1 Chapter 1

A young woman with crimson hair and wearing clothes that obviously belonged to a noble was riding atop a high-quality horse while her face was contorted in pain. When someone looked at her closely, they would be able to see her large and obviously pregnant belly.

'Come on, you little brat. Wait just a little longer.'

The baby might have been able to wait but the weather was not on her side. Thunder could be heard in the distance while the sky was filled with dark clouds.

It was obvious a storm would start any minute. Soon, the woman made the horse pull over and stop next to an abandoned church.

The woman got off of the horse before tying it up to a post behind the building so it would not attract attention. Once she made sure it was secured, she patted the horse's head before making her way to the church.

Before entering she looked up and down the dilapidated building in disgust. The building seemed like it would collapse if the next storm in the area was too powerful.

'At least I can sit and relax in here without worrying about getting soaked in the rain.'

She entered the building and saw that the inside at least looked more stable and better than the outside. She went up before the main altar before holding up her left hand.


A strong wind came from the woman's hand and blew all the objects and furniture off of the altar. Seeing that it was mostly cleaned off, the woman nodded her hand.

'At least now I can give birth in peace. That stupid husband of mine and the others should find me soon but I will have to give birth to this little guy before they get her. A shame that he will not be close to me while I give birth to his son.'

She walked onto the altar before holding her hand up once again. This time, a large and luxurious bed appeared out of nowhere. It was covered with crimson sheets while the frame seemed to be made out of gold.

Just as the woman was about to climb onto the bed, her ears twitched. She turned to face the large doors to the church. After waiting for 5 minutes, the doors finally entered.

In walked 10 knights wearing shimmering silver armor, a priest, 3 nuns, and young woman who had dog-like ears atop of her head and wearing a collar around her throat. Each of them seemed surprised to see the crimson-haired woman standing next to the bed on the altar.

Both sides stared at each other for several seconds before one of the nuns broke the silence.

"Hello there, young lady. We are members of the Holy Order of Zilo. You can call me sister Mel. The little one to my right is sister Mia and the one to my left is sister Angie. Behind us are father Thomas and our loyal knights. May we know who you are?"

Sister Mel seemed friendly enough so the crimson-haired woman let her guard down slightly but knew there would be issues later.

"I go by Kore. I'm sorry if you were planning to use this church but I needed a quiet place to give birth to my son."

Mel and Mia gasped as if they just realized that Kore was pregnant.

"Oh my. Let us help you, lady Kore."

The duo walked hurriedly to her before helping her lay down on the bed before she could reply. The knights decided to set up a curtain so that Kore could give birth without worrying about them viewing her but while also not having to leave the church and be in the storm.

Kore let them do as they wished for two reasons. First was that she knew trying to dissuade them would do no good. The second was that she was in just too much pain to try to talk to anyone.

Soon, the three nuns, the beast-kin, and the priest were on the other side of the curtain with Kore who was yelling in pain while a spawn from hell crawled out of he... while she was giving birth to her precious son.

"Come out you little son of a bitch! Get the hell out of momma!"

The members of the Holy Order around her had awkward looks on her face. Either due to her vulgarity or the fact that she had technically called herself a bitch when she said so.

The beast-kin was currently between Kore's legs and helping to pull out the baby. When she first saw the baby, she paused and pulled her hands away.

"What are you doing, you stupid mutt?! Help Lady Kore!" yelled Father Thomas.

"But..." the beast-kin tried to speak up but a glare from Father Thomas shut her up and she got back to work. Kore kept pushing and soon, a small head was exposed to the beast-kin.

The beast-kin pulled the baby out before cleaning it off with a towel and covering the baby with a blanket. All of the members of the Holy Order stood slightly further away in order to not disturb Kore or get blood on them. But they soon saw why the beast-kin hesitated.

The baby that they thought was a normal human baby was actually blue and had horns coming out of its head. Each of the members let out a cry of shock.

"Lady Kore! Were you perhaps assaulted by a savage Oni? Do not worry, we shall help you destroy this demon-spawn and will tell anyone who asks that the baby simply did not live through birth.

Mutt, get that creature so we may dispose of it."

Before Kore could even respond, each of the Holy Order members held up a hand that began to glow. When the beast-kin tried to reach for the baby, she saw a blur. Then she looked down and noticed that both of her forearms were missing.

Before she could let out a scream in pain, there was a hand in her throat stopping her from making a sound. She looked at the arm and person connected to the hand and saw that it was Kore who had a cold look in her eyes while her other arm held her baby.

The members of the Holy Order were stunned. They did not expect the harmless-looking young woman to kill their slave so quickly and efficiently. Before anyone would react, Kore was already off the bed.

She quickly moved between the different members and broke open each of their heads with her bare hand while she cuddled her baby with her other hand. None of them were able to make any noise or ask the knights for help.

She stood over the dead body of Sister Mel before giving her a small apology while her eyes still remained cold.

"I would have allowed you to live if only you did not try to hurt my child."

While the knights did not hear a sound, they were experienced warriors. They could feel the change in the air and the ones with sensitive noses smelt the extra blood in the air.

Each pulled out their weapons and pointed them toward the curtain. They began casting spells to boost themselves before launching skills and spells at the curtain. A large explosion soon occurred at the altar.

The smoke and flames blocked anything from view but it was soon blown away. The knights saw Kore standing tall and proud with her son in one hand and a war club in the other.

Kore let out a savage smile before charging toward the knights with her club raised. The knights charged back and were hoping to kill the woman. But in less than a minute, every knight was lying dead on the ground.

Kore let out a loud laugh but immediately stopped when she heard her little baby cry. She looked down before rocking him gently. When he still did not quiet down, she pulled down the collar of her dress and put her nipple to the baby's mouth.

The baby immediately started suckling and drinking his mother's milk. Kore took the chance to really look at her soon.

The little Oni looked cuter than most babies in her eyes especially with his light blue skin and purple eyes. She felt the baby's teeth try to bite her but her skin was far too strong for his weak new teeth to break it.

"Aww. Who's my cute little Oni? You are! Already trying to eat someone up!"

Kore began fiddling with the baby's little horn buds. When she noticed that he had 5 little buds on the top of his head, her smile grew even brighter.

"Oh. My little darling is a 5 horned Oni just like his mommy. So amazing. Who is gonna be a demon lord just like me? You are, yes you are."

Kore began shifting and transformed from a beautiful human woman into a taller and more muscular, beautiful red Oni. The baby in her arms did not seem to even notice the change and kept suckling.

'Such a cute little guy. He will surely be a lady killer. Anyway, now that I have gotten this little demon out of me, I can finally move freely.'

Kore whistled for her horse who came crashing through the wall. It also changed from how it looked before. Before, it just seemed like a high-quality horse. Now, it was a large black horse with green flames around each of its hooves and in both of its eyes.

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Kore hopped atop the horse before commanding it to leave to church. Kore, her mount, and her son left the church with none of them seemingly minding that it was filled with dead bodies.

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