One Piece: The Strange Talent of Cedric Strode

He was just an ordinary college student before he woke up in the body of a young boy in the South Blue, a world filled with pirates and danger. But he soon discovers that he's not completely powerless - he has the Hercules Method's booklet, a mysterious text that promises to teach him incredible physical abilities. With the help of the booklet and his quick wits, Cedric manages to survive on his own as a street urchin in the lawless Four Clover Island. But he quickly realizes that he needs more than just physical strength to survive the world of One Piece and its treacherous seas. ----------------------------------------------------------------- This is a One Piece fic. It starts in South Blue on a lawless island unaffiliated with the World Government. The story's pacing will be moderate, not too slow, but not too fast. There will be no system or any gamer BS. That said, the protagonist won't go into the world of One Piece with nothing to help him. However, he will have to work hard to get stronger and achieve his goals. As always, I like to go with the flow when I write new stories, so I won't know if I'll add smut, harem, or romance until the plot progresses further, depending on whatever feels more natural at that point in time.

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A Perverse Parade #79

As Cedric and Chuchun stepped off the ship onto the weathered wooden docks of Grove 41, they found themselves surrounded by a breathtaking archipelago. The grove was one of many small islands covered in dense foliage and towering palm trees. The air was thick with the scent of saltwater and tropical blooms.

The scene before them was alive with vibrant colors and bustling activity. The docks were lined with various ships of all shapes and sizes, their sails fluttering in the gentle breeze. Traders haggled over exotic goods, their voices echoing through the narrow alleys and streets that wound their way through the grove.

As they made their way through the grove, Cedric couldn't help but notice the diverse array of people that populated the archipelago. Merchants from different corners of the world mingled with pirates, fishermen, and local islanders, creating a unique melting pot of cultures and languages.

The air resonated with a vibrant mix of laughter, music, and animated conversations, painting a picture of harmonious coexistence despite the turbulent waters that surrounded them.

As Cedric ventured deeper into the Sabaody Archipelago, he enjoyed the beautiful scenery and the bustling atmosphere, fueled by the sights and experiences he encountered along the way.

But as he continued to explore the archipelago, Cedric couldn't help but notice many subtle details that gave him a sinking feeling due to his keen senses and the experience he gained from living on Four Clover Island.

In truth, only someone with Cedric's enhanced senses might be able to notice these things, such as the occasional shady individual lurking on a vantage point in the high-traffic area, observing the pedestrians, or the few fish-men and mermaids in disguise, who seemed to be their target.

And only someone with Cedric's experience in dealing with gangs and meta knowledge could connect the many scattered dots and realize the sinister picture they drew.

At first, the young marine dismissed such suspicions, refusing to believe it more than anything else. However, Cedric's paranoia grew as he drew close to Sabaody Park and noticed such irregularities growing in number.

The world-famous Sabaody Park, with its vibrant colors and enticing attractions, initially seemed like a place of joy and entertainment. But as Cedric observed the visitors, he couldn't help but notice a recurring pattern.

Some robed individuals masquerading as visitors, seemingly caught up in the excitement, often displayed intense interest in the disguised fish-men and mermaids who occasionally crossed their path, almost instantly seeing through their disguise. Cedric's instincts told him that this fixation went beyond mere curiosity.

As Cedric and Chuchun weaved through the bustling crowds, he noticed the hidden glances, the covert conversations, and the slint, discreet exchanges. It became increasingly clear to the young marines that some of these seedy individuals were slavers, who saw the fish-men and mermaids as valuable commodities, objects to be bought, sold, or exploited.

Against his better nature, Cedric walked into the amusement park. And as he witnessed the slavers identify and move on the unsuspecting fish-men and mermaids, it all became clear.

Sabaody Park was a trap.

The enchanting atmosphere of Sabaody Park was nothing more than a clever facade, concealing its true purpose as a hunting ground for those seeking to enslave and profit from the unique abilities and appearances of the fish-men and mermaids.

The attractions and rides that once seemed innocent and enjoyable now appeared as cunning traps designed to lure the young and naive from the safety of Fish-Man Island.

The roller coasters, merry-go-rounds, the dazzling lights and cheerful music all served as distractions, masking the insidious intentions of those behind the scenes.

The slavers, dressed as park staff and blending seamlessly with the visitors, were meticulous in their selection process. They targeted the young, the naive, and the vulnerable, luring them with promises of adventure and wonderful experiences. Once captured, the fish-men and mermaids would be sold into a life of servitude or worse.

'No wonder they placed the park above Fish-Man Island where everyone can see it from bellow the water... this world could be surprisingly dark...' Cedric bitterly mused as the vibrant parade he had witnessed earlier revealed its true nature as a perverse parade of enslaved fish-men and mermaids.

Cedric frowned as he witnessed one of the robed individuals finally make a move and kidnap one of the young mermaids under everyone's noses with none the wiser.

He contemplated taking action but ultimately shook his head and walked away after some hesitation. The young marine knew that saving one person won't change anything, and he couldn't afford to antagonize the hidden powers in the archipelago on his first day, not without gathering information and assessing the situation anyway.

'Looks like I'll be staying here longer than expected...' Cedric mused, his expression darkening as he turned around and headed for the park's exit with heavy steps.

Cedric continued walking there, lost in his thoughts, his mind racing with the disturbing revelations he had realized. Chuchun seemed to sense his friend's discomfort and knew that Cedric needed a moment of solace.

With a small leap, Chuchun pushed his head against Cedric's back, gently nuzzling against it. The giant bird emitted soothing chirps, a melodic tune carrying a sense of reassurance.

Cedric's tense expression softened as he felt Chuchun's warmth and comforting presence. He reached up and stroked the feathers on Chuchun's head. "Well... I'll figure it out somehow..." The young marine said, a smile creeping into his lips as he walked.

As Cedric and Chuchun made their way through the bustling streets of Sabaody Archipelago, they eventually reached Grove 66, where the Marine base was located. It was a tall and imposing building, a symbol of authority amidst the chaos of the archipelago.

Entering the marine base, Cedric maintained his composure. He knew that confronting the slavers and ending their operations would require the assistance of the Marines. More than anything, he knew he couldn't do everything on his own.

As he walked through the corridors, he caught sight of various Marines going about their duties, their uniforms crisp and their expressions focused.

It wasn't long before Cedric was directed to the office of Vice Admiral Strawberry, the marine base's commander. He approached the door, took a deep breath, and knocked softly.

"Enter," came a commanding voice from within.

Cedric opened the door and stepped into the spacious office. Marine insignia and shelves lined with books and reports adorned the room. And Behind a large desk sat Vice Admiral Strawberry, a stern-looking man with his eyes closed, deep in thought.

His appearance was distinct, reflecting both his rank and his unique features. His relatively straight-shaped figure exuded an air of discipline and professionalism.

Strawberry's most notable physical trait was his long beard, which cascaded down his chest. It was thick and well-groomed, a symbol of his wisdom and experience. Despite its length, it was neat and elegant, adding an air of refinement to his appearance.

His eyes, half-closed, gave him an air of perpetual contemplation. They seemed to hold a wealth of knowledge and insight as if he had seen and understood more than most. Even with his eyes seemingly at rest, one could sense the sharpness and focus behind them.

On the top of his head, Vice Admiral Strawberry wore a distinctive version of the standard Marine uniform cap. His head was abnormally long. To accommodate its irregular length, he wore a very long bearskin variant of the hat. The cap's elongated shape symbolized his high rank and set him apart from others.

Cedric saluted respectfully. "Vice Admiral Strawberry, I'm Commander Cedric Strode from Marine HQ. Fleet Admiral Sengoku sent me here to reinforce the marine branch in battling the growing number of pirates crossing to the New World..." He calmly stated, looking the vice admiral in the eye.

Vice Admiral Strawberry opened his eyes, revealing a piercing gaze that seemed to analyze Cedric's every word and movement. He leaned back in his chair, his expression grave but not devoid of curiosity. "Commander Cedric Strode, a pleasure to meet you," he responded in a deep and authoritative voice.

"Fleet Admiral Sengoku informed me of your arrival. The situation in the New World has been escalating, and we naturally need all the reinforcements we can get."

Cedric nodded his posture remaining firm. "Yes, Vice Admiral. The pirates' presence and activities have become increasingly problematic. I've been assigned to support the marine branch stationed here at the Sabaody Archipelago in maintaining order and dealing with any threats that may arise..." He said.

Strawberry's brows furrowed as he listened intently, his eyes narrowing slightly. " he Sabaody Archipelago is a hub for all sorts of individuals... tell me, young man, what do you think of it and your assignment here so far...?" He asked probingly.

Cedric's gaze met Strawberry's unwaveringly. "I've noticed during my journey here that the archipelago presents unique challenges due to its diverse population and the constant flow of individuals passing through. It will require careful coordination to maintain control..." He confidently stated.

Strawberry nodded in agreement. "You have a keen eye, Commander Strode... the fleet admiral must believe in your abilities to send you here, and as such, I have no reason to doubt them either..."

"Feel free to take the day off and use it to familiarize yourself with your new environment..." The vice admiral calmly said. "Dismissed, soldier," He added as he turned to his work, prompting the young marine to salute and leave.


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