9 Chapter 8: Mercenary Demon Lord!?

He asked the system about her transformation, which could take anything from several days to a week. Asmodeus felt this was quite irritating when Melita had finished in a few moments.

"Why will she take so damn long?"

Since he became a Dhampir, he needed to feed on blood. Luckily, he'd tasted Chloe's blood, earning him a day longer. He needed a simpler way to feed himself. If things got terrible. He could drain a summoned imp, since it only cost 1 DP to bring them back to life.

[This girl has nearly no mana]

[Melita was a legendary Dragon Empress, and both her stage and mana core were higher than rank 7!]

"Alright, alright, I get it."

"Chloe is garbage, and the lizard is mighty!"

Asmodeus felt this cave was dreary and ugly. However, he knew it would take DP and didn't want to waste a vital resource just for somewhere he rested. Although his father always preached that rest was important to every warrior. With a sigh, he pressed the [Dungeon Upgrade] feature.

[Asmodeus Zael Valek] [40/50 DP] [4/10 EXP]

[Rank 1 : 5 Rooms, 2 Floors]








On the tab, it showed a shortened display of his current currency. He used 10 DP to respawn all the Imps, traps, and treasures. He clicked the first box, and a complete list of many types of furniture appeared, from 30 DP for a [Canopy Bed] to 100 DP for a [Mana Oven].

"Wow, these prices are ridiculous. I could build an entire army of Imps for this!"

Disgruntled, Asmodeus bought a [Simple King Size Bed] for 10 DP and used the remaining 20 DP to bolster the traps in the third room, adding another group of 5 imps to the boss's room.

"It seems like I gained 10 DP and 1 EP for every person killed in the dungeon and restored 1 DP per hour. The system stated I'd get a passive bonus if people entered my dungeon for longer than 30 minutes. I really need to go into the town and get people to come visit my dungeon."

[Host, leave Melita here, otherwise she will cause a major stir in the human town.]


Asmodeus didn't realise what this system was saying until, when focusing. The lazy lizard's sleeping breath hitting above his head. Its neck resting against his broken horn. He felt a chill down his spine; he was supposed to be the one taming his units, not the other way around!


With the flick of his wrist, he slapped the dragon's large butt, sending it flying into the wall with a loud thud. Despite this, it still took several moments to wake up, swaying its head as if looking for the delicious mana battery it fell asleep on.

"Somehow I hope she doesn't grow one day and remember all this abuse I've given in her weakened state."

Asmodeus gave one last look towards the dark red pulsating casket of flesh containing Chloe. He really hoped he could spend longer in this human town. Yet knowing if she woke up alone in the dark cave, she may feel abandoned. Even though she is completely loyal. Her lack of affection could make her prove loyalty differently.

He was about to leave the dungeon. His little dragon was desperately flapping its wings. Her eyes filled with tears. Asmodeus almost felt sorry for this lizard. He then remembered how arrogant she was before.

"You cannot come with me. That's an order!"

The dragon, as if filled with magic, dropped to the floor and became obedient with slightly glazed eyes.

"I'll be back by evening. I'll bring back some tasty meats if you wait like a good girl."

No longer faking its sadness, the lizard's eyes now sparkled with victory and its lips with drool.

Asmodeus left the dungeon, appearing immediately at the entrance. The small forest it was in wasn't all that bad. On his way, he ate horned rabbits and gale wolves, and sometimes several nice green neighbourhood goblins would give him their mana cores.

"I just let a baby dragon play me..." Asmodeus let out a sad cry to the dead goblins around him, then turned around and headed back northeast toward Meldurin, determined to find the most disgusting meat he could find.


Asmodeus interacted with his fellow neighbours. He now had over 30 mana cores for bartering and supplying his needs as a Dhampir for the next several days. Thankfully, after moaning to the system, it allowed him to cheat, storing up to 2 days' worth of blood in its storage system.

"Hah! I'm quite a genius. "

"Halt! Who goes there!"

"A demi-human?"

"Show some identification!"

[Guard A - Level 12] [Guard B - Level 8]

In front of Asmodeus were two middle-aged human guards, one with a scarred eye and blonde hair. The other, with black hair and filled with muscles, resembled Kent a little, causing him to be less hostile towards the filthy humans.

"I-I'm sorry, I just came from being attacked by bandits southeast of here. They took almost all my belongings!"

Well, he wasn't lying. There was a group of dirty bandits hiding within the forest, but now only ruins and crushed headless corpses remained. Asmodeus felt relaxed knowing he was half-telling the truth. His father hated liars most.

"Alright lad, don't worry. We'll report this to the town watch! The blonde serious guard bought Asmodeus's acting. His broken horn and teary eyes. Bypassing his hard exterior."

'Maybe he has several children,' Asmodeus thought.

"Hmmm, you may enter for now. Get some identification from either the Mercenary Guild or the Adventurer's Guild. They are at the centre of the town, beside the blacksmith!"

"Remember, next time you enter the fee is 1 gold per person!"

He felt this was quite reasonable, half expecting his Demi-human self would pay more than normal tax. His thinking was along the correct line, if this were any other town Demi-humans have to pay almost double what human would have to pay and wait more than twice as long.

The more serious man, although seeming extremely displeased, was the one who helped the most. He gave him the directions to a cheap inn and the locations of many shops and other places within Meldurin.

Asmodeus finally gained entrance, stepping past the kind old guards. He saw a large town that made Selom look like a fertiliser pit. The floor paved with stone and dirt treated by mana to avoid it spreading into the various houses and stores.

They made the buildings with a combination of stone and wood, which made him feel strongly impressed. Walking down the path, he saw many Demi-humans in poor quality clothes, others wearing cheap patched armour and drinking low-class ale. They all seemed to head towards the mercenary guild.

"They seem the types others would be less concerned about disappearing. Maybe I should register as a mercenary and secretly post quests to explore the dungeon with the money I earn."

His eyes slowly trailed across the opposite building. Only humans were present. The difference in armour was tremendous. No more patchy old armour. It was real metal and well-maintained leather. It clearly costed far more than the padded and makeshift armour the mercenaries had.

"Maybe I should post requests here too, since they have more money hunting them should be more enjoyable, right?"

Asmodeus had grown bored with fighting weaker opponents. His mind had been constantly being changed since he awoke as an artificial demon. When the system recreated him as a Dhampir (Oni Variant). His change only sped up. He himself hadn't completely noticed. He just believing it to be his desire to train more and become stronger.

"That's a cool-looking axe, though."

[Amazonian - Level 13]

He saw a bronze-skinned woman walked past him. She was likely part Demi-human as shimmering lizard scales covered her abs and arms, like natural armour. Asmodeus had yet to awaken his instincts as an adult male, or he may have pounced on her.

This was because the system found his mind to be slightly naïve and didn't wish for another host to be destroyed by women. Eventually, it would slowly allow his mind to mature in a long wait for him to become the true Demon Lord.

His system was worried. He'd started showing interest in the woman. His eyes looking at Chloe were different.

[That woman better not ruin our grand plans!]


"Why is there such a big difference between the two guilds?" Asmodeus asked as he entered the slightly stuffy, dilapidated wooden building. His thoughts trailed off, seeing a man's body hurling towards him as the person who threw him raged.

[Brian] [Swashbuckler - Level 12] [Degenerating because of alcohol and bad healthcare.]

"Brian! You stole the fucking profits to gamble again!"

Unable to react like a normal person, Asmodeus jumped into the air, spinning half a circle and raising his leg to kick the poor man, stinking of alcohol in his crotch, sending him flying out of the doors with a high-pitched squeal.


Several of the mercenaries sitting at the bar opened their mouths wide. They had expected the newbie-looking kid to be smashed onto the ground and filled with Brian's stinky smell. Now, watching Brian's arc into a pile of horse manure face first, they burst into a fit of rough laughter.


"Brian sure got his just deserts this time."

The man with short, unkempt blonde hair seemed to be lost. What was a simple punishment of their leader turned into him getting kicked several metres and landing face first in horse shit by some kid who barely looked able to grow hair.

"Hey kid, are you here to post a request or join?"


[Viking Berserker - Level 28]

[Talent - Endless rage: Able to keep fighting on the brink of death, will die unless fully healed after 10 minutes.]

He saw a man well over two metres with large, matted grey hair. He seemed to be a viking from his father's books, as he shouted to Asmodeus from behind the shabby counter, walking towards him, felt this atmosphere was extremely to his liking; no boring flowery words, just pure unadulterated violence and action.


Asmodeus placed his elbow on the counter, looking at the tall man with a face equally fierce as the old man. After a stare down of several moments, the viking gave an accepting nod. He threw a small bronze token to the boy, wishing his son was even a fraction of this lad's temperament.

"Good, you're now a lowly bronze rank."

His large hand gave him another pat on his shoulder, seeming to want the boy to listen. "Only basic missions are available to solo rookies." The Vikings' eyes had a sincere glint, likely wanting him to avoid seeking riches and renown in haste.

"Try to find yourself a mercenary band or group, but try not to get scammed. You seem pretty gullible. Gyahahaha! "


With a heavy pat on his shoulder, Asmodeus looked at the strange old man who smelt of stale ale and sandalwood. Asmodeus smiled genuinely, revealing just how handsome this kid was. Several of the mercenaries felt envious of all the whores that would flock to him in the future.

While he was remembering the once when his father took him to his old comrades' barracks, all the old soldiers were like these mercenaries. They constantly mock each other, fight over the smallest things, and are extremely crude. He fought the urge to let out his feelings, remembering his father, transforming the sadness into rage.


Asmodeus' eyes twinkled with a malevolent glint.

"See, the target threw itself into my lap."

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