10 King is Awesome

Minotaur Card:

Background: He was originally a bull in a bullring. After being teased too many times by bullfighters, he's turned into a monstrous humanoid. He hates and destroys all red objects in front of him.


Passive Skill: Trample: Deal continuous damage to all surrounding buildings.

Active Skill: Brutal Collision: Ram your enemy with the top of your head.

Comprehensive Evaluation: Two-Stars

Coke Boy Card:

Background: Originally, a young man who was very fond of drinking Cola. Accidentally mutated into a monster.

Active Skill: Liquid Jet.

Card Rate: One-Star Card.


Background: Originally a desperate father who liked to drink Sprites because his son liked to drink Coke. Accidentally mutated into a monster.

Active Skill: Liquid Jet.

Card Rate: Two-Stars Card

Old Fanta Man:

Background: A kind old father who mutated into a monster after trying to drink soda year-round like his two sons.

Skills: Liquid Jet.

Card Rate: Two-Stars Card.

After Wang Feng looked through the three cards, he decided not to use them carelessly.

Just as he was about to sleep, dawn finally broke, and the rumble of excavators filled his ears. He opened the curtains to see the local residents clearing the rubble that used to be the street.


He felt embarrassed and immediately lost his drowsiness. He wore his black hat to hide his face, grabbed a shovel from the basement of the building, and went out onto the street to help clear up the debris. To speed things up, he even used his One-Star Card Coke Boy.

"Ding! Consumed a one-star card. The host has gained 1248 experience points."

"Ding! The host has failed to comprehend the card's skills."


With the strength he gained from the card, Wang Feng cleared the debris quickly. He cleared away the rubble in front of his door with two strokes, then continued to work on the road.

"Young man, you work really fast."

One of his neighbors, an uncle, noticed his actions and exclaimed exaggeratedly.

Wang Feng lowered his head and smiled simply, "I've been practicing since childhood, uncle."

"Ha ha." The neighbor finally found someone to chat with and said with a smile, "Young man, you should take the hero test. You might be able to become a hero. You'll be respected and protect many people. Do you know who fought on this street last night?"


Wang Feng froze and couldn't speak awkwardly.

"You don't know? I'm telling you, last night, a ruthless monster barged into the streets to burn, kill and loot. The monster was terrifying, with a blue face, fangs, three heads, and six arms. Suddenly King fell from the sky with golden light all over his body. When they met, he shouted, "Monster, your uncle is here," and the monster casually replied, "Then I'm your ancestor." King was furious and, without saying a word, he instantly crushed his enemy with his Ultimate Hellfire Wave Motion Cannon."

Wang Feng broke out in cold sweat. Uncle, your storytelling skills are too much. Ultimate Hellfire Wave Motion Cannon is just an imaginary move. It was a skill that King casually mentioned when the association asked about his skills.

"By the way, uncle, didn't King destroy the road? Don't you hate him?"

"Hey, kid, get that question out of your mind. That monster killed countless humans. If King hadn't eliminated it in time, I'm afraid that more people would suffer and die. This damaged road was exchanged for thousands of human lives, and that's a priceless exchange. No one would blame King. He is a great hero who protects the safety of mankind."

"Hehe, maybe!"

Wang Feng felt embarrassed.

"Jack, are you still cleaning up debris?" At this moment, a middle-aged man walked towards him, ack from working on the road, with a shovel on his shoulder.

"Yo, Simi, did you donate money?" The neighbor greeted him with a smile.

"Yeah, I live near this road, so I'm donating two hundred out of sympathy." The middle-aged man smiled and said, "I won't talk with you anymore. I need to go. Please keep cleaning up the debris!"

"Sure, we'll talk tonight."

They both waved.

"Uncle, what are they donating to?" Wang Feng's heart was moved.

"Oh, it's to speed up the resurfacing of the roads. The residents are voluntarily raising funds for construction costs."

"Is that true? Uncle, do you know who I can donate to?" Wang Feng's eyes lit up, "I'm also one of the residents here, so I'd like to donate."

"It's at the workstation down the street, where there are special personnel managing it," said the neighbor, pointing down the street.

"Thank you, Uncle."

Wang Feng grabbed his shovel and ran out onto the street.

"Hey, no need to be in such a hurry." The uncle chuckled, then lowered his head to clear the debris.


Road Repair Fundraiser

Wang Feng stepped forward and asked, "Is this where I make donations towards the roadwork project here?"

"Yes, would you like to donate?" The person in charge is very enthusiastic.

Wang Feng smiled, lowered his hat, took out his bank card and handed it to the reception staff, and said, "I'm donating 1.3 million." There was only a little over 1.3 million on his card. Although he got almost 100,000 Yuan a month now, it wasn't long since he had become an S-rank hero.

"Ah? You... what are you talking about? You want to donate 1.3 million?" The person in charge looked at Wang Feng wide-eyed. Their fundraising office had received donations from many residents, but they usually donated several hundred yuan to the cause. There was no one with a noble heart who would donate more than a million.

"Yes." Wang Feng nodded in agreement, "Swipe my card, please!"

"Oh, good, good." The person in charge took out the credit card machine in a hurry, dialed in 1.3 million before Wang Feng swiped his credit card, randomly clicked the pin card, and finished the transfer with a beep.

"Sir, please register your name. We will post a notification to announce the identity of donors after the event. While it's not a major honor, it's all we can do for everyone who donates without compensation."


Wang Feng took his pen and wrote down the name "John Smith". "Don't bother with the other information." After speaking, he put down his pen and returned with his shovel to continue clearing up debris.

"This is the street where King killed monsters last night, right?"

A group of men and women in suits and leather shoes came onto the street.

"Are you a TV anchor?"

The person in charge of the roadworks fundraising office was just wondering who donated more than one million yuan. Seeing a group of people who looked like TV station staff coming over, they immediately greeted him.

"Hello, my name is Dale. We are reporters from M-City TV Station. We would like to report on King's fight against the monsters last night. I wonder if it's convenient for us to enter the street for filming?"

A mature and intellectual-looking woman stepped out smiling. She is a reporter for the M-City TV Station News Channel. She was responsible for reporting news regarding the monsters on the scene today.

"Oh, I see, welcome." The person in charge of the fundraiser enthusiastically greeted the staff of the TV station and personally led the way. "Look, this is where King fought the monsters last night. King used his Ultimate Hellfire Wave Motion Cannon skill, and when he launched it, the streets became a sea of ​​fire as though lava was flooding through. It was a hell-like scene."

The person in charge glanced at the camera and spoke seriously.

On one hand, the beautiful reporter was talking to the person in charge, and on the other hand, she was looking around for the next person to interview. After a while, her beautiful eyes lit up. They had landed on a man in a black hat who was quickly clearing away gravel with his hands and feet.

She smiled slightly and signaled to her team to step forward, "Hello sir, I am a reporter from M City TV Station. Can I interview you?"


Wang Feng stared blankly, revealing three terrifying scars.

"Ah? You… are you, King?" The beautiful reporter was shocked, immediately recognizing Wang Feng's identity. After all, his three scars were clearly visible.

"What, King?"

The person in charge of fundraising accompanying the reporter also recognized Wang Feng's identity, "So it was King who donated more than 1.3 million yuan towards fixing the roads."


What the hell? He just wanted to make amends in a simple way.

Wang Feng could neither laugh nor cry.



The surrounding residents all looked at Wang Feng.

"Wow! It's King. I want to have your child."

"King, accept me as a disciple. I also want to be a hero like you."

The residents immediately surrounded Wang Feng, fanatically screaming in joy.

"Eh… huh? Calm down, everyone... Calm down, everyone... Don't take off my pants... Hey, don't touch that!!"

Standing on the broken street, Wang Feng wailed without tears.

Wang Feng's neighbor's uncle looked at Wang Feng's familiar figure and muttered: "I... Was I bragging to the King just now? He... Hehe, He is so great."

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