1 People in Pirates, the start of Thunder God Rey

Man in the Pirate, the opening Thor Rey Chapter 1

People in the Pirate, the opening Thunder God Rai Author: The Second Pirate

After crossing into the Pirate World, Qin Luo gains the Heavenly Character System. The higher the progress he understands, the stronger his strength!

Thunder God Rey, Blazing Phoenix Suzaku, Kurosaki Ichigo, DNF Ghost Swordsman, Abyss Behemoth, Saitama...

Huang Yuan: I don't say'so terrible' anymore, this guy is a lunatic.

Five Old Stars: Everyone knows that Qin Luo is the most threatening person on the Great Sea Route.

Hawkeye: The title of the world's number one swordsman, before I met him, maybe, but now...Ji Shengyu He Shengliang!

Kaido: When I met this guy, I knew that the strongest creature came from him!

When Qin Luo boarded the ship in the New World, everyone in this world trembled!

Chapter 1


  "it hurts!"

  Qin Luo rubbed his head, only to feel a splitting headache.

  Opening his dim eyes, he saw a grassy wooden house with only one bed in it.

  The wooden houses built in the forest are surrounded by towering trees, green grass, and bright flowers.

  "This is where?"

  Qin Luo stood up abruptly, his expression surprised.

  And he felt more and more that his breathing was not right.

  Simply put, why is the air so thin? !

  Shouldn't he lie in the bedroom at home, hugging his'girlfriend' to sleep?

  How come you suddenly appeared in this ghost place! !

  "Are you awake?"

  Walking outside the house is a cute little girl wearing a khaki hat, a light orange dress and a white backpack.

  The little girl has dark red hair and a pair of dark red pupils.

  Qin Luo felt that the little girl in front of him was familiar!

  Suddenly, like a thunderstorm in a clear sky, his pupils widened, Qin Luo recognized the opponent!


  Yunyin Village, Shandia!

  One Piece?

  How can this cartoon character appear here!

  Faced with Qin Luo, who was sometimes surprised, sometimes doubtful, and sometimes fearful, Aisha showed a little timidity.

  "May I ask, where is this?"

  Qin Luo swallowed and asked cautiously.

  Could it be a cosplay party, tease me?

  "Sora Island, I saw you lying in the grass, unconscious, so I rescued you!"

  Aisha wondered, is he a resident of Sky Island?

  It looks so strange!


  At this moment, I have to say that Qin Luo's mind sank to the bottom!

  Sleep at home, you can travel through!

  Qin Luo thought in his heart, "I have been watching One Piece for some years, and I really like Nami, so I bought a Luffy straw hat, ironed Usopp's hairstyle, painted Sanji's eyebrows, and only worn it underneath. Frankie's underwear, stepping in the footsteps of Brother Ming, made Brooke's laugh with a yellow ape expression, smoking Smogg's cigar, and said: "Give me face and be my son!" "

  Thinking that way, Qin Luo couldn't help but feel scared when he really came to the world of One Piece!

  This world is not an era of peace, how cruel the blood of a pirate is!

  "Thank you for saving me!"

  Qin Luo reluctantly pulled out a smile and said to Aisha.

  Aisha hurriedly waved her hand, "No, I'm just afraid that you will crush the elixir in the forest, so I drag you here to recuperate."


  Qin Luo has a black line.

  Need to be so honest?

  Okay, after a brief understanding.

  Qin Luo knew that he had indeed come to the empty island, but only to the Yunyin Village of the Shandia people.

  For the time being, he avoided Ainilu's heart network detection.

  Speaking of Sandia, the aboriginal people of the Island of Gods.

  Originally living on Gaya Island in Qinghai, as part of Gaya Island was lifted into the sky by soaring currents, it was driven out of its home by the "god" of Sky Island 400 years ago. They are called guerrillas, and have fought against the sky islanders on Angel Island for four hundred years.

  As for Aisha, she sneaked out because she loved to play, and then she met Qin Luo!

  At the same time Aisha was also curious about Qin Luo.

  it's wired!

  Why doesn't he have wings behind his back?

  It's so pitiful, can't it grow?

  If you let Qin Luo know what Aisha thought.

  It must be furious, Ba Ga, it's strange that it has wings!

  "My name is Qin Luo, how about you?" Qin Luo asked knowingly.


  Aisha whispered.


  "Sharp Aisi... my faith!"

  "I mean, your name is so nice."

  Qin Luo smiled kindly.

  Aisha, who was shy, lowered her head slightly when she heard this.

  Looking at Aisha in front of him, he couldn't help but sigh, children of this age are so nice and carefree!

  But Qin Luo subconsciously thought of what this place was, and thought of Anilu who called himself a "god"? !

  Two hundred million volts of Thor!

  Thinking of this, Qin Luo couldn't help but trembled.

  He doesn't have the ability of Luffy's rubber to be immune to lightning!

  Qin Luo even wondered whether Ainilu's heart network had already sensed himself.

  The reason why I didn't bother myself, I just didn't want to deal with this ant!

  What should I do?

  Real Jill Cao Dan!


  When Qin Luo was in a hurry for future survival.

  "Ding, your golden finger has been delivered!"

  "The Possession System of the Heavens is on!"

  "This system can extract any character in the heavens and worlds and let the host possess it!"

  "The stronger the master's comprehension, the stronger the power gained! When the master comprehends the profound meaning and reaches the extreme, the strength it exerts will even exceed their original strength!"

  "Every time the host possesses a character's progress, reaching 80% will get a chance to draw a character from the heavens!"

  Host: Qin Luo

  Current Possession: None

  Current possession progress bar: 0

  Characters: None

  Chance to draw the characters of the heavens: 0

  "Ding, it is detected that the host is opened for the first time, rewarding novices with a big gift package: the figures of the heavens draw a chance +1"

  (Novice gift package, you deserve it!)

  This system is really interesting, to get the characters from the heavens and all realms!

  Wouldn't it be that even Pangu, Qitian Great Sage, and Bumpman can all be possessed, one child on one foot?

  Traverser: What? I crossed? It's still One Piece World, it's over!

  Traversers Association: There are golden fingers!

  Traverser: Uh... then it's okay!

  Really fragrant warning!

  Qin Luo also quickly adapted to the identity of the traverser.

  Anyway, there was nothing to worry about in the previous life, a dead otaku, living in a muddle-headed way!

  It's better to live again!

  "System, let's extract it!"

  "Ding, the figures of the heavens are being drawn..."

  As the words of the system fell, a 3D screen appeared in Qin Luo's mind, flying past countless figures, some of the evil of the world, the Virgin of the salvation, and so on!

  In the end, a golden-yellow elf with thunder flashing all over appeared on the 3D screen board, with the soul surrounding it, incomparable. A pair of pupils, like the eyes of thunder and lightning, shone with a sharp luster, and a pair of golden wings, dazzling and dazzling, making it impossible to look directly.

  At first glance, it feels amazing and cold to the extreme!


  "How about the Purcell, Rey?"

  "No, it's perfect: Thunder God Ray!"

  Qin Luo exclaimed.

  This is the star elf in the Purcell!

  Thunder God Rey is the ultra-evolved form of Rey, a member of the God of War alliance. As the leader of the God of War alliance, Rey's strength is recognized.

  That ultra-evolved form, the strength is even more powerful, unmatched!

  "Get the possessed character, Thor Rey, and the progress bar reaches 65% (the higher the progress bar, the stronger the volatilized strength)"

  Qin Luo was delighted, even with 65% strength, he was confident that he could kill Anilu.

  He was thinking that if Thor Rey's progress was increased to 100%, he believed that Kaido would lose his soul under his blow. .

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