by high explosive power and high speed. On the other hand, tanks were characterized by defense. The advantage of rangers was the disadvantage of warriors, while the advantage of warriors was the disadvantage of rangers.

Now, Hades had combined the advantages of both classes.

One could imagine how terrifying this was.

Hades glanced at the gold-tier weapon in his inventory.

Although he had equipped countless gold-tier equipment before, he had never been able to equip a gold-tier weapon before reaching level 5 like this.

One had to know that such a gold-tier weapon could only be dropped in a level 20 dungeon. Now that he could equip it, how could he not be happy.

More importantly, in this game, there was no gold-tier equipment below level 20. However, Hades not only had it, but it was also open to all levels.

In other words, if he did not want to use this weapon, he could auction it off. This was also a sky-high price.

Ding! [Congratulations to the Hand of God for equipping the Golden Battle Sword.]

Hades waved the golden long sword in his hand, creating a sword flash.

His attack power directly went from 77 to 101...

Feeling his own strength soaring, Hades was now very inflated.

If he met this group of bandits again, he would at most be able to take them all away with one move.

A group of level 3 monsters to fight a level 4. Oh. No, rather a combination of a high-level ranger and a warrior with at least level 15 combat power.

Who was the monster and who was the challenger?

However, at this time, a few high-level warriors in the crowd were extremely envious.

They did not see Hades opening the treasure chest before but only saw that Hades was directly equipped with this top-tier weapon.

Their hearts were incomparably red, thinking that Hades was just lucky.

Moreover, the most important thing was that a level 4 ranger, in front of a group of level 5 warriors, how could he not yield? They wanted to directly snatch it.

They exchanged glances and then shouted unkindly.

"Hey, that brat over there, his luck is not bad. He can drop a weapon. Let me see it."

"Yes, hand it over obediently, or else..."

"Huh? Or else what?"

Hearing the other party's unkind words, Hades naturally did not shrink back and said calmly.

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