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Oh no ,oh no no no no, please help me don't leave me alone (panicking) . I..I-I trusted you , how could you have done this to me(confused) !!! We where best friends since 5 and you suddenly change to this??? come on Luke please, or it must be a joke right? (Laughing) of course I almost forgot that today is my birthday ( long silence ), Luke please say something, look at me in my eyes and tell me this is not true, look at me ,(breathing profusely) look at me dang it answer me!!!!!..... ( mean while the atmosphere intensifies,he finally sigh and answer) Am sorry Dina but , I choose to ......... Author pov (LOL): ( Coughing out loud to be serious) okay so .. this is a story about a girl (Dina) I will end here not to give spoilers sorry if you are disappointed I promise it gets better. But, please read to know how it goes to the current situation and what will happen next . Ps: there will be a lot ups and downs and interesting situations coming up. Let's go chop chop chop Thank you for reading love you guys. And please tell your opinions .

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